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Sanskrit, Nobles and Nazi Iran

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posted on Jun, 18 2012 @ 09:07 AM
This is who i am, i introduce myself and some of my internet "adventures"

after conducting my own research into the origin of language i think i have arrived at the conclusion many others have. I think that if anyone is smart enough to realise what language really is will hope faith and love to do the same research i have to confirm the validity of my claims. please google anything you think you disagree with, exept opinion ofcourse.

written language may only be 6000-3000 years old (i mean fully realised languages please google proto-indo-european)

Iran is the persian word for noble, this is derived from the sanskrit word for noble which is Ayran. the supposed earliest recorded language comes from ancient Anatolia where one archeological find, found bones from around this time that was tested to show that 60% of the bones owners were light haired and blue eyed.

AROUND 1935 the persian ambassador to germany became sympathetic to the Nazis and due to history recording that (the wheel, the first monotheistic religion with incredible similarities to modern science, ZoroasTRIanism and in particular one of the cults that was derived from it and the first recorded contemplation of the concept of 1+1=2, and others) the persians changed the name of their country to Iran, a word derived from the word Ayran.

is it any wonder that the jewish people are nervy as one of their arab brothers has taken the aryan ideology to such lengths?

it was also recently found that north africans may have been sailing the high seas for 100,000 years longer than any other culture.

Additionally regarding the ATS culture and climate i recently made a thread about how i thought the reason homosexuality is such a dominant facet of society was that a message of love from a very influential figure/s (perhaps from jesus) was misinterprated or twisted by "haters." this is now deleted, how strange

isnt it strange how there is roughly a 50/50 male female ratio and the nation of islam allows the taking of many wives? isnt that kind of illogical?

now to a gripe - baffling tactics of some atm members/trolls/bigs

one of my first threads the reply was simply amazing to me due to the either A) ignorence, B) lack of "intelligence" or C) evidance of something sinister. i will end my introduction for now but i will add in capitals and brackets my rebuttal to this particular strange response.

_______________________________________the thread___________________________________________

I was looking at some random poll this morning asking “will you buy Christmas gifts online this year?”and it got me thinking about online shopping and all the predictions that retail shops will no longer be a viable option of business because of the cheap prices on the internet.

Although depending on your perspective (business owner) this wouldn’t be very good now would it?
From where sit i recon it would be pretty good as city councils will have to think up of better and much more innovative stuff to keep people coming to the cities if all the shops disappear and the only thing attracting people are offices....

Maybe the internet being coming the place for business will completely reshape society. A society where the majority of the “shops” and “offices” once used for conducting business are all movie theatres, art galleries and places of new ideas to attract the patronage of the masses.

I mean who can really sit behind a computer their whole lives, there has got to be something to do in 20 years time when we go outside apart from see row after row of houses because all business can be logged on to from your bedside table.

posted on 29-11-2011 @ 03:54 AM this post

"who could sit behind a computer their whole lives" = "how could people have lived without electricity their whole lives."

Its called evolution. . .how could people have lived without fast food, computers, cars, running water. . etc?

Yet they did. . and people much like yourself will be in front of a computer asking a question that you are guilty of violating yourself. (YOU DID NOT READ MY THREAD IF YOU DID YOU WOULD NOT HAVE CONTRADICTED THE MOTTO OF THIS WEBSITE! I HOPE YOU ARE NOT OUT OF SCHOOL )

That being said, I totally understand what you are saying. (NO YOU DONT IF YOU DID YOU WOULDNT BE SPOUTING RANDOM SENTANCES IN ORDER NOT TO VIOLATE T+C)

will this also be deleted?

posted on Jun, 18 2012 @ 09:09 AM
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