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Why Care What Happens To The Rest of the World? --- If America Military Complex Ceases to Exist

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posted on Jun, 3 2012 @ 05:25 PM
If the American military complex ceases to exist, at 5:30 PM 3//7/2012, would you really care what happens to the rest of the world?

Can you afford to care now? NO

Do you really about our lives now? NO

Do you honestly care if I live under a Dictator now? NO

So why would it bother anyone if some some of us would die, be poor, or have a different dictator than you Americans tommorow?

posted on Jun, 3 2012 @ 05:47 PM
Do YOU care about our lives or what happens to us? Probably not. Why should Americans, of all people, care for the rest of the world when we don't even care for our own neighbors? You're addressing an abhorrent society, don't expect too much from it.

Furthermore, don't you want the opportunity to run your own nation with your own representative leader, not some pro-western puppet installed to sell your people out? Freedom isn't free; if you want lasting change you have to actually step up and work for it, not expect it to be handed to you.

Our military could give a s*** less about the people living in other countries; just look at all of the stories that break of their inhumane acts against those people and look at the way they are treated.

Look, if our presence overseas was humanitarian, I wouldn't mind it so much. The problem is that it's often advertised under the guise of being humanitarian (i.e. Iraqi Liberation), but is actually for nefarious purposes such as resources or a better strategic position. Imperialism is not cool.

posted on Jun, 3 2012 @ 05:53 PM
The problem is that we have been too generous. We are taken for granted.

And no, we won't care. We'll be busy buying ammo.

posted on Jun, 3 2012 @ 06:14 PM

Lets see we could revitalize the US industrial base put people back to work .. release technology that would revolutionize the worlds economy.. possibly prevent WW3 and raise the standard of living for the whole planet ....

Nahh... No one really wants peace when the dividends of death and destruction are so juicy .

To bad I would like to see it happen

No nation of peoples should be held under the boot of a foreign power to be exploited for profits for the few who pull the strings of power .


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