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Any other Derby watchers or am I it?

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posted on May, 5 2012 @ 03:37 PM
I still don't know who to vote for.

posted on May, 5 2012 @ 03:40 PM
I am anxiously waiting!

I always pick a long shot....not that I ever win...picked the wrong long shot last year!

posted on May, 5 2012 @ 03:45 PM
reply to post by timetothink

I might go with the guy who has been a trainer for 30 years but this is his first Derby.

posted on May, 5 2012 @ 03:51 PM
The trainer who had the winning long shot has another one running this year .

posted on May, 5 2012 @ 04:08 PM
Wonder how many horses will be shot? racing is pretty cruel....even HBO kills horses

posted on May, 5 2012 @ 04:23 PM
reply to post by fugazzi777

oh boring troll.

Don't you have something better to do?

No, they are not shot. A single thoroughbred is worth more then you make in about 10 years. They live and eat better then most humans.
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posted on May, 5 2012 @ 05:27 PM
I am going to go with Done Talking.

Now I didn't feel like betting this year but if he wins I will just cry and be in the bathroom for the rest of the day.

posted on May, 5 2012 @ 05:50 PM
reply to post by nixie_nox

On average, 24 horses die each week at racetracks across America......

trolling?........thats just a tiny example........good on you and your horse racing....enjoy

posted on May, 5 2012 @ 05:50 PM
Great horse,smart jockey, they totally deserved that win.

It was blistering.

posted on May, 5 2012 @ 06:00 PM
Guess what...that was my first choice...then I changed my mind put 20 on 13 ........I would have won 640 bucks if I didn't change my mind!!!!!!!!


But did you see 13 run from trapped at the rail in the back to missing 3rd by a nose....I am going to watch that horse!

And I had 13 for w p s....crap

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posted on May, 5 2012 @ 06:33 PM
reply to post by fugazzi777

I wonder why people always have to stroll into such topics, just to troll around "oooh could somebody please think of the animals and here are some links to take away all the fun you have while watching horse races"
Really...who gives a # about those horses? We're able to breed new horses every day, they're tools like racing cars - one gets smashed up, doesn't matter, just build a new one.

posted on May, 5 2012 @ 06:41 PM
reply to post by fugazzi777

So your not concerned about the 135,000 other horses that get sent from the US to Canada or Mexico for slaughter?

Or the thousands of rabbits killed in greyhound racing? Or the 15k greyhound killed each year?

The hundred foxes killed by fox hunts.

Funny how you don't point out how poorly jockeys are treated, from your own source.

Or we just pick and choose when we want to ruin someone else's thread. If you have an issue with horse destruction, start your own thread.

800 racehorses die each year, 3500 are injured on the track. It is a specieis with long, fragile legs.

The majority of the lower ranked horses die because the only money to make off them is through racing. So yes,they are doped up with illegal drugs and most race horses are raced too early.

The injuries are half in England where there is an all out ban, and doping cant be hidden under states laws.

If upper ranked horses come from more prestigious stables that can afford to rehab them and make their money off of breeding, not racing. And those are the races we are watching.

In 1970, there were a million wild horses in the US. Now there are only 25,000. Taxpayers are paying to hold about 35,000, to starve on pastures. The burns act lets the BLM now sell a mustang over 10 years old be sold for a buck for slaughter.

How well do you think that is working out? Obviously?

So we have 135,000 members of the horse population being exported for slaughter, and about 900,000 missing mustangs.

but you go on with your bad self and your 800 racehorses.

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