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What happened to me?

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posted on Sep, 29 2004 @ 03:31 PM
I was in my bed a few nights ago. It was a cool September evening in Massachusetts. I was sittting quietly in my bed reading a book. It was 10 o' clock, or so I thought.

After what seemed like reading two pages I looked at the time and it said 1 'o clock. I was wide awake the whole time. I knew I was awake. I looked at my left arm to see some scratches. I was scared, and I decided to go downstairs for a drink of coffee. Most recently nothing has happened.

Then a thought raced across my mind. Was it possible I was abducted?

posted on Sep, 29 2004 @ 03:39 PM
I would say that you were definitely abducted by aliens. The clincher is the loss of time and scratches on your arm.

Go here to learn more:

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posted on Sep, 29 2004 @ 03:47 PM
Did you see the clock say 10 o'clock earlier? Or do you just know it was about 10 o'clock? If not, I'd say odds are it was either later than you thought, or perhaps you had a slight power brown out (enough to reset the clock to 12 o'clock, when it was actually not that time), etc.

Just mundane explainations, before leaping to the fantastic....

posted on Sep, 29 2004 @ 04:02 PM

If it was a slight power brown out, unplug your clock (if it's a clock-radio or whatever), plug it back in to see if the time flashes on & off. That's what mine does, apart from a time reset.

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posted on Sep, 29 2004 @ 04:17 PM
I was reading in the light. I know for a fact it wasn't a power outage.

I checked, the power company NSTAR and it showed there was no power outages in my area.


posted on Sep, 29 2004 @ 04:41 PM
It could be that you were abducted, not sure. Try remembering in the back of your mind, don't go with the immediate answer that comes into your mind but think about it........Do you remember seeing or hearing anything out of the ordinary? Did you feel anything different, a weird feeling, menacing or dark or maybe a curious feeling? Was there an animal (pet) in the room with you? Were they doing anything out of the ordinary? Like sitting up eating one minute and the next he was sound asleep across the room? Were there any strange flashes of lights, or flashy orbs? Did you detect movement like a fast shadow out of the corner of your eye, in the periferal area?

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