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Most Honest Advice on Healthy Eating, with Aanjonus Vonderplanitz

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posted on May, 7 2012 @ 03:10 AM

Interview with Dr. Aajonus Vonderplanitz on The Primal Diet - Raw Meat and Fat

This man knows what he's talking about. Cooking and pasteurization destroys food. If medication is not even supposed to be exposed to sunlight, why the hell would you cook your food and destroy any medicinal properties it has? Well, the FDA, Big Pharma, and government would like you to do exactly that, so they can sell you pills and keep you afraid of what can restore you to health.

Aajonus grew up plagued by different types of cancers and restored himself to health, eventually, after trying veganism and other diets. What worked was a diet high in raw animal fats, including raw meats, especially organ meat and especially raw butter and raw milk. Hence, the war against these healing foods. Search for "raw milk" here, and you'll find many threads.

He is well aware of the in-bed relationship between the government and the corporations, and flat out says the truth that the corporations are running the government. Toward the end, he tells us if we want to get out health back, better advice would be to do the opposite of what they tell us to do! I couldn't agree more. It's so much easier to profit off of sick people than people who take care of themselves. He also mentions the Rockefeller, Carnegie, and Rothschild families. No doubt that he is aware of the massive conspiracies revolving around these groups of people.

The point is that he's on our side. I have eaten raw grass fed meat myself, and it offers me lasting energy with none of the sickness that cooked meats bring to me. I've also eaten raw eggs, raw pork, raw chicken, and raw chicken livers. Never had any issues whatsoever from eating any of these, though the government would swear I'd be dead by now from all the "harmful bacteria"!

If you're in CA, you have access to raw milk. Lucky you. The rest of us have to contact local farmers to find someone willing to sell it. You can probably easily do that if you ask around.

I'm sure this information will not be "for everyone," but realize that our biases against natural food comes from the same people that are waiting to sell us a magic pill for every problem they create with their "advice." Protect yourself with this information.

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