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First recorded tropical storm ever in April

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posted on Apr, 22 2003 @ 06:30 PM
Very interesting.... I could point out a long interval of HAARP activity in the weeks leading up to this...

Ana develops into full tropical storm
From the National Desk
Published 4/22/2003 1:21 PM
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MIAMI, April 22 (UPI) -- Subtropical storm Ana developed into a full-blown tropical storm with 50 mph winds Tuesday, but it was located in the open Atlantic and no threat to land.

Little change in strength was expected until mid-day Wednesday, said forecaster Miles Lawrence of the National Hurricane Center.

Ana is the first tropical storm reported in April since record keeping began. It had been the second subtropical storm. The upgrade to tropical storm was caused by a warming core inside the system that made it more compact and changed some characteristics of the circulation.

At 11 a.m., the center of tropical storm Ana was located near latitude 29.8 north, longitude 57.5 west or about 460 miles east-southeast of Bermuda.

Ana was moving east at 16 mph, and that track is expected to continue until Wednesday. Little change in strength was expected over that period.

Although maximum sustained winds were 50 mph, there were higher gusts.

Wind shear continued to attack the storm at high levels, but evidence was inconclusive as to whether that would kill the storm.

The first April subtropical storm since record keeping began developed in 1992 and was known as subtropical storm No. 1. Lawrence said that since then, the decision was made to include subtropical storms in the same naming system as tropical storms and hurricanes.

Subtropical storm No. 1 in 1992 was the only Atlantic-Caribbean storm that year until Andrew, which savaged south Florida Aug. 24.

The hurricane season officially lasts from June 1 through Nov. 30, but there is no month in which a named storm has not occurred. Before 1992, the last exception was April.

posted on Apr, 22 2003 @ 08:40 PM
...First recorded tropical storm ever in April...

Yes obviously something is going on with all the strange weather reports the last couple of weeks. Hail storms with hail as big as eggs and hurricanes that destroys tens of thousands of homes in China. The heavy seismic activity, meteorites the size of bricks lighting up the night as if it was day, earthquakes, comet NEAT, and now the world's first April-born tropical storm... If this continues, I'll be outside in my garden most of the day digging a shelter


posted on Apr, 22 2003 @ 09:43 PM
If this continues, I'll be outside in my garden most of the day digging a shelter Posted by Mikromarius

You mean you dont have one already???

posted on Apr, 23 2003 @ 07:07 AM
Mother Nature seems to have lost her marbles...

posted on Apr, 23 2003 @ 09:09 AM
Remember that scientists have been screaming, "Global Warming!" for the past 2 decades? Yep. It's part of the cycle. This has happened before in the past (and even odder things, like the year when summer never came) -- we just didn't have the instruments or the global record keeping to measure it properly.

Jet stream and El Nino/La Nina patterns predicted unusual weather for this year for quite some time.

posted on Apr, 23 2003 @ 10:13 AM
what the hell is happening..

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