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The Crypt of Civilization

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posted on May, 4 2012 @ 04:13 PM


More than half a century ago, detailed plans were executed at Oglethorpe University, then on the outskirts of Atlanta, to build an extraordinary time capsule designed to store records for more than six thousand years. Done on an epic scale never before conceived, the result was the Oglethorpe Atlanta Crypt of Civilization, "the first successful attempt to bury a record for any future inhabitants." 1 The visionary of this improbable quest was Dr. Thornwell Jacobs (1877-1956), who has been called "the father of the modern time capsule." 2

On May 25th 1940, the Crypt of Civilization was sealed at Oglethorpe University and is not to be opened for over 6,000 years.

The American Rolling Mill in Middleton, Ohio, furnished the stainless steel for a plaque and the door. Oglethorpe University extended to David Sarnoff, president of the Radio Corporation of America, an invitation to dedicate the door on May 28, 1938.

So in arriving at his date, he went back to the first day in recorded history, using the Egyptian calendar, then decided it should be opened when that amount of time has passed in the future. So that his present, was half way.

So then they dedicate the door, May 28th and then a couple years later they seal it on May 25th.

And soooo why May? And what was he trying to tell us?

Numerology goes hand in hand with this type of thing doesn't it? Egyptian calendar as well?

So lets say, I am 56, was born in 1956, and this year it is 2012.
Now then, my birthday is May 29th.

So lets suppose that I was able to see the earth before I reincarnated, if I could, I might arrange to be born, on such a date so that the resulting coincidences of that date, would inform me to expect something say in 2012.

Just a hunch really.

But that shows how numerology works.

And he died in 1956, and I was born in 1956. (4 Days after they sealed that crypt but 16 years later).

So what I am wondering is if there is any significance to the dates he chose, and does the Egyptian calendar go right back and start in what would now be May 25th or 28th?

(Link to the University itself at the top of this post and here is the wiki...)

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posted on May, 4 2012 @ 05:40 PM
There appears to be a discrepancy as to when the Egyptian calendar started.

At this link, they say it began in 4236 B.C.E.

Wikipedia has it as 4241 BC under Crypt of Civilization

and under Egyptian Calendar we get a day of July 20

According to Roman writer Censorinus, the Egyptian New Year's Day fell on July 20 in the Julian Calendar in 139 CE, which was a heliacal rising of Sirius in Egypt. From this it is possible to calculate that the previous occasion on which this occurred was 1322 BC, and the one before that was 2782 BCE. This latter date has been postulated as the time when the calendar was invented, but Djer's reign preceded that date. Other historians push it back another whole cycle, to 4242 BCE.

So although the jury is still out, we might assume the first day of the Egyptian Calendar might be July 20 4242 B.C.E. and I suspect that numerology plays a part in all of these dates.

It doesn't answer the question as to why he chose May to hold the ceremonies. I suspect he was not trying to be truly ceremonial otherwise he might have chose July 20.

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