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OP/ED: Business, National Defence And Terrorism Do Not Mix

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posted on Oct, 2 2004 @ 04:47 PM
Business, National Defence And Terrorism Do Not Mix By Mark McCarron


Many governments, are not aware, that terrorists throughout the world have identified electronic voting, as a means to both subvert countries and plant both terrorist and those, sympathetic to terrorist causes in key government positions.

To assist governments in preparation, for real terrorist threats, we are going to have a brief discussion on the tactical advantages observed by terrorists. Any government approaching elections, should pay careful attention, to the various forms of assault, a country will be subject to.

Opportunity, is the greatest weapon a terrorist has and electronic voting, presents a new class of opportunity in international terrorism. As you are about to, the scale of operations, is far larger than anyone dared to imagine.

Remote political and direct technological manipulation.

The Problem Defined.

Many countries are beginning to adopt electronic voting systems. This allows for an undetectable form of alteration of voting within any country. Automated assaults, spyware and direct physical alteration of election results, has been planned on a global basis.

No country can secure this form of voting.


This is just a small list, to enable government's across the world to follow the pattern of behavior, to identify such deployments and remove them.

1. Government fragmentation to disrupt policy.
2. Appointing key people, to key positions.
3. As a method of gain accessing to confidential material.
4. As a method of obtaining weapons research, in specific, nuclear technology and alternative weapons.
5. As a method of undermining an economy through espionage, weak policies, legal inrastructures, etc.
6. To remove political problems that block a terrorist organisation's agenda on a global basis.
8. To change the entire government of a country, or the entire western hemisphere.
9. To have the ability to put an entire terrorist team in government office, or several teams, creating a network throughout your enemy's country.
10. To sieze control of an entire government, with a complete replacement by terrorists and those sympathetic to their cause.

(Bold, but feasible, who would expect it?, How could you prove it? Clever.)

11. With political control weak national defences can be implemented.

(RFID is a great example, it provides real-time information on the food chain, medical supplies and a wide variety of national defense critical system throughout an entire country.

Not only this, but after invasion, it allows rapid identification, collect and destruction of highly specific catagories of civilian equiptment such as radios, TVs, transmitters and anything that may provide any benefit to a populations defense.

By embedding this into clothes, even tracking and direct assaults can be automated against individuals, groups, or public assemblies.

An entire country could be crippled, on an automated basis, highly rapidly, with such information. In fact, it should take less than 24 hours.

Ban this technology, before terrorists use it, to mass murder millions. It is a stupid, redundant, example of 'technology for technology's sake'.)

Most military and terrorism experts will now see, the highly dangerous situation, we have almost walked into.

Private Sector Terrorism

Terrorist's function in the private sector to introduce weak and broken technologies, in the same manner business does, to increase profits.

Therefore, it may appear that a consortium of companies were in control, when it is really, extensive amounts of terrorists from various different organisations, operating within those organisations.

They have been staging the west for an assault by implanting technologies into society. Anything you can do, terrorists can do better.

The upshot is, the 'New World Order' would never know what hit them.

If you now sit back and examine the west, from this point of view, you will clearly see, that we were in the process of being the creators of our own destruction.

Every country, without exception, has been duped into deploying a 'command and control' platform, for strategic country wide strikes. Without exception, no one is safe.

The west's technology deployments are progressing towards an ideal platform from which to launch nation wide assaults and still be able to control the flow of information. Digital TV, Internet and video on demand can create unique points of view for entire nations, regions or even individuals.

Single-sign on services, such as Microsoft's Passport, provide the basis from which such a system is launched.

This is why 'The GIEIS Project' is pushing for communication to become community held, on a local basis, with an umbrella charity.

It is for our survival, not for money.


A giant bin. Sorry, but that's just the facts we are facing at present.


Business and national defence, do not mix. Money will always be placed first. All military defense must begin a process, of 'in-house technological development', excluding the entire private sector. I offer, as my proof, the series of technologies I have been examing this last week, or so.

The policy of allowing business, any form of access to National Defence projects, is quite clearly, bordering on the insane. The risk of terrorist manipulation is too great, they are masters in this field, not just guys with explosives.

That policy almost cost us millions of our people and that is not acceptable for a split second. A government's role is to defend the people, and in return, the people help the government with its decisions, through information releases such as this.

Save your people, before the combination of terrorist influence and business interest's get millions murdered, please. Review everything from a pure National Defence perspective, before its too late.

Again, Microsoft's business stratagy, clearly shows, it is actively involved in the preparation, planning and implementation of these systems.

This was just a close one guys and gals.

[edit on 3-10-2004 by John bull 1]


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