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Global war part 4

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posted on May, 27 2012 @ 04:54 PM
Part 4 - summary

World war 3 is well under way, it's just being fought under a different name, in a different way, in other peoples unsuspecting countries. 

The tactics have evolved, the weapons have changed, terrorists and 'rogue' organisations are nothing more than puppet state sponsored militia armies.

Technology is suppressed in an attempt to keep a upper hand in the new arms race 

I ask you too apply this WW3/global war(GW) scenario to everything you read here at ATS for the next week ( indefinitely ideally )
And see how events fit into this GLOBAL WAR

now this thread has taken up 4 posts, I really could have gone into much more detail in many respects, and covered many more angles.
But I'm laying it out for you to play it out so to say

I have now for the next few hours some form of Internet connection, so have kinda cut it short so I could post this today 

Feel free to ask questions 

Welcome to the war part 1 part 2 part 3
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posted on May, 27 2012 @ 06:24 PM
This reminds me of Brzezinskis' The Grand Chessboard, only you are more honest about main protagonists. There was a time when I would have agreed with your observations but my opinions have changed somewhat in the last few years. The difference? I have to truly wonder if indeed both China and Russia are truly sovereign communist nations and not the servants of globalist banking interests.

Since the fall of the Berlin wall Russia has made tremendous strides towards a capitalist economy and with the near-death of the ruble outsiders poured money in buying up everything under the sun, including the Supreme Soviet. If they can do it in America why not Russia?

US - Sino relations have always been somewhat of a mystery and the moving of corporate industry to China smacks to me of untold influence within their internal affairs. I have no doubt multinational corporations could make China do their bidding lest they move shop once again leaving them destitute. China appears to be in a position of great power but are they really? Why have we consistently allowed China to steal technology, especially weapons tech with no reprisals? Why are their spies in the US never put on trial? My suspicion is that China is under the thumb of the bankers much as the Western powers are.

In my thinking all the great powers are nothing but bit players in a world drama of limited warfare, maintaining a dynamic tension of low intensity conflicts to divide and isolate any threat to their power. It is the old notions of Nation/States owe cling to and allows them to present them as competitors on a global stage, enemies who will strike us down should we allow them the slightest edge in military technology or numbers. It's their excuse for keeping the gigantic arsenals that are truly for suppressing popular rebellion rather than being used against any other country in an all-out war.This is why there will be no battle of Armageddon, no giant battlefield where armies of millions will pile up like freeway commuters.

Most importantly this is how TPTB keep science under their control, to serve their purposes and never for the benefit of mankind. Science is the new global power and must be kept enthralled by the illusion of National and political enemies with the threat of apocalyptic war to keep the attention of masses fixed.
Great thread, you've obviously put a great deal of thought and care in creating.
S&F x 4

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posted on May, 27 2012 @ 07:16 PM
reply to post by Asktheanimals

Thanks for the reply
And an extreamly insightful one at that
I'm a soldier, who has been exposed to more than I probably should have for someone at my level, so this is taken from my experiences, what I've been told, what I've had the privalige of reading, the whispers within certain circles and a little bit of joining the dots, Admitadly this is taken from a soldiers viewpoint and I don't pretend to understand fully the political and financial background
But what I will say is that I believe the bankers hold no loyalty to nations and as such through the expansion in the east and former USSR have placed their bets on both sides as a clear winner is not in sight, so the possibility that these bankers were also tricked by this manoeuvre by the east and has actually become an unsuspecting tool of this stratagy, but then also the chance of the banking cartels benefiting from this by playing both sides much as they did in WW2

With regards to the technological and espionage wars this is something I do know something about
A lot of this is down to disinformation and acceptable losses
Allowing certain technology and information to be gained in order to miss direct efforts away from the real juicy stuff
And keep the true high level technology and information as safe as possible
However there are no real secrets and each side is well aware of the others capabilitys, this is to keep the status quo of the new arms race and new MAD type scenario

For example china develops a seismic weapon, the US has to let it slip that they also have this tech to keep the status quo, however the US is starting to break this, a good example is the missile defence shield

Look at the F-22 ( arguably already an obsolete tech ) announced a few years ago and was to dominate the air for the next 30 years
This aircraft is not fully operational yet
However 2 years later the Russians announced their version, 3 months later china announced theirs and will have theirs operational by next year !
It's like a game of poker - they all have the same hand and know it - but continue to bluff and play the game anyway

But I'll admit ( like yourself ) this is not, in my opinion, the pinicle of the big picture and that something else ( something I could only speculate about ) is the main game
But in order to get to that we first need to accept this global war to some degree in order to begin seeing what is going on at that higher level
It's like an ogre - no an onion .......many layers

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posted on May, 27 2012 @ 07:29 PM
reply to post by Neocrusader

The development of new weapons systems and the subsequent "parallel" development by supposedly hostile nations seem all too well synchronized to be mere chance. The real story lies behind this and I think you make some astute observations regarding that very point.
ETA - I think we'll learn much from whether or not Israel will actually accept delivery of, and put in service the F22.
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posted on May, 28 2012 @ 04:09 AM
reply to post by Asktheanimals

 Sorry for the delay in my reply,
Had a wee kip, then an int briefing from the dark side, 8 hours of PowerPoint ! Damn my eyes are bleeding ! Lol 
Then got given a medal ........yay - more stuff to keep clean !

Agreed but again can boil down to this status quo Scenario

With regards to the f-22 again I agree,
What will also be interesting will be how India, Pakistan, and Australia enter the gen 5 arena

Something that's stayed with me for a few years
And I'm going to go a little 'out there' with this
In 2008 I was in Oman working with a total uber geek from BAE systems, we got a little messed up in the hubbly bubbly pipe and got talking about the f-22 and gen 5 in general.
Now I forget how it was said or came about, but at one point he looked at me and said something along the lines of
" what if the f-22 isn't intended for a direct human pilot"
Looking at the capabilities of the aircraft the weak link is the fragile human on board,
It's capability is greater than that of human tolerances
Now I'm not thinking a remote drone, I'm thinking down the line of some sort of autonomous control or indeed VI
( looking at some of the current problems with the f-22 may lend some weight to this )
This would be much easier to implement in a air superiority aircraft - essentially 'if it flies it dies'
Unlike bombers or ground attack aircraft where target aquasition and collateral damage requires that manual input, control and situational awareness

posted on May, 28 2012 @ 06:26 AM
reply to post by Neocrusader

Thanks for your replies!
The recent stories about pilots getting sick from flying these birds would fit right in with what you say. Very interesting to say the least.
Next gen warfare is all about weapon systems that don't put a soldier at risk and include autonomous controls.
Training pilots is expensive and time-consuming.
Robotics are so much more advanced than what the public is aware of, the drone that crashed in Iran may be a piece of the puzzle here too - something too valuable to allow them keep and figure out it's inner workings.
Could that be a major reason for the US to attack Iran?
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posted on May, 28 2012 @ 07:48 AM
reply to post by Asktheanimals

That's exactly it
And as I said, the aircrafts capabilities exceed the tolerances of the human being and this is something that's going to become more prevelant as time goes on
Even more so with the developments in propulsion, resulting in phenomenal speeds.
To such an extent that,
In the time that it takes for the pilot to see a threat/obstacle, send that visual information to the brain, process the data, formulate a reaction, send the nerve impulses through the body to the arms to make a manoeuvre, it's too late, you've hit the obstacle/threat
There was research done into 'mind control' the use of sensors to detect the mental impulses of the pilot to reduce this reaction time ( a thought just came to me - going way back here - think fire fox )
The outcome of which I have no idea about, but the mental discipline required must have been something difficult to factor in

As for the UAV that went down in Iran
I had seen it a couple of times, only at night, and became referred to as the baby B2 by it's silhouette.
The thing that struck me about it was the noise, none, at all, total silence from only a few hundred meters.
This was semi disposable tech
The internal parts being somewhat sacrificial, the stealth tech, already being know and used/in development by china/Russia
The real tech that wasn't meant to slip into enemy hands was the flight software
You sound like someone who knows their stuff so I'm sure your aware of the stability and piloting problems had by the original flying wing designs
These modem flying wings (b2, f117 and these stealth uavs ) only remain stable thus usable through some very sophisticated flight assist software - this was the main loss associated with that event

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