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Olympic Food Crackdown

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posted on May, 24 2012 @ 08:44 PM
The first part of this report is about restaurants and takeaways in London being
closed down for the olympics but as i read on this bit caught my eye.

The FSA, as part of the Play It Safe campaign, is also cracking on unlicensed food vendors, like hot dog, burger and ice-cream vans in London during the Olympics. So much so they've set up huge storage areas in Gatwick, Tilbury and West Drayton to put the confiscated equipment and food. "Anyone who works for the council or the Police will be looking out for illegal traders. If they don't comply with the regulations we have the power to seize the vehicles and food and destroy it as necessary" says Sarah Appleby head of enforcement and local authority delivery at the Food Standards Agency.

It's also warning any Londoner thinking of selling food or drink from their front door for a quick buck, without the proper permission, during the Games, could face jail if caught.

"The biggest penalty is their reputation, loss of food and equipment, but if formal action takes place they could be fined thousands of pounds and it's a criminal prosecution so they will end up with a criminal record and in some cases could even mean a prison sentence


Jail? really.I know that the games have nothing much to do with sport anymore and its
just about keeping the sponsors happy but its just total overkill to fine or jail a man in a
burger van for making a living.

And its not just food but a clampdown on dolls to.

Joy Tomkins, 81, spent hours creating the kit for the second-hand doll, which was to go on sale with a £1 price tag. But after hearing that Olympics officials jealously guarded their logos, she decided to check with trading standards officers about the tiny GB 2012 and Olympic rings she had embroidered on the T-shirt. To her shock, she was told to withdraw the doll from sale to avoid legal action

Mail online

If only paris had won it....
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posted on May, 24 2012 @ 08:58 PM

Olympics officials jealously guarded their logos

Jealousy guarded? No. It's called copyright infringement. It's the equivalent of selling bootleg products. It's just like making rip off shoes and putting the Nike logo on it.

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