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Kerry's Prostate Cancer

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posted on Oct, 3 2004 @ 06:11 PM
FOX News has just reported that Kerry has been declared "cancer-free" by his MDs. There is a chance of a recurrence, but MDs state that even that would not affect his Presidential duties.

This is good news for Kerry and certainly we are happy to know that his immediate health is not in jeopardy.

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posted on Oct, 3 2004 @ 06:19 PM
Well I guess the communist will be able to try for the presidency, eh Grady?

posted on Oct, 3 2004 @ 06:22 PM
I didn't know that he has had cancer.
Didn't Guiliani have the same kind?
Don't you have to be free of cancer for
five years before you are declared 'cancer free'?
Right now isn't Kerry techinically in cancer remission?

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posted on Oct, 3 2004 @ 06:27 PM
I have not idea that Kerry had prostate Cancer, my grandfather had it, but he was over 100 when he die, and my father have it but he is been treated for it, he does not want surgery.

I guess this is a problem that every man has to deal with in this time and age.

posted on Oct, 3 2004 @ 09:47 PM
This story came out today because the NY Times published their report on the democratic candidates' health today, as they have prior to every presidential election over the past 24 years. They should be publishing Bush's health profile in the coming weeks also.

The article revealed more about Kerry's prostate cancer surgery, which he had in February of 2003 (which was what Guiliani had, however Guiliani also needed radiation therapy and opted to have radiation "seeds" implanted, which caused extreme fatigue and other side effects, causing him to end his campaign for state senate against Hillary Rodham Clinton) and orthopedic surgery on his shoulder in March 2004, while he was on the campaign trail.

For everything you ever wanted to know about Kerry's health, read more at:

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