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California peace activist launches monthlong anti-Nader hunger strike

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posted on Oct, 4 2004 @ 11:44 PM
Think Nader will meet with him?

SANTA MONICA, Calif. - A Southern California peace activist once fasted for 63 days to protest movie violence and war toys. Now he's taking on Ralph Nader.
Jerry Rubin is launching a hunger strike to persuade Ralph Nader to abandon his presidential bid.
Rubin says Nader isn't doing the right thing by running for president.
Rubin, who's 60, says he plans to consume only liquids for the next month unless Nader meets with him.
Many believe the votes Nader received in Florida in 2000 would have gone to Democratic candidate Al Gore if Nader hadn't run. Gore lost the state -- and the national election -- by 537 votes.
Rubin is not the 60s radical Jerry Rubin of ``Chicago Seven'' fame. In fact, this Rubin's legal name is Jerry Peace Activist Rubin.


posted on Oct, 4 2004 @ 11:54 PM
Haha he seriously legally changed his name to Jerry Peace Activist Rubin as not to be confused with the now deceased co-founder of the Yippies Jerry Rubin. Nice.... Well I guess his fasts show perseverance and determination even if he might not get anywhere by them...


"The peace activist is no stranger to hunger strikes: In 1988, he broke a two-month fast with a bite from a giant pizza topped with a pepperoni peace sign that he then left for "Rambo" star Sylvester Stallone. "


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