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The OKC bombing

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posted on May, 11 2012 @ 01:41 AM
The original suspects that were caught…Timothy McVeigh, and Terry Nichols, now let’s look at these guys…

CNN[/ur l]

In 1987 he got a pistol permit from Niagara County and a job in Buffalo as a guard on an armored car. A co-worker recalls that McVeigh owned numerous firearms and had a survivalist philosophy -- a tendency to stockpile weapons and food in preparation for what he believed to be the imminent breakdown of society. In 1988 McVeigh and a friend bought 10 acres of rural land and used it as a shooting range.

McVeigh enlisted in the Army in Buffalo in May 1988, and went through basic training at Fort Benning, Georgia. After basic training, his unit was transferred to Fort Riley, Kansas, and became part of the Army's 1st Infantry Division.

McVeigh, a militia movement sympathizer, sought revenge against the federal government for its handling of the Waco Siege, which had ended in the deaths of 76 people exactly two years prior to the bombing, as well as for the Ruby Ridge incident in 1992. McVeigh hoped to inspire a revolt against what he considered to be a tyrannical federal government. McVeigh aspired to join the United States Army Special Forces (SF). After returning from the Gulf War, he entered the selection program to become an SF soldier, but he quit after his psychological profile categorized him as very unsuitable for SF.

Holy crap this guy has a background on him….Wait there is more.


Now to Terry Nichols….It seems like him and McVeigh were good buddies…

Now Nichols gets really interesting…


So Nichols, and Ramzi Yousef knew each other while staying in the Philippines…Ramzi was one of the main characters in the WTC 93 Bombing…Also the nephew of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed as we know as KSM…

Here is the Twist…


So McVeigh not only was in the U.S. Army, but was connected to the Aryan Republic Army also?

The CSA plots on the Murrah Building


Now the FEDs come into play…




Eric Holder and his role…


FBI's scandalous and murderous covert program called PATCON--'Patriot Conspiracy'--which was involved in all of the major scandals going back decades, including the massacres at Ruby Ridge and Waco. Though there are plenty of sources to point out that the U.S. Government was indeed behind the bombings and that even if they knew what was going on, they did nothing to prevent it. They just let it happen, kind of like 9/11.


Alex Smith is quite knowledgeable about the OKC Bombing...

Noble Lie

^^I’ve watched this video, and for those who haven’t seen it I suggest checking it out. It goes more into depth with what I posted, and you might have a clearer understanding on what is going on.

posted on May, 11 2012 @ 01:49 AM

I was researching this no longer than 2 hours ago! Lol

Ill gather my thoughts, and post appropriately, I took the story from a different angle

Thanks for reading my mind.

ETA: have you read "The secrets of Timothy McVeigh"?

Timothy McVeigh in company with his Iraqi handlers had in his possesion a suit case of C-4 and lower leverl subatomic "Red Mercury".

3 hours after the exspolsion officials could be seen filling a 25 ft crater in with concrete, some suspect to hide radiation levels that could be measured from the site.

Tritium traces could be found in debris that was samples by government officials.

McVeigh and his Iraqi companions WERE already under surveilence prior to the bombings, however were NOT stopped as it played into TPTBs hands.
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posted on May, 11 2012 @ 02:12 AM
reply to post by KonquestAbySS

Thanks for the info....

When you read a snippet here and then later read another article on some thing else, it doesn't seem like much.

However, when you put them together, such as you have, and tie them all together, connect the dots, then it creates a plausible picture and a possible scenario. Makes me think WTH??

They sure were quick to get rid of McVeigh, that's for sure. No spending 40-60 years in prison waiting for an appeal. Got rid of that loose end.....

Still reading your sources. Good research~~

P.S. In the movie " X-Files", there is a part where the building is blown up and it looks just like the O.C bombing, except of course in the movie, the gov. blew it up to cover up the bodies that had become infected with a foreign type of bacteria from thousands of years ago. Actually they blamed FEMA... But it did make me feel funny, the similarity between the two. One real , one fiction and yet both surrounded in conspiracy.

Every conspiracy needs an escape goat......

posted on May, 11 2012 @ 02:22 AM
I always thought the composite of the second bomber looked like the boxer Tommy Morrison.

I think he was from Oklahoma too.

posted on May, 11 2012 @ 02:24 AM
reply to post by Frankenchrist

I always thought the composite of the second bomber looked like the boxer Tommy Morrison.

Yeah a lot of mistaken identities, and others end up paying for it...

posted on May, 11 2012 @ 02:25 AM
Double post
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posted on May, 11 2012 @ 02:56 AM
reply to post by Sinny

I Was born in OKC and although i havent been back in over ten years,this still strikes close to home.Glad to see you good folks taking an interest in this case because there are still many unanswered questions in this one and much the public is unaware of as usual.In regard to prior knowledge,as has been mentioned,one interesting fact is that the ATF had an office in the Murrah Bldg.yet not one agent was in the bldg.that morning.I will try to contribute to the thread as it continues.Cant wait to see what you guys come up with.

posted on May, 11 2012 @ 03:45 PM
reply to post by jkeyes

ATF had an office in the Murrah Bldg.yet not one agent was in the bldg.that morning.

Yes they did have an office there...This witness says a lot of weird occurrences were happening prior to the bombing...

Jane Graham

I contacted the FBI first by phone then by letter to inform them of three (3) men who I saw on the 2nd level of the parking garage the week before. The 2nd level of the parking garage is that level which is directly below the street level and customer parking.

These three men were standing just west of the double doors leading to the elevator, behind an older station wagon parked on the south side. They had a set of plans which appeared to be of the Murrah building

Talk about suspicious activity...

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