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Three Really Strange Dreams. Opinions??

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posted on May, 29 2012 @ 12:21 PM
So I've had some dreams recently that kind of startled me. Okay, to be honest, I woke up freaking the hell out and needed my girlfriend to calm me down.

The First Dream - About 3 years ago

I started out in the middle of a street, in a neighborhood that felt very familiar but looked different than any I had ever seen. I believe I was walking with a friend when I saw a guy walking two huge dogs. The dogs stared us down, and then went on the merry way. Next I get a call from a girl (she was the best friend of a girl I had dated for 3 years and split up with almost a year before the dream) saying, "Hey, it's about Kim...." She said no more than that, and I got this huge feeling of dread, like I knew that she had committed suicide. I asked why and didn't get a response. Directly after this my friend and I run into a house, on our right, that we were walking past. The house felt old. The exterior was white with black trim, and while not being dilapidated, wasn't in the best shape. The inside was dusty, wood floors, ugly wall decor. You could see the beams of light coming in through big windows and little particles floating around. To my left, sitting on the floor underneath a window, was an acquaintance (whom I met through my best friend's girlfriend) that I have hung out and jammed some guitar with. He was sobbing and couldn't speak entirely clear. He said, "I'm so sorry. I.. Kim." I grabbed him by his shirt and pulled him close, completely disregarding the fact that he carries a .45 and could have easily blown my head off, and said, "Why!? You're lucky I don't murder you!" I let him fall back to the floor to weep. I then turned to my right and walked into the next room where another friend of mine (who I hadn't seen in a year before the dream) was sitting on a black couch. He looked over at me and smiled and said, "Hey man!" in the accent of his that was a mash-up of southern and mid-west Iowan that I always found cool. Then, as if she was there the whole time, an absolutely BEAUTIFUL woman appeared to his left. Long golden hair, wearing all white, and almost radiating luminosity. She smiles and holds out her hand to him to help him stand from the couch. I blinked. In the time it took to re-moisten my eyes, the couch had become a metal table, which my friend was now strapped to by his wrists and ankles, and she gained a very, VERY oppressive and dark quality about her. Her face went from warm, inviting, to grotesque and evil. Her teeth became sharp, her hair no longer straight, but almost statically charged, sticking out in some places. And the area just under her eyes became black. And it wasn't from lack of rest. As soon as I start to become frightened and I hear my friend cry out for help, she says, "Would you like to see what we are capable of?" And with that, a mass of purple tentacles come out from underneath her dress and she sodomizes my friend. The tentacles were controllable, she could make them thin and thicken them at any point in their length. After a fraction of a second of her brutally molesting my friend he begins to scream in agony. In that moment, with a flash of sick humor in her face, she rips him apart from the inside out. Almost like he had a bomb in his stomach. He wasn't ripped in two, but shredded. Just recalling the image disturbs me. I woke up immediately after that, during her laughing spell, screaming. It took me two hours to stop crying and shaking.

Dream Two - About 3 Months Ago

It started with me in a mansion. I couldn't see a lot outside of the "living room" that I was in, but just from the elaborate decor and overall feeling of the massiveness of this property I could tell I was somewhere that was owned by people with power. There were I think 5 other people in this room with me, and they all seemed to be on edge. Anxious. Their faces were wrought with worry and fear. I seemed to be the only one who was relatively calm. Someone came into the room and said, "Come with me, I have something to show you." So we all stand and follow this person into the next room, which was separated by a big entry way with no door. The room was dark and you couldn't see much past the few feet of light penetration from the previous room. Only outlines of what looked like dining room furniture that was never used. To the right, against the wall, was a protruding door sticking off of the wall at a 90* angle. It looked like a random closet that was built off the wall instead of into it. The door was opened and we were instructed to descend the stairs contained in the hallway first. I think I was the second or third in line. Once the last person was in the door was slammed shut and locked. We all reached the bottom of the stairs and noticed we were standing in a cellar, shin-deep in water. The walls were concrete block, portions of which were covered in some sort of algae that didn't seem to be of this world. It had a luminescent quality about it that made it possible to see, albeit very difficult. The room that we were in was the "middle" room. Two others almost exactly like it, but completely dark, stood with open entrances at either end. As I was about to enter the right-most room, but inspecting from within the light, a very unnerving voice came through what I believed at first to be an intercom system. It wasn't until halfway through it's statement that I realized it wasn't an intercom, but was being placed directly into our minds. A few people immediately began to cry at the sound of it, others doubled over in shock and fear. I remember having the urge to lash out and destroy whatever it was that was doing this to us, and also to subside into obscurity and hide with the ones I care about. The voice said something like, "This is the equivalent of your garbage disposals. I have lived in something like this for many years. You should be terrified." The voice was so deep, so unearthly, so unnerving.
The next thing I know, I'm standing outside of the house, in between two layers of security fencing with barbed wire at the top. The ground was the sandy-gold color of very dry dirt with no traces of any clay composition or plant life. There were men everywhere dressed like secret service men. Solid black suits, black shades, and ear pieces. The man standing with his back to me on the inner-most side of the fence didn't seem to know I was there. I reached through the fence and grabbed him by the shoulder and spun him to face me. I was shocked beyond belief to see that it was my ex-stepfather of 8 years. Our dialog is as follows :
Me: "You tell me what the f**k is going on right now! Who are these people? What do they want"
Him : "You don't want to know. And you couldn't handle it if I told you."
Me: (pulling a gun from my waist that I didn't know I had and pointing it at his head) "If you don't tell me right f**king now, I swear to God I'll blow your head off."
Him: (glancing behind my left shoulder and nodding in the direction of my now-present girlfriend) "If you want to save her, you'll put that away and stop asking these questions."
I let go of him, realizing that I couldn't do anything to stop these things from happening and returned to my girlfriend. I told her that we had to get far away. Then I woke up.

I actually woke up once right after the voice in the basement, but figured that I would leave it out until now so as to not get confused in the chain of events.
Final dream in next post.

posted on May, 29 2012 @ 12:37 PM
Final Dream - Two Weeks Following Previous Dream

After the last dream, I stopped researching all-together until about a month ago. I was afraid that I had caught something in my readings that my conscious mind didn't point out specifically, but that my subconscious knew I should be wary of.

This dream was very short, but frightening nonetheless.

There was nothing but a face. Similar in shape to a human head, but slightly more elongated. Narrower than normal from just below the cheek bones. The base color was a very pale blueish-gray. It had purple undertones and creamy-tan highlights. It was almost as if the skin was so dry and cracked that it looked scaled. Maybe it actually was scaled. The lips were almost red, but very dark. The nose was only two slits on a portion of the face that was slightly protruding an inch or so beneath the eyes, which were wide set. The eyes had a pale yellowish hue to them, and the centers were blacker than black and large in comparison to any eyes I've ever seen. It was completely hairless. And it smiled maliciously. The corners of it's mouth just barely raised, revealing deadly sharp teeth that had never been cleaned. All of which were perfectly aligned to fit exactly as they should, so as to not cut and tear at it's own flesh. The smile was as if it was about to gut me and take great pleasure in hearing my screams. At least, that was the feeling I got from it.
I asked, not verbally, but mentally, what it planned to do with us. The response given was, "Maybe we'll use them for meat!" With that it's smile got larger, more sinister, and I became so eerily aware that this thing meant absolutely no good to us. As my fear grew, it began to laugh. The voice was raspy and hoarse, but deep and authoritative. Again, I woke up freaking out.

I've tried to convince myself that all of these dreams were manifestations of my own fears and theories and opinions. But it wasn't until after all of these that I even read anything about Reptilians being malevolent.
Now, I'm not sure what to think. A huge part of me believes that these were tell-tale hints of what's to come for us all. And, given my theories on ETs, religion, spirituality, and government, I can't help but think that the larger part of my thoughts on these dreams is accurate.

I'm asking for input. I will say, though, that while I appreciate any input given, please try not to flame or disrespect anyone's opinions on this matter. There's too much of that on this website. Stay respectful.

Thanks guys.

posted on May, 29 2012 @ 12:38 PM
that s strange.. i love to hear people's dream story. I have a lot strange dream too. some of my dream i never forget.

posted on May, 29 2012 @ 01:17 PM
What differentiates a strange dream from a very strange dream ?

And isn't the very nature of every dream a portion of strangeness ?

Is there such a thing as a "normal dream" ?

My advise: No more alien documentaries for at least 6 months. Your subconsciousness has an information overload.

posted on May, 30 2012 @ 07:16 AM
Hey thanks for sharing. While terrifying indeed, your courage to do so (share, here at a place like this) gladens my heart. Maybe that's what the rest button for humanity is... These things kill off most of us, leave enough to rebuild for the next harvest. Along with their agents who, with the help of advanced tech even after the collapse, will erase the truth until we forget... From the myths religions are born... Maybe they are travelling from planet to planet, timing it just right for a maximum harvest for each stop. Some do the job of being the "good ones" who stay behind to help us and encourage us to build up again to large populations, while others play "bad cop" and keep us from getting too high and mighty, and to cause certain events to keep the rest of us weary and fearful, wondering what all these crazy stories are that are happening to people, so our subconscious always has a tight grip on realizing how vulnerable. Some humans are recruited with the promise their bloodlines will never be harmed as long as they don't spread it out beyond certain confines so the protected group also remains small enough to be dealt with if needed. So they guard their bloodlines viciously. And carry out their orders without question in return for the gift of ruling over the cattle by means of high technology and intervention when needed by the masters who stayed behind to watch over the human consorts as they possess many spiritual and mental talents that can assist in keeping things going as needed throughout the millennia... A dream featuring an angel or other figure with a message, promise, or just instructions in some cases, a UFO visitation with aliens showing scenes of the future in others. We are nudged from all directions, being formed like a hunk of clay into the desired form. Of course some who know the truth do try to sneak out messages... Maybe even some alien races who are like peta activists are today. "Yes we know you genetically created them to be as cattle and give them some semblance of a possibility of happiness at times in their life, but they are still living things and deserve to be freed from your farms, slaughterhouses and zoos!" "Yes they do deserve to be used as cattle, look how they treat the lifeforms below them, and eachother for that matter!" "That's only because of the shroud of ignorance and manipulation youve blanketed over every facet of their lives! They just need to be loved..."

posted on May, 30 2012 @ 07:24 AM
Oh and don't mind the hippie... As you can see, he's in denial. It's listed under his mood. He just...goes around...randomly denying things. You encounter it a lot here. Just imagine they are programmed to perform that task and they cannot help what they do. Maybe he will prove it by denying what I just said. If he comes back, there's no doubt his programming will activate once again. Just havin some fun here, no harm intended... And I do actually have to agree that it is good to take a break from "all this stuff" once in a while. Although unlike he, I do not think that has anything much to do with your dreams however it is of course a possibility. Thanks for sharing! I appreciate it.

posted on May, 31 2012 @ 03:57 PM
reply to post by H1ght3chHippie

Well, it goes without saying that dreams are strange. My word choice for the title was directly related to my thoughts on how "out-of-the-norm" the dreams were, compared to the usual random dreams that I have.

And I agree, taking breaks from this stuff is needed from time to time.

posted on May, 31 2012 @ 04:01 PM
reply to post by 3n19m470

I'm HOPING that these dreams weren't a message telling me what's really going on. But, I can't force myself to believe anything, ever.
So a portion of me is super skeptical, and the other is completely convinced.
But thank you very much for your feedback!!
I'm glad that me sharing this has brought a pleasant feeling to you. These descriptions of the events that unfolded in dream-land are the most detailed I've ever laid out to anyone. But, I've only spoken of it to a few people, and typing it out allows for a more accurate account.

And yes, I flip back and forth from research on ET's to other things that aren't related to interplanetary happenings.

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