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Do Biophotons communicate?

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posted on May, 24 2012 @ 01:25 PM
I have been interested in Biophotons for awhile. I remember reading about some of the research in Lynne McTaggert's book The Field. It's funny because in Russia this has been accepted for awhile but in the West it was usually seen as pseudoscience. This isn't because of any evidence, it's because some people talk about Chakras and Aura's. So many in the West rejected it as pseudoscience. Some also connect biophoton emission to life after death.

In the book The Field she talked about Fritz-Albert Popp.

Here's mDr. Garjajev claims that this communication is not something that happens only inside the individual cells or between one cell and another. He claims organisms use this "light" to "talk" to other organisms and suggested that this could explain telepathy and ESP. It was like human beings already had their own wireless internet based on our DNA. Wow!

I tried to find a scientific journal that had this experiment. All I could find were blogs and other websites that carried the same story, word for word, without any references. That is until I stumbled on the work of Fritz-Albert Popp [right]. Then everything I had just read seemed very plausible.

It was 1970, and Popp, a theoretical biophysicist at the University of Marburg in Germany, had been teaching radiology -- the interaction of electromagnetic (EM) radiation on biological systems.

In an old documentary film taken in the laboratory at the International Institute of Biophysics, Dr. Popp opens a chamber about the size of a bread box. He places a fresh cutting from a plant and a wooden match in a plastic container inside the dark chamber and closed the light proof door. Immediately he switches on the photomultiplyer and the image shows up on a computer screen. The match stick is black while the green, glowing silhouette of the leaves is clearly visible.

Dr. Popp exclaims, "We now know, today, that man is essentially a being of light."

It's a long article with good info.

Here's a recent article.

Biophoton Communication: Can Cells Talk Using Light?

A growing body of evidence suggests that the molecular machinery of life emits and absorb photons. Now one biologist has evidence that this light is a new form of cellular communication.

Whatever the mechanism, a growing number of biologists are convinced that when you switch off the lights, cells are bathed in the pale fireworks of a biophoton display.

This is not a bright phenomena. Biophotons are usually produced at the rate of dozens per second per square centimetre of cell culture.

That's not many. And it's why the notion that biophoton activity is actually a form of cellular communication is somewhat controversial.

Today, Sergey Mayburov at the Lebedev Institute of Physics in Moscow adds some extra evidence to the debate.

Mayburov has spent many hours in the dark watching fish eggs and recording the patterns of biophotons that these cells emit.

The question he aims to answer is whether the stream of photons has any discernible structure that would qualify it as a form of communication.

The answer is that is does, he says. Biophoton streams consist of short quasiperiodic bursts, which he says are remarkably similar to those used to send binary data over a noisy channel. That might help explain how cells can detect such low levels of radiation in a noisy environment.

You have scientist throughout Europe and in Asia working in these areas. Imagine if we could directly communicate with the cells in our body. The possibilities would be endless! Imagine being able to repair a human body by putting it's biophoton emissions back in sync with the environment.
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posted on Jul, 1 2015 @ 03:41 AM
I am new to ATS, and searched the topic of biophotons to find this thread. Truthfully, it's the whole reason I even joined. I've been researching if its capable for the patterns of biophotons to studied, even translated, and compiled in a database of different languages and dialects, to convey to a viewer on maybe some kind of output like a screen ACTUAL words. I won't go into detail here why that interest me, but I look at how we used different technology to register light like MRI's and use technology concerning language, such as voice command, to give us necessary information and perform tasks.

Studies have already shown, that in mice photons can be detected within the spinal column. I wish I had saved my reference from the other night to post here, as I hate repeating anything without viable research shown from a science journal or thesis, but, nonetheless, if it's possible for us to detect photons in the human brain during different thought processes, it COULD BE possible to compile those thoughts into patterns of what psychologist call "imagined speech", and then translate them via a database, and then an output.....right?? Communication. I'm no genius. I'm no neurologist. But, it's just a theory. What do you think?
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