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$1,000 Visa Gift Card Ad

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posted on Jun, 15 2012 @ 03:14 PM
I really could use that gift card and would really love to win one.

The problem is, in order to get through you have go through a few hundred ads and I believe there's a small requirement to make at least order to get.

So really, it's a scam.

I can dream about you.

posted on Jun, 15 2012 @ 03:20 PM

posted on Jun, 15 2012 @ 03:38 PM
reply to post by EvilSadamClone

The question is... Do you really get anything after all the trouble?

posted on Jun, 15 2012 @ 04:08 PM
reply to post by haven123

The ad that appears that says:

You win a $1000 Visa gift card!

posted on Jun, 15 2012 @ 04:31 PM
I followed one of those ads all the way to the end one time. After a gazillion surveys it required you to sign up for certain services. The services were free for a week or so, then you have to cancel or get charged the fees. Then you had to sign up for other services that weren't free. At that point I deleted everything and quitn.

So yeah, its a scam. They get you to sign up for countless internet crap, you forget how to cancel services and they get your money.

Not worth it.

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