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I'm saying this, the L.A. Riots & Black Artistic Statements About Our Reality

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posted on May, 3 2012 @ 05:27 AM
BUT...Who likes hip hop and MJ's Pop? Anyone...anybody? Ok, don't front....I won't tell anyone if you do, just judge the lyrics of what I think is some of the best Hip Hop/Pop songs ever...oh btw, don't let the first video deter you from listening to the rest. The third video is the best of them all!

And in case I really should listen to the lyrics, some are sad...some are real...and all are of my X generation fellows babble
Try and understand...please because this is how we feel and we won't sway right or left...ever. This should take you all a great deal of time to soak up...but it's real no matter what you THINK you know...they're just telling their stories. MUCH PROFANITY in these videos!!!!!!!

They tried to tell everybody a long time ago about this...but no one would listen until it affected them, non-black that is now.... they got all of us!

That video was especially just showed the other half of America that no one ever considers...child abuse....smh

This video some will find comical...BUT IT'S NOT...I dare you to go there with me...I dare ya!

Some of the footage in this video is by me and my friend Matt McDaniels who just did the VH-1 & Creature Films "Riots in L.A." R.I.P. Nate Dogg

Now see how the brown, red and blacks came together thru art...don't be surprised, we still love each other and we will still and Forever come together in times of need indeed (wink) don't think there's a racial divide because there isn't...don't be fooled by the MSM. It's always been this way and will continue on. The streets always talk. Besides...the Russians aren't the only contortionists on the planet...ha!

You think it's a gimmick...go ask your kids what they think!

If ya thought just the Latinos & Blacks were down...well check out the Samoan love (these are my personal family...& yeah, that includes my bi racial bother The Rock) they run the Los Angeles, Las Vegas etc., major cities & Political/US Secret Security private scene. These kind of guys protect your president. This group from the 1980's-current is a representation of Presidential Protection. I will not show their faces...ever!

Then came the Jews...Ye Ole' Beastie Boys and Rick Rubin...yeah. Okay...just plain old comedy here (Isreal defeating Palestine)...but so true! The hardest working white boys ever...they rank supreme...sorry, they just do. They're dope and like in my top 3!

I almost forgot Run......DMC...they bridged the gap..then we had whites & blacks was a wonderful thang folks

This is your asked for it...don't start crying now...they aren't so one-sided anymore, these gangs. You asked for the protection, now you got it (oh and btw, you shouldn't have put that movie out if you didn't like what was going on) Yell at you US Government...they out them there.

Like I said...stop begging for a terrorist movement cause ya'll about to get it (ya' already got it...when Los Angeles riots, everybody pays for it) don't just come in shades of light or white, they just speak for the massive "hood mentality" and for the folks they represent's not a joke to them. On this next video, do you all really think this was Quentin Tarrantino's vision...lmao. Nope, it's the hoods answer...their way of representing the "hood life" made his famous He's just another USC grad to the city of Los Angeles & Hollywood.

My Tribute to the greatest of them all IMVHO(personally). If you ever want to get to know me...think of this song, these lyrics...I'm always around for discussion only but, hate, I will not partake...period. BTW, please don't flame up my thread based on an MJ will be met with much strength....I guarantee you. Yes, even MJ believed in Roosevelt.

I personally am on this side...please don't try and divide me from my moneyyeah, I highlighted that isssshhh

Hey people are not other half (my Green Beret Father was Black & my Russian immigrant mother is white) who were both just tired of getting tied and beat down. Yeah I'm saying it, [SNIP] the police...I was there. I will not allow foul talk of my friends.

Are we really that different
I thinks not
It's just our cultures melding...there's nothing wrong with that and hey, if you like your folk music...keep it, we all respect that. Besides we don't want it! You don't see us trying to recrute Sinead O'Connor do you

ATS kind of asked for it...I just gave you all your info in an artist manner....Hope you enjoyed

I wanted to add that I am tri-cultural/racial...I love everyone. However, I was raised by my black father...and my white Russian/Siberian mother kicked rocks on me when I started walking...oh well. They all just made me a more loving person, but in no way shape form or fashion am I a pushover nor a racist, but I love what I am....neither is your President! Remember that!

Please stop trying to push the racial buttons...because, it won't end well for anyone regardless of your skin color...get it? Please stop with the racial divide....we will not sit in the corners anymore

I mean that for all races...this mess has got to stop...we need to understand each other or at least try too

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posted on May, 3 2012 @ 09:36 AM
never been into hiphop or rap very much but the mj song and video is possibly the best ever from any genre. This and his upcoming tour and it's empowerment msg got him setup and killed

posted on May, 3 2012 @ 06:26 PM
all blood is red
death is final
we hold the keys to the doors we choose

posted on May, 17 2012 @ 10:22 PM
reply to post by rebellender

How very true my friend. I think that we Angeleans have learned so much over the past two decades...hopefully, we will never see anything like the L.A. Riots anywhere again...and hopefully, we can peacefully speak our opinions while being respectful to one another.

Gosh darn it Reb, I love you cause you always bring it home....every time!

posted on May, 17 2012 @ 10:23 PM
reply to post by manna2

Thank you for the response and how very correct as many believe, including myself.

Fortunate for us, music lives forever in our hearts and souls

posted on May, 18 2012 @ 12:24 AM
, I love ATS! An awesome range of opinions and a incredible atmosphere!

YOU GUYS ROCK (even though I got little to nothing stars) but who cares...I love you ATS

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