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JJ Abrams Star Trek 2 Script?

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posted on May, 5 2012 @ 11:40 AM
You guys may find this interesting. I don't know how true this is. If it's real then Khan is being made out to look not only like an Iraq terrorist but as a Descendant of Bin Ladin... Well, that's American fluff movies for you...


Reportedly taken from a pre?production script

NEAR-COMPLETE summary of ST2 Plot


"Kronos IV In The Klingon Empire" appears on screen. We zoom in to the planet...
(very vaugely described, generally misty and alien)...

A body is carried into an interrogation chamber by two Klingons on an antigravity sled... The room is dimly lit with a prominent array of machinery in one corner. A bright light blazes down overhead focused on the prisoner, creating lens flare.

Kardor: "Secure the prisoner and prime the Mind Sifter."

Guard: "Yes, My Lord."

Placed upright, strapped into a chair we finally see that it's Spock Prime!

The machine starts humming to life as probes are placed on Spock's forehead. He struggles then stops as he realizes it's futile.

Spock Prime: "This is not necessary."

Kardor: "I say what is necessary, Spock. My name is Kardor. I am the Empire's Chief Interrogation Officer in Imperial Intelligence. Your mind is a dilithium-chest worth of value."

Guard: "All prepared, my Lord."

Kardor: "Begin with Force One."

Spock becomes tense as pain shoots through his mind.

We hear Kardor's voice as the camera zooms Deep into Spock Prime's eye: "The chest will open, Spock... Force Three!"

The machinery's hum rises as we hear Spock's scream and we cut to the Opening Title Sequence.

The credits are overlaid against a Klingon monitor screen which throws up data displays (all in Klingon) presumably of information being drawn from Spock Prime's mind. This includes technical line drawings of various starships. We even see the Genesis Torpedo! Eventually it freezes on the technical diagrams of the SS Botany Bay!

Cut to Space as...
The Starship Enterprise warps thorough space.

Kirk's voiceover: "Captain's Log, Stardate 2259.7. Following a major weapons upgrade, the Enterprise is on course for star charting in the remote X'Nodi Sector located on the outer fringe of Federation space. Located near the Klingon Neutral Zone I have full faith in my crew and our new shipboard hardware..."


Sulu: "Captain! I'm picking up a Klingon battle cruiser on extreme long range scan..."

Kirk: "Tactical plot."

Sulu hits a key, a holographic 3-D schematic appears before the viewscreen showing the Enterprise and Klingon ship in relation to various color-coded grid lines.

Spock: "Technically outside Federation space."

Sulu: "Not if they continue on that course."

Chekov: "There. Technically Inside our Treaty Zone!"

Kirk: "Okay, gentlemen. Mr. Sulu take us in on a parallel vector. Warp 2. We'll keep our distance and see what they're hunting for."

Scott (smiling): "Ah! We're armed and ready. Let's go kick some Klingon ass."

Kirk: "Easy, Scotty. You'll get your chance."

Chekov: "At this speed. Time to intercept: 2 hours, 47 minutes."

We follow the Enterprise through space, overlaid on the tactical grid...

Close-up of Klingon cruiser coming along side the Botany Bay!
The Botany Bay is a battered and pock-marked hull, looking lifeless and decrepid. Yet we can clearly make out its name on the hull and the registry "DY-102."

Cut to the Interior...
Klingons beam over. They are stunned by dozens of sealed cryo-pods lining the bulkheads! They are occupied by lifeless bodies.
One dominating pod is flashing.

The following dialogue is all in Klingon, relayed to us through English subtitles...

A Klingon consults his tricorder and points to the flashing pod: "Over here! This is the one!"

First Lieutenant: "A Human!"

Commander Krode: "Open it."

First Lieutenant: "It's a dead Human corpse."

Commander Krode: "I said open it!"

First Lieutenant goes over and opens the enclosed Pod. We see the face of Khan!

First Lieutenant: "He's Alive!"

Commander Krode: "Of course he is. He's why we're here. Take him--Alive!"

First Lieutenant starts pulling off sensor webbing and medical monitor paraphernalia from Khan. Suddenly Khan's hand jerks to life, his eyes open and he grabs First Lieutenant and strangles the life out of him! The other Klingons, shocked, grab their sidearms, but it's too late--Other cryo-Pods are coming to life! Fists are smashing through glass and steel containers, grabbing the Klingons before they know what's happened!

Khan stands up, looks at them: "Not Human... Not even Close!"

He throws the corpse of First Lieutenant against a bulkhead and advances on Commander Krode, smiling...

Commander Krode stands his ground: "I am a Klingon Warrior!"

Khan laughs. He picks up Commander Krode Vader-style, lifting him to the ceiling. He's sent sailing through the air and we hear a bang where he hits a bulkhead. The other Klingons, gaping, stare at one another in wonder.

Khan: "Warrior. You do not know the meaning of the word..."

Khan picks up the Klingon tricorder and begins fidgeting with it.
Turning to Third Lieutenant: "You will explain the operating principles of this device to me..."

Zoom-in to the tricorder's screen. It's all in Klingon but the diagrams and text are strangely familiar--They are from the title sequence, technical information extracted from Spock Prime's mind! Khan reads much faster than normal humans and the pages of images flash by at #ing-fast speeds.

Close-up of Khan smiling...

The Enterprise arrives on the scene as we see the Botany Bay appear in the distance on the main screen.

Sulu: "Unidentified vessel ahead... Appears to be stationary or moving at extreme sublight speed."

Spock scans the Botany Bay reading his instrumentation: "Fascinating. Ancient sublight explorer. Possibly even interplanetary..."

Kirk: "Interplanetary? This far out. Must have taken them centuries..."
(turning to Uhura) "Uhura..."

Uhura: "I've been trying to raise them, Captain. No response. I've tried everything from subspace lingua-code to old-style radio bands. Nothing."

Spock: "Confirmed, Captain. Sensors make it out to be of the DY-series. DY-100, Savannah class. Simple first generation nuclear engines..."

Scott (excited, smiling!): "DY Series! An ancient Earth ship? Ach, Spock, you must be mistaken. Some alien hoax, maybe. Or your sensors are out of calibration..."

Spock (still looking into his sensor display viewer): "Yet there are life signs. Human, Captain."

KIrk: "Sulu, any sign of the Klingon?"

Sulu: "No sir. I've been scanning for them but they've vanished off the scopes."

Kirk: "Spock, assemble an away team, we're beaming over!"

Spock gets to work, calls over Uhura and intercoms McCoy...

Kirk turns to Chekov: "Mister Chekov, an excellent opportunity for you. You have the con!"

Chekov rolls his eyes and gapes in excitement: "Me sir? ME?"
He hops out of his seat towards the center chair.

Kirk turns to Spock: "Great time for a little training lesson for the Ensign."

Chekov happily hops into the chair. We cut to the transporter room. Kirk instructs the officer to "Energize" as Kirk, Spock, McCoy, and Uhura beam over.

We cut to Space and the Enterprise. There is a rippling as the Klingon cruiser decloaks, rapid-fires wads of torpedoes at the Enterprise's port side engine nacelle which sheers off! All this before Anyone can rea

posted on May, 5 2012 @ 11:41 AM
Well, what do you know. LIMITED NUMBER OF LINES.

Well, if someone could Fix this problem maybe I'll be able to put the whole thing up!

posted on May, 5 2012 @ 11:48 AM
reply to post by CaptainLJB

I search online and find movie scripts but once the movie came out it was nothing like it, Movie companys release many fake scripts to keep us all guessing.
I have read 3 different Promethius scripts now and I bet not one of them is real.

Can't wait for ST 2 though and cheers for what may be to come

posted on May, 5 2012 @ 11:48 AM
I thought spock died, how did he revive from the dead? Last time I watched it he died in the movie. Least I think he did.
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posted on May, 5 2012 @ 11:54 AM
reply to post by Manhater

I don't know. I don't care. Abrams 2009 movie was abysmal. And that took what, 3 or 4 Writers?!
I'm sticking with my old 60s videos.

posted on May, 5 2012 @ 11:59 AM

Originally posted by CaptainLJB
I don't know. I don't care. Abrams 2009 movie was abysmal. And that took what, 3 or 4 Writers?!
I'm sticking with my old 60s videos.

I've been a Trekie since the 60's(only one I didn't like was Enterprise) and I liked the reboot and new timeline. The only character that could have been better imo is Uhura. I didn't read the OP because I don't want to spoil the movie for myself. Really looking forward to it.

posted on May, 5 2012 @ 12:05 PM
reply to post by intrepid

I also liked the reboot, it gives the writers a free reign with the new movies and checkoff (I know wrong spelling) was brill....."Wulcan is gone!!!"

posted on May, 5 2012 @ 12:16 PM

Originally posted by Manhater
I thought spock died, how did he revive from the dead? Last time I watched it he died in the movie. Least I think he did.
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He was alive at the end of ST09.

You see a sequence of him and QuintoSpock talking, near the very end of the movie.

posted on May, 5 2012 @ 12:27 PM
reply to post by Holodomor

But he looked like he was ready to croak at any minute. And now supposedly he's back to star in this mess where he actually Does die.

But what happens to Uhura is even more distressing and outrageous. Makes me want to stay away from all things Trek.

posted on May, 5 2012 @ 12:37 PM

Originally posted by Manhater
I thought spock died, how did he revive from the dead? Last time I watched it he died in the movie. Least I think he did.
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Star Trek 2009. End script of movie with spock prime and spock...

SPOCK: Father.
SPOCK PRIME: I am not our father. There are so few Vulcans left, we cannot afford to ignore each other.
SPOCK: Then why did you send Kirk aboard, when you alone could have explained the truth?
SPOCK PRIME: Because, you needed each other. I could not deprive you of the revelation of all that you could accomplish together. Of a friendship, that would define you both, in ways you cannot yet realize.
SPOCK: How did you persuade him to keep your secret?
SPOCK PRIME: He inferred that universe-ending paradoxes would ensue should he break his promise.
SPOCK: You lied.
SPOCK PRIME: Oh, I... I implied.
SPOCK: A gamble.
SPOCK PRIME: An act of faith. One I hope that you will repeat in the future at Starfleet.
SPOCK: In the face of extinction, it is only logical I resign my Starfleet commission and help rebuild our race.
SPOCK PRIME: And yet, you can be in two places at once. I urge you to remain in Starfleet. I have already located a suitable planet on which to establish a Vulcan colony. Spock, in this case, do yourself a favor. Put aside logic. Do what feels right. Since my customary farewell would appear oddly self-serving, I shall simply say good luck.

So yes, he is still alive.

posted on May, 5 2012 @ 12:56 PM
OK. This is not that long. I'll continue posting it up before fans clobber me. Continuing:

We cut to Space and the Enterprise. There is a rippling as the Klingon cruiser decloaks, rapid-fires wads of torpedoes at the Enterprise's port side engine nacelle which sheers off! All this before Anyone can react!

Chekov: "Holy #! Shields! Shields UUUP!"

The Enterprise rocks. Consoles explode. All hell breaks loose. Officers run around and shout for Damage Control teams. Smoke and fires. Rocking camera angles and lens flare.

Cut to the interior of the Botany Bay. It's somewhat better lit now and more alive. Crewmen are moving about making repairs. Khan is flexing his heavily-muscular biceps and stretching. Focus is on his bulging muscles. We now see various Islamic death tattoos covering parts of his body.

The away team materializes and Khan's men instantly grab them, disarming them and taking their equipment.

Kirk: "We come in peace. I'm Captain James Tiberius Kirk representing the United Federation of Planets..."

Khan: "Peace. Long ago maybe. Peace... I am Khan Noonian Singh, one-time supreme ruler of your planet Earth. A prince amongst ordinary men. My destiny is back there. To return to the home world and take my rightful place as it's prince..."

Spock: "A Eugenics Wars 'superman' I take it. One of a fragmentary governing body which once ruled Asia..."

Khan: "Captain Kirk. You will turn your starship over to me. I need it as my chariot to return..."

Kirk: "I don't think so."

Khan: "You have no choice. I am not giving you a choice. It is my destiny to rule Earth. I am a descendant of genetically-engineering superior perfection, with my genes going as far back as Bin Laden. You will serve me or you will die."

Kirk holds his ground, unintimidated.

Khan looks around and grabs Uhura--and notices Kirk's reaction!

Khan: "Well now, let's see what a 23rd Century Black Bitch tastes like..."

Kirk freaks out, even startling Khan. Spock neck-pinches two of Khan's henchmen. McCoy grabs two phasers and throws them--one to Kirk and one to Spock. A phaser fight breaks out. Khan's men fan out, open up lockers and break out Energy Pike weapons (like light sabers on steroids with beams that whip around. Very cool and deadly!)...

Khan grabs Uhura again and Kirk goes after him, running through the ship.

Kirk (to Spock and McCoy as he chases Khan): "Get back to the Enterprise!"

McCoy argues. Spock argues. Spock applies logic explaining that Khan has many times his strength and can't fight him. "But he's got Uhura!" blah blah blah. They take off after Kirk.

Spock (to Kirk): "Under Star Fleet regulations, Captain..."

Kirk: "There's no Time for this."

Kirk drops to the deck as we realize McCoy pressed a tranquilizer hypo to his arm.

McCoy (Angry): "Satisified, Mr. Spock?"

Spock's eyebrow shoots up...

They beam back to the Enterprise but find one of Khan's men operating the transporter! "Hands up!" Energy Pikes close-in on Kirk and co.
They're taken prisoner. Khan has his ship!

Back on the Botany Bay in a dimly-lit Sleeping Quarters compartment, Uhura is crouching down in a corner. Khan approaches. He is topless.

Khan: "Ah, my dear. Now I grant you a gift which few Natural human women have experienced..."

Shot from rear, Khan approaches Uhura. He drops his pants. The doorway swooshes shut but we can hear Uhura scream. A scream of pain, shock, pleasure, awe--or all four?

On the Enterprise...

Kirk, Spock, and McCoy are thrown into the brig where they meet the Klingons.
They learn that Khan's crew have all been revived and Most of Kirk's are now in the cryopods on the Botany Bay.

Various exchanges between Kirk, Spock, and McCoy. "We wouldn't Be here if..." etc.

Kirk emplores the Klingons to join forces...

Commander Krode: "Work with you, Kirk? I would rather suck a dead tribble!"

A fight breaks out. Khan's guards find it very entertaining and approach closer for a better view. They get decked. Everyone escapes the brig.
The Klingons run to reclaim their own ship.

Kirk (to Commander Krode as they leave): "Start sucking."

We cut to the Bridge. We see Chekov under guard. Kirk and Spock emerge another fight as They learn to properly use Khan's Energy Pike weapons in combat and eventually regain control of the ship. Chekov gets it bad. McCoy treats him. Unfortunately the bridge is in even worse shape with consoles sliced in half, sparks and smoke everywhere...

Spock runs to the Intruder Control Station: "Shipboard phasers set to Stun and Inverted."

Kirk: "Isolate Bridge deck and fire all phasers."

Exterior Enterprise. Phaser mounts pop up all over the hull and do a curious 180-degree flip. The outer hull blazes bright red for 10 seconds.

Cut to various shots of interior decks as we see Khan's crew drop unconscious...

The viewscreen comes on. Khan is there.

Khan: "Your ship--give it to me, Kirk!"

Various insults exchanged here. Eventually a one-on-one meeting comes up. Kirk refuses. Khan says he has no choice... Kirk gives Khan the finger.

Khan's got Uhura and shows her on the viewer: "Then you sacrifice your Black Bitch, Kirk."

Kirk gives his famous "Khaaahn!" scream and the screen goes black.

Kirk: "I'm beaming over there."

McCoy: "Jim, that's what he Wants..."

Kirk: "Then he's gonna get It."

As Kirk departs for the transporter room, we see a third Energy Pike wand sticking out of his back pants.

Kirk beams over. We cut to a view of the Botany Bay on the main screen. Portions of its hull open up revealing bad-ass laser cannons!
First two, then four, then a dozen, then two dozen...

McCoy: "I've got a BAD feeling about this."

Spock: "They're targeting us. Interesting... Old-style pulse lasers."

The ship rocks (shaking camera effect) as the Enterprise is bombarded with laser bolts.

McCoy: "Spock! Do Something!"

Spock takes the Helm. He jestures for McCoy to take Navigation.

Spock: "I Am, Doctor..."

McCoy: "What the hell am I doing Here? I'm a Doctor not a Russian!"

Lots of button-pushing. Spock tells McCoy press this, do that, monitor this... The Enterprise swings around, still barely maneuverable on one nacelle. Phasers fire on the Botany Bay but the Botany Bay scores some serious hits on the E first...

The Botany Bay is rolling around as Kirk materializes in the dark.

We hear Khan's voice in the blackness: "Your ship is Sinking, Kirk..."
We see from Kirk's point of view a #load of cryo-cubicles Stacked with Enterprise crewmen in suspended animation. These include Scotty and Sulu!

Kirk (ignites his Energy Pike): "You'll pay for this..."

Cut back to Exterior of the Botany Bay and Enterprise still blasting the # out of each other. The Enterprise now has No nacelles left.
The Botany Bay's extteior is in bad shape too with its fins shot off, but it's stopped firing.

Spock (checking targeting display): "All weapons neutralized"

McCoy (sighing): "At Last..."

But then airlocks pop open on the Botany Bay's exterior and space suited crewmen float out with jetpacks. They're heading toward the Enterprise blasting away. The main screen explodes.

Spock: "Prepare to repel boarders"

Spock runs for the turbo-lift. McCoy follows: "SPOCK!?!"

Cut back to the Botany Bay Interior:

A long sequence ensues with Kirk and Khan fighting. This is a bad-ass fight! Energy Pikes eventually sputter and fail resulting in hand-to-hand... Khan picks Kirk up and throws him around. The compartment is getting bashed to pieces. Finally Khan corners Kirk and hoists him up... A last line of goating. Just when Khan thinks he's done-in Kirk, comic relief is interjected: Kirk kicks him in the genitals. Khan screams, releases Kirk who runs off.

Khan (Insane Screaming): "At least Fight like a Man! Coward!"

Exterior Space. We see perhaps a half dozen of Khans mens in combat space suits jetting towards the Enterprise. They're firing as they approach and see the E from their POV (heads-up targeting scopes and range data). All in all their hits are not doing much damage to the hull... There is a filtered exchange of tactical data between the unnamed troopers...

Deep within the Enteprise, Spock and McCoy emerge from a turbo-lift.
Spock says the space assault force is headed for the shuttle bay. McCoy's ready to panic. Spock explains that the logical course of action is to ambush them.

Spock: "Logically they will have to pass Jefferies Tube Delta."

McCoy: "I'm not trained for this."

Spock: "Neither were you trained to pilot a Class One ship of the line, Doctor, until approximately 13.43 minutes ago..."

Back on the Botany Bay, Kirk's wandered into another compartment. He hears a voice...

Spock Prime: "Jim!"

Prime is found bound, in a bad way with various metal implants through his skull...

Back to the Enterprise: various shots of Jefferies Tube Delta...
Space suited warriors begin climbing aboard, marching through airlocks.

Close-up of JTD as Spock and McCoy leap out. They are armed with phaser rifles and wearing combat gear. They open fire and drop Khan's soldiers.

McCoy: "I used to be a Doctor. Now I'm a gunner..."

Spock raises an eyebrow.

On the Botany Bay, Kirk and Spock Prime confront Khan.
Various chit-chats are exchanged. Khan boasting of his superior strength and intellect. He threatens to turn off the life support systems and kill all of Kirk's crew in cryo pods.

Kirk ignores most of Khan's threats: "Where is Lieutenant Uhura?"

Khan points to an adjacent compartment. We see Uhura unconscious, her uniform shredded, her breasts partially exposed.

Khan: "Women three hundred years ago were Better. More Durable."

He grabs Kirk and lifts him Vader-style to the ceiling.

Just then we hear the transporter effect. Klingons materialize and raise their weapons.

Klingon: "You can keep Kirk but Khan is Ours..."

A beat. Huh?

Klingon: "We're on a mission. We need the secret of Khan's genetic engineering to save our race."

Captain's Log voiceover here. Outlining the situation with Klingons and Khan. An agreement is drawn up. The Enterprise crew are revived and back on duty. Blah blah blah...

Varous shots and dialogue exchanged (i.e. PAGES MISSING!) with Khan telling Kirk "This is not over... We'll meet again..." blah blah blah...

Chekov and Sulu are looking good. Stupid Russian joke from Chekov. Sulu says he's ready to leap back behind the help like a tree-squirrel.
Scotty is still confined to sickay but happy so long as he has access to Treknical blueprints and manuals...

Shot within Enterprise Brig Cell:
Khan is pacing back and forth like a caged animal, quietly raving to himself.
Khan: "Kirk. I beat you... I Beat you... I Beat You! I BEAT YOU!!"
Each time he pounds his fist, smacks a wall, or breaks a ceiling light.

In Sickbay:

We find Spock Prime nearly dead on total life support systems. McCoy says he can't save him. Spock Prime mind-melds with our Spock, transferring his katra and all his future knowledge before dying.

McCoy: "He's dead, Jim."

McCoy: "At least Uhura will be alright..."

After a moment of silence, Uhura (sitting on an adjacent diagnostic bed) turns to Kirk: "Captain, I'm pregnant."



Over End Credits is Spock Prime's: "Space, The Final Frontier. These Are The Continuing Voyages..."

posted on May, 5 2012 @ 01:03 PM
Now that I've read it over again. This so-called "leaked script" really does sound pathetic!
Even if it's a prot-early-rough-draft it's bottom-of-the-barrel!

Why bring back Khan again? He was the overrated super-villain of ST II but at least Ricard Montalban reprised the same role he created in the series. This reeks of cheap rehash trash.

Maybe it's just me but I miss more intelligently-written science fiction movies. JJ Abrams' style is to chuck explosions and action scenes up on the big screen and Not require the audience to actually think. There has been a very obvious dumbing-down of movies in recent years (not just SF). It's as though Hollywood is trying to cater to a teenager crowd rather than to adults. I don't mind a "light" flick every now and then but lately that's all we've been getting. Serious Trekkers who grew up with the first 10 films will Not like this new direction for Star Trek.

posted on May, 5 2012 @ 01:12 PM

Originally posted by CaptainLJB
Why bring back Khan again? He was the overrated super-villain of ST II but at least Ricard Montalban reprised the same role he created in the series. This reeks of cheap rehash trash.

Over rated? Are you sure you're talking about ST2? Behind First Contact it's the best ST movie imo.

Serious Trekkers who grew up with the first 10 films will Not like this new direction for Star Trek.

I grew up with the original series. I guess you could call me serious. I liked the last movie, looking forward to the next.

posted on May, 5 2012 @ 01:18 PM
I grew up on Star Trek, TOS. My Uncle was even a guest star in one of the early episodes. I lived and breathed TNG, since it was the only one on TV really when I was growing up. I legitimately loved the newest Star Trek movie.

I was hoping Benedict Cumberbatch would be playing a Vulcan or Romulan, but I figured since Nero was the antagonist in the last film they wouldn't rehash Romulans again. I just don't think Cumerbatch is a good fit for the film, personally.

Regardless, lets see some more script, even if it is most likely a fake!

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posted on May, 5 2012 @ 01:24 PM
reply to post by intrepid

I'm not calling The Wrath of Khan over-rated. I'm calling Khan over-rated and there's no need to rehash him just because that movie was decent. There are so many other Trek villains they could bring to the screen...
Trelane, Harry Mudd, Kor, Kang, Koloth, Charlie Evans, Elaan, Losira, heck even tribbles... I see a terrible lack of imagination and I see Abrams & company trying to cater to the ST II fans. It's cheap. We don't need a second Khan movie, much less a kind of parallel between the original movie franchise and Abrams (ST II, ST 2?). It's like he's trying to resurrect the Golden Age of Trek Films.

Maybe you guys are easier to please than me, but when they now chuck hundreds of millions into a movie--and movie tickets are ridiculously high--there should be more substance and originality there.

Well, the hell with what I think. What do you think of this weak Re-Wrath of Khan story? Hoax? Real-Deal? Nightmare? Combination of all of the above?

And Khan's Bin Laden connection is a prelude to war with Islam?

posted on May, 5 2012 @ 01:25 PM
reply to post by CaptainLJB

You actually thought that this steaming heap of equine leavings was a legit script?

It's quite clear that it isn't after just reading the first few lines.
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posted on May, 5 2012 @ 01:36 PM

Originally posted by CaptainLJB
Well, the hell with what I think. What do you think of this weak Re-Wrath of Khan story? Hoax? Real-Deal? Nightmare? Combination of all of the above?

Hard to say. I didn't read all of the OP so as not to spoil the movie for myself. Thanks for that warning btw. I doubt that there is going to be a "rehash" of Khan. He'll also be "rebooted".

And Khan's Bin Laden connection is a prelude to war with Islam?

That happens all the time. Injecting current baddies in movies. In the 70's and early 80's it was Soviets. See Drago in Rocky 4. In Blade Trinity(2004) Drake was from Iraq.

posted on May, 5 2012 @ 02:20 PM

Originally posted by FanarFanar
reply to post by CaptainLJB

You actually thought that this steaming heap of equine leavings was a legit script?

It's quite clear that it isn't after just reading the first few lines.
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Abrams' previous Trek movie script didn't look much better. All the "fanboy" elements are here: space battles, explosions, a bad villain, dumb jokes, and even the low-grade scene. All this hints at it being partially legit.
A slight cleanup is all it needs to be "passable" for today's movie-goers.

Had I been doing a Trek feature film, I'd have thrown out Khan straightaway.

posted on May, 5 2012 @ 02:42 PM
I hope this is fake... REALLY hope but then again . All the star trek scripts tend to Leak after production wraps..
I hope it is fake!


posted on May, 5 2012 @ 03:19 PM
reply to post by CaptainLJB

You always have the traditional fans who can't accept anything new and think they are being a purist.

I am also a lifetime fan and thought the new movie was brilliantly done.I have no doubt that Roddenberry would of put his stamp of approval all over since JJ was able to do what Rodenberry never could. The Uhura kiss alone was proof that JJ wasn't straying too far from Rodennberry visions.

hypothetically speaking regarding this script.

Why not Khan.

Xmen fans don't complain that they brought back Magneto or Sabretooth. A good villain is a good villain.

The first movie was the romulans, re-introduced. And they were awesome.

I have no doubt this will be similar.

Going back to our probably fake script, what is interesting is that it is playing on a concept that only deeper ST fans know, and that is the explanation between the huge difference in the Klingons from TOS who looked like b-class magicians to the modern ones in TNG, which was only lightly touched upon by Worf that it was a history of genetic manipulation that they do not talk about.

So if it is a fake script, it was written by someone who knows teh series at least.

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