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Madness overcomes (MAD)

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posted on May, 30 2012 @ 07:07 PM
I don't know how this works, but since my other post was moved here and there seems to be a theme going on, I may as well embrace it and enjoy myself...
Like I said, I don't know how this works (and lord knows I'm too lazy to look for the instructions!
) Here ya go:

All over town, up and down the streets, through the alleys, windows everywhere fly open and people are shouting, almost in unison “I’m as mad as hell and I’m not going to take it anymore!!!” It echoes through the streets….aye, through the atmosphere as people all across this country scream at the establishment, scream at the crisis, scream at the great unknown, that they are as mad as hell and they’re not going to take it anymore!!
It seems like hours, maybe even days as more and more people join in, furious, frustrated, angry, at wits end. Screaming, the screaming, shouting out to their neighbors and up to the heavens. Surely, surely this will get the message across. Can they possibly be deaf? Can they possibly not hear all of us shouting in a unified voice that our anger has reached its limit? Yes, it seems like hours or days, but with the passing of each minute of the clock, the shouting falls off, the windows slam in frustration, tears stream down faces, husbands and wives fall into each other’s arms, exhausted, frustrated, scared.
Slowly but surely, as is it with human nature, they pick themselves up, they compose themselves, then, a dead silence. Any other evening there would be the faint sounds of the television, dogs barking, cars traveling through, friends laughing at the bar, people muddling about in their usual routine, but not tonight. Tonight, there is silence. The silence is as loud if not louder than the shouting that happened just a few moments before. It’s enough to deafen anyone who was aware of what went on and startle anyone who didn’t. A silence that has not been experienced in the city before now.
We had reached our limit, we ran our race, we had released our anger, our frustration and our fury and now, we were empty. But not empty of hope, only empty of fear. We faced the giant that was overpowering us, we shot the pink elephant that had taken up the room and we came together as one, if only for a short time. Now it was time for us to reflect. We were no longer hindered by the emotions, our emotions were spent. Now it was only our desire to go on, our determination to not give up, our very essence of humanity and with this, we would find the answers, we would conquer the opposition, we would find our solutions.
You can stop a man, you can beat him down, you can make him submit to your will, but you cannot conquer MEN, WOMEN, CHILDREN, the entire population of this great country. You cannot keep us down, you cannot overcome our will. We will survive this, we will conquer this, we will overcome this. With the tiny little spark set off by one man, all men are now free. The coming days won’t be easy, they won’t pass quickly, but as each one comes and goes, more will be done, more will be accomplished until we are once again the great nation we were meant to be.
From one man comes the spark, from one man comes the revolution, from one man comes the hope that will rebuild the nation. Be that one man.

posted on May, 31 2012 @ 01:05 PM
Am I supposed to do anything else to this? I don't know how this stuff works...


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