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What's In A Name?

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posted on Jun, 16 2012 @ 01:38 PM
Hello ATS, I'm not going to say my name or where i live or anything like that, not for privacy reasons, but to illustrate the point of why i stopped lurking and finally made an account.

What is in a name? Have many not said that words and talk are like chaff blown away to non existence by a small wind? Indeed, my friend chris frequently just makes a noise to express himself instead of talking, he says that when something happens your brain applies a wee sound to it, like when you get a fright, but then you have to extrapolate the sound out into words to express it and then it gets redigested to the other person into a base symbol that represents the sentiment of the event, talk is cheap..

Recently I was reading a book called 'A History of Western Philosophy' and the author was describing a point when there was a philosophical debate in the church about whether the father was equal to or greater than the son, now the word used in greek to mean equal to was 'homousion' or something (bear with me) and the word meaning greater than was 'homoiusion' or the like. Now the very next instance in the argument the author jumped from using the terms homousion and homoiusion to decribe the ideas being talked about to saying that during those times the smallest thing would spark a debate between the homousians and homoiusians, this is the point of this post, i noticed how quickly two words became two sects, competing groups within a larger group and immediately this brought to mind 'a house divided against itself shall fall' in trying to discover out god they had only, with their blind human perceptions pushed themselves further from him.

There's been a LOT of this happening on ATS, what with birthers and truthers and new agers, its all complete **** have you all forgotten that ATS brought us TOGETHER as like minded individuals who seek truth and to deny ignorance and for what? so we could divide ourselves into sects and let the hate have a place among us? that seems pretty ignorant to me.

Do not we here pride ourselves somewhat of being able to see what the unwashed masses do not? that tory and labour, democrat and republican are just hands of the same puppet? and what more of goths, skaters, neds, indie kids etc etc, and yet we ourselves are split into a million and one different categories. What is ignorance? Ignore ance, to ignore what is there, and with all our different departments we seem to have completely forgotten that just because someone has an opinion, it doesnt mean he IS that opinion, when we all get naked we are exactly the same, and when we clothe ourselves (literally and also with views and opinions) we dont change the underlying reality, we simply ignore it.. Why dont we shut up for a second and see what a house united can acheive?

So on that note I hereby challenge you ATS, to DENY IGNORANCE, and simply, Love. . . . .


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