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Full Disclosure [MAD]

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posted on May, 3 2012 @ 10:40 PM

I knew this would happen. Knew it! I said it, how many damn times? Keep pushing them and they’ll eventually mass together, they would push back, and it would end up like this. Chaos on the streets. People, in their thousands, all converging here. Buildings are on fire across the city, the news is on every channel.

Sitting here, at my desk, the walls seem to be closing in around me. We sent in the Police first. Thought the riot squad would sort them out, send them packing, just like that stupid Occupy movement. After three weeks the cops turned tail and joined the protestors! Now we have a line of armed, trained thugs, that were supposed to keep this lot at bay standing with them! We sent in the Army and National Guard next. Now we have goddamn tanks and soldiers pointing weapons at us. Those are supposed to be my tanks! My soldiers! The Secret Service said I shouldn’t put my head near the window, but I need to hear what they are saying. Dammit, can’t make it out from this distance. They’re chanting something over and over. It’s driving me nuts.

Changing the laws isn’t going to save us now. Making it illegal for them to protest isn’t going to do squat this time. We really crapped in our own nest with this one. The problem is, we were only trying to keep the world turning. Keep everyone doing something, keep consuming, keep building. I said it from the start, people will wake up to this crap eventually and realise they are just slaves. But of course, banks and corporations, they need their profits. They need people to be trapped and hopeless. Guess none of them have ever cornered a wild animal before. Eventually you get a claw in the face, or worse. Problem is, these stupid, profiteering moneymakers have cornered six billion wild animals. I have seen the banks burning on the news, seen people tearing down the Megamarts and shopping centres. Funny thing is they’re not taking anything from them. Communities are building themselves again. Their own food, their own laws. Cops and Army personell are offering protection in trade for food! Central park has been tilled for land! Parks are becoming farms. Free food for all! And the worst part is people are going for it! Not one person is stealing anything. No one is hurting anyone. The only people they are mad at is us. People aren’t showing for work either. They’re actually out there, helping each other. People are getting together, singing in groups. Power has been off for days, yet they don’t seem to care. People are out there installing wind and solar for free. For free! Those that don’t have it are just using candles. Reading books. Talking to each other! If I see one more news report about these people sorting their crap out and getting on with it, I’m going to vomit!

God, I have to get out of here. I have to fix this somehow. No more corporations. No more of this power of the almighty dollar crap. Hell, I can’t even pass this through congress, there’s only about ten of us left! Half of them have gone home, back to their families, taken up their own communities. Talk about rats leaving a sinking ship!

OK, OK. Deep breath. What the hell was that? Oh good, here’s my aide. He’ll have good news.

“Mr President?” He looks scared. He should be.

“Yes. What is it?” Did I sound annoyed then? Or scared too?

“Mr President, sir, the protestors have breached the gates sir!” He sounds real scared now. “They are trying to force down the front doors sir! What’ll we do?” Indeed. Maybe die. Still have that pill under my desk, you know, just in case. This seems like a just in case kind of scenario.

“Mr President?” What? How long have I been pondering? I need to focus.

“Sir. I don’t want to die sir.” Die? Well son, if you don’t want to die like a lamb to the slaughter, then just go and join them. Go and be one of them damn humans-

“Riggs, go and get me everything from Article 77.” The boy looks confused.

“Article 77? But sir, that is-“

“Yes, yes, I know what it is.” No time for second guesses here. Simple answer really.

Can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em.

“Now go and get me everything you can find on Article 77. Then get the emergency broadcast system online.” Riggs looks like he’s trying to understand.

“And the protestors sir? What’ll we do about them?” I smile, probably for the first time in weeks.
“Invite our people in. As many as can safely fit. Get onto the PA. Invite the rest into the grounds. Tell them there is a message from the President.” Finally the boy seems to get it. He turns to leave.

“Oh Riggs?” He stops, his face bright with enthusiam.

“Yes sir Mr. President sir?”

“What is it the people keep chanting? I can’t hear it from in here.” Riggs smiles, a finally you get the idea kind of smile.

“Sir, they are saying ‘full disclosure.’ Over and over. Full disclosure.”

“Get me Article 77. Everything you can find.” Riggs salutes me. Something he has never done before.

“And prepare to broadcast to the world. Give the people what they want.”

posted on May, 22 2012 @ 12:46 AM

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posted on May, 29 2012 @ 06:58 PM
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Great read!

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