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TA-ATTACKS: 21 Killed in Baghdad Car Bomb Blasts

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posted on Oct, 4 2004 @ 08:20 AM
Two car bombs have exploded in front of the main gate at the US / Iraqi headquarters and near major hotels. The bombs killed at least 21 people and wounded 95. The bombs which detonated an hour apart with second one, a truck full of dates hitting a convoy of cars as they left the hotel area.
BAGHDAD, Iraq - Insurgents exploded two car bombs at the gates of the main U.S.-Iraqi headquarters in Baghdad and near major hotels Monday, killing at least 21 people and wounding 96. In Fallujah, U.S. warplanes struck what the military called terror hideouts, killing 11, according to doctors who said women and children were among the dead.

The two car bombs ripped through central Baghdad streets about an hour apart.

In the first explosion, a four-wheel-drive vehicle packed with explosives detonated outside the heavily fortified Green Zone, the seat of the U.S. Embassy and key Iraqi government offices, Interior Ministry spokesman Col. Adnan Abdul-Rahman said.

Yarmouk Hospital received 15 bodies and 81 wounded from the explosion, said Sabah Aboud, the facility's chief registration official.

The blast went off at 8:45 a.m. near a checkpoint at the western entrance to the complex, said Maj. Phil Smith, a spokesman for the U.S. 1st Cavalry Division. No coalition forces were hurt in either of Monday's blasts, Smith said.

"I was thrown 10 meters (yards) away and hit the wall," said Wissam Mohammed, 30, who was visiting a nearby recruiting center for Iraqi security forces. He lay in a bed at Yarmouk Hospital, his right hand broken, his head wrapped in bandages and his clothes stained with blood.

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

Following the blast unidentified gunmen opened fire from several rooftops. This is not the first time the secured “Green Zone” has been targeted. Nor is the first time the hotels, which house foreign workers, or the convoys leaving them have come under fire. These renewed attacks come fresh on the heels of the US / Iraqi effort to retake the formerly classified “No Go” city of Samarra.

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