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a city with correct priorities

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posted on Apr, 21 2003 @ 01:36 PM
Local Officials Rise Up to Defy The Patriot Act

By Evelyn Nieves
Washington Post Staff Writer
Monday, April 21, 2003; Page A01

ARCATA, Calif. -- This North Coast city may look sweet -- old, low-to-the-ground buildings, town square with a bronze statue of William McKinley, ambling pickup trucks -- but it acts like a radical.

Arcata was one of the first cities to pass resolutions against global warming and a unilateral war in Iraq. Last month, it joined the rising chorus of municipalities to pass a resolution urging local law enforcement officials and others contacted by federal officials to refuse requests under the Patriot Act that they believe violate an individual's civil rights under the Constitution. Then, the city went a step further

posted on Apr, 21 2003 @ 01:50 PM
It passed resolutions against global warming and unilateral war with Iraq? Neither of which exist. WTG left coast..nevermind what your going to use to heat and cool and stay out of the dark!!!! Take care of those important figments of your almalgamation first! Oh, and don't let anyone planning to kill Americans be hassled in any way whatsoever!!

posted on Apr, 22 2003 @ 04:29 AM
there are heavy implications for the future here.

imagine entire states opposing the federal policy.

What happens when there is a majority of states in opposition?

posted on Apr, 22 2003 @ 05:23 AM
If a majority of the states are opposed to what the government is doing then we are screwed. Places like N. Korea would take this opportunity to attack.

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