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All the recent mid-air scares

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posted on Oct, 2 2004 @ 02:42 AM
Hey, im new here (my first post
Just something me and my friend were thinking about the other day, thought i might post it. This may have already been discussed

Does anyone else here think all the recent mid-air bomb threats, flight diversions to closer airports due to threats/scares and suspicious middle eastern men acting strange on planes is a result of Islamic terrorists testing the western worlds flight security? I think something big is about to happen in several countries.

Here are some flights i can remember (might be more)
Flight 327 NJ to LA (not grounded but mid-air scare, google search for more info)
Airbus Berlin to London (recent)
Olympic Flight Greece to NY (anonymous phone call said bomb was onboard plane)
Plane grounded because of threat at Sydney Airport (pilot received note saying "Bomb on Board")
London to NY (Bomb scare, plane landed in Ireland)

All of those have occured within the last 6 mabey less months

And im sure there are more, but im positive something is going on...

Also another thing, September 11 is listed as 9/11 (m/dd) this is the American Emergency Number, 112 is the international emergency number and the elections are on 11/2. small co-incidence

Thanks for reading

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