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I saw two REAL 'Foo Fighters' near Area-51

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posted on May, 2 2012 @ 09:58 AM
Anon’s recent message has inspired me to tell a related personal story.
I was on official military business at the time…

I saw a couple ‘Foo Fighters’ out at A-51.
First, a very short description about me to give the story some background…
I was in the USAF for 5 years working with Aircraft Avionics and Navigation systems.
During my time in the USAF I attended Air Traffic Control school in my 5th year. You could easily state that most of us were very interested in aircraft of all type and could identify many of them just from the sound they make alone.

After my time in the Air Force I went to work for Boeing in their UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) R&D (Research and Development) division in California. After years working with them I moved to the job I have now. Still in the UAV field, but I work even more directly with the Military and Gov’t customer in the field as an Engineer. Still in R&D, but I am constantly visiting many different military bases doing my duty.

It’s well known that A-51 is in the VAST Nevada test range. This is military airspace only.
Many different types of aircraft fly in this airspace including many of our UAVs, new high tech test aircraft, stolen aircraft, standard military aircraft, etc. This is also where the Nation’s largest war games are played out in real time (Red Flag).

Back to the story…
I was out in the middle of the Nevada test range at an adjacent base to A-51. This place is really out there an hour+ straight into the desert (West) away from Las Vegas. I was doing some training missions with the military at the time. It was nearly midnight on a Wednesday and flight operations had ceased many hours before when the sun went down.

In the desert it gets quite cold at night and there is almost total silence out there. One interesting thing about being in the desert at night is how FAR any noise travels due to the cold temperature and no other obstructions. You can also see quite far away with no thermal variations as opposed to daytime in the desert.

This particular night we were standing outside of our CP (command post) so the guys could have a smoke. I don’t smoke but went with them to enjoy the fresh air and stretch. That’s when I noticed something out past our runway. A very bright light at the edge of our airspace and above the mountain top. On the other side of this mountain+ a few miles is A-51. This light was just hovering there for a while when I started to question it. Then another one appeared next to it just as bright.

I immediately assumed this was a spec ops rescue/training mission at the mountain top and these were two Jolly Greens up there with their search lights. That’s when I started noticing how odd things really were. I wondered why BOTH ‘choppers’ had their search lights pointed at us the whole time.

I assumed they were pointing at us because they were so damn bright that is the only explanation. Just like when you drive past a car at night the headlights are not too bright until they are driving straight at you.
The lights were very very bright white and were so bright that I couldn’t even make out an airframe shape. They just looked like super bright spheres and that is all we could make out.

Then it got really weird….and this baffles me to this day. The hovering ‘bright objects’ began to circle each other in the vertical plane very slowly. As if these were hands on a clock, but not completely symmetrical.
That’s when I realized these could NOT be choppers. You would never do that (spinning maneuver) in a chopper because of the extreme danger and even if you did what would be the point.

I started asking myself questions at this point. Are those really even ‘choppers’? Then I realized it was TOTALLY silent outside. Not only had flight operations ceased hours before, but the base was dead quiet from being empty.
Then I realized the lights WERE the objects and not spotlights. This went on for 10 minutes and the intensity of the lights never changed. The craft still hovered over the mountain top, moving very slowly in a vertical and counterclockwise direction. They were not moving in a symmetrical way so it appears they were two separate craft as opposed to a single larger craft with two lights.

Then we had to go in and continue our mission. I made sure all 5 people out there saw the same thing I did and no one could ID the birds. We all agreed they were hovering somehow and there was no noise.

That’s it. That’s the story. It may seem mundane compared to a TV UFO story but not to me. I’ve been in aviation for 16 years. I’ve worked on aircraft, built them, helped design them, and deployed with them. I live for Aviation.
To me, this was a fascinating experience because I know so much about aviation and this was a baffling experience.

No, I didn’t see any aliens or any of that. But what I did see was an aircraft (two) with flight characteristics I have never seen before or even heard of before.

Two points I want to make here. If these were alien craft, which is unlikely due to the location, then that is pretty cool. A once in a lifetime experience. If not, likely, they were our craft and I’m a little mad about it.

You see I work in Aerospace R&D. We are supposed to be using the cutting edge technology and techniques to give our guys the very best equipment to defend us with. This UFO was so far advanced that it’s unbelievable and that is what angers me. We have brave men and women that die every day defending the Nation and our freedom to even be on the internet discussing this.

If this tech exists they are keeping it from those that could use it. Let alone the other applications for such technology such as energy.

I don’t think even the ‘black’ operations world has this (because we work with them and some are my friends). It’s possible that one arm of the ‘black’ world has it and is keeping it from everyone.

Regardless it makes me angry that whomever it is could be that selfish, unless it’s little green men.

posted on May, 2 2012 @ 10:18 AM
Good story. I believe you, mainly because I have many years experience in military aviation. I have also been in the area that you speak of on more than one occasion.

posted on May, 2 2012 @ 10:31 AM
Thank you for your story. I too saw these "lights" back in 1978 above a AFB, three of them. I too was "Aviation".

Good luck with your search about these lights, it seems there is a agenda to conceal who and what they are. My advice is to study the most ancient scriptures as to their Identity.

posted on May, 2 2012 @ 10:36 AM
If what you say is true, and assuming that they aren't aliens, I'd say your anger is well had my friend. If they are hiding other sources of energy from us, then we should be mad/angry.

What I believe: we have the technology to supply ourselves with endless energy and it is being suppressed by world governments for one reason. MONEY. There is a CRAP TON of money in energy. Oil and electricity, to name a few big ones that drain our wallets year after year.

posted on May, 2 2012 @ 11:07 AM

Originally posted by Gwampo
If what you say is true, and assuming that they aren't aliens, I'd say your anger is well had my friend. If they are hiding other sources of energy from us, then we should be mad/angry.

What I believe: we have the technology to supply ourselves with endless energy and it is being suppressed by world governments for one reason. MONEY. There is a CRAP TON of money in energy. Oil and electricity, to name a few big ones that drain our wallets year after year.

I have a very strong feeling that this is the truth unfortunatly. The one good thing is that NOW we have the internet so it is harder and harder to keep these things secret. I think it's only a matter of time before we see this come out.

The E-CAT cold fusion device that has been scientifically proven to work is out there. Of course it is being hidden by the media but that doesn't mean it's not here. The biggest customer is who? The military so far.

It's promising that there is actually a proven device that is being commercially manufactured now. The latest development is in the single home size system. The inventor convinced a third party corporation to back them with money and facilities to start mass producing these. (Leonardo Corp.)

E-Cat website

There is also a VERY cool little device coming to market from a well known lab. This device uses piezoelectric (crystals vibrating) to generate energy. This won't power a house but a device the same size as a credit card could power your cell phone for life. A power cell the size of a cell phone could power your laptop for life, etc..
This device uses a compound married to a crystal structure. The compound vibrates at the molecular level constantly and the crystal layer makes energy from it.

(link posting not working here)

Sorry if I'm getting too 'engineery' but this is cool stuff.

So, there is some really cool stuff coming out that is oblivious to most everyone. One of the biggest problems aside from the Oil industry is the media conglomerate. There are only 4 companies worldwide that own ALL of the news outlets. We only get to hear about what they want to tell us.

Thank the gods for the internet. For we really do live in a very interesting and important time in history. I truly believe that this time and this generation will be one of the greatest turning points for the human race.

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posted on May, 2 2012 @ 12:25 PM

Originally posted by All Seeing Eye
Thank you for your story. I too saw these "lights" back in 1978 above a AFB, three of them. I too was "Aviation".

Good luck with your search about these lights, it seems there is a agenda to conceal who and what they are. My advice is to study the most ancient scriptures as to their Identity.

Do you have a description of this event? How similar is it?

I can't imagine how much the technology has grown since '78.

posted on May, 2 2012 @ 02:19 PM
reply to post by Spirit Warrior 11:11

Thanks for sharing. I never worked "directly" for Boing, but did some interesting stuff for Lockheed Skunk Works. Even met Ben Rich not long before he passed on. Man, talk about a religious experience, I was humbled, impressed, also prone to drool all at the same time! Now placing bag over head... (Can you say Yuck?)

Well worth it. I did work for, again all free lance, aka; off the books for various contractors involved in a huge number of areas, like to not waste time or money. I was impressed SERIOUSLY at the Skunk Shop. Also did some analysis for certain contractors, including very serious players. I have a STRONG hunch some involved Boing, can't honestly say thats true, just had a certain "corporate flavor" that "felt&smelled Boing". A lot with my own playground, ah I mean companies.

My strong interest in areo-spacecraft, Was n the Aviation Reach&Advisory Board which was FAR MORE sexy the way it sound"s then actually was. Also member AIAA, and a whole bunch of less "sexy" stuff. Was hurtful when I (okay violins now if your pleasure, or break into song "stormy weather"...) had to and it was my choice to do so after ALS and epilepsy popped up, so now have , very good by the way, pilots. One should & would be impressed, OK I am as to the "time in grade (previously)", and raw skill many dudes and ladies (I have one lady pilot, several others on standby) have. Nice to be a filthy rich SOB Very nice hence I have "toys for big boys...

Other areas involved in included a lot of contractor work for military analysis&technology development., The ones I can mention is DARPA, military technology analysis for several services, (Several "groups&people") State Department Beuro (spell?) of Intelligence and Research, the later I did the work I'm most proud of. Crappy pay but I know as a fact I helped prevent a war, and nasty and big one. When we have to take military action, like kill people, I feel we already lost

I have designed very advanced defensive technology, all US only of course. To do otherwise would get my ass in jail very fast. Also I do know we "shared" some goodies with UK, Canada, Australia. But the real neat stuff involved sensor technologies, a lot with biomemetic advanced implantable stuff impossible to (hopeful) detect.Other stuff I have mentioned OS is self-healing and repair systems technology.

But most of my "playtime" and major work, for me the same as in the future we will actually see "having fun and doing work, that gets you paid" become synomnis. I have no doubt. Also done quite a lot of work developing cybernetics to (first) help our veterans. Done some, not much but some in military intelligence and advanced technology for everyone. Though I have refused to build weapons (gave up a butt load of money) but I have to live with myself.

I did ask and to my surprise was told "yeah, you can mention the defensive technology, just NO details! One neat gadget renders bullets unable to go boom. It works by polymerizing the "gunpowder" in the individual shells, causing it to "clump up and not unite with O2, No O2, no bang. Still in development just takes some time to work and requires NO device save a **** **""". Sweet. Wanted to originally have it for police officers, and special forces and was told vis-à-vis NOPE, won't be available to the cops, to sensitive and could fall into the wrong hands. But said "device" can have an auto-command destruct feature.

Other stuff is even "cooler" but employ C3I4 technology to rely screw up the day of the bad people. Done a lot of work in aviation science, and want a peak at certain types of fabricator-printer generated stuff? Look at the May 2012 issue (hard copy is best) Popular Science. We are building these, ok some NOW.

By the way letting my mind "play" and wonder is how I can use my brain for the RV work, since its been so long. Have been asked to define QM, and similar technology. I will provide all OS references. Another thing I drool about is QM inertial reduction, and mono=atomic hydrogen. Space travel is my true fashion, and first love.

Will get back to you, and the rest of the ATS gang with OS references. Been asked about Quantum Mechanics and a few other areas. But trust me, I am working on the RV issue, this is how I meditate, I relax.Works for some, me in particular. Making stuff that no one has (as far As I know)

By the way, my legs buckled under me thanks to my ALS, bounced down some stairs and broke my left arm, collar bone and two ribs. I have a "panic vocal technology" so I YELLED LOUDLY, giving a medical code, and had one of my close protection agents at my house in less then 2 Minutes. House next to mine.. Thank God or may still be in a heap at the base of the steps. Yup, feel like an idiot. HELP I've fallen and I can't get up... Fortunately I was helped. My cat couldn't but wanted to....
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posted on May, 2 2012 @ 03:14 PM
reply to post by Spirit Warrior 11:11

I honestly can not relate my sighting to any known, or for that matter, unknown technology. I sensed no physical apparatus. What I did sense was something that pierces our reality from an unknowable realm. Some might call it "spiritual".

I have seen these lights twice in my life time now and my sense is the same. They are not of our physical level. I know their might be people out there who still maintain that they must be some sort of unknown secret weapon, and upon further thought, they may be right, but, not in the sense of strictly warfare.

I have seen pictures of them up close and what I see is a ball of, well, white fog, maintained inside of a bubble of sorts. I remember even now I had a series of dreams when I was young. In these dreams I was walking in a fog like substance. This substance had solidness to it, but it wasn't solid. I cant remember much except it was a reoccurring dream. When I saw the closeup it reminded me of that material in the dream.

At any rate the second sighting was far more revealing in nature. And in fact it was then I realized who and what humanity was. We, human beings, have nothing to fear from these "White Light Orbs", for I sense their mission is to see that Humanity is not wiped off the face of this earth.

It may be, in fact, or fiction, depending on your point of view, that these white light are humanities "secret weapon" against those forces who attempted to remove mankind from this planet before, and hence leading to "Lord God" exclaiming he wouldn't do that again.

These "lights" are quite invincible not because they have ultra technology, but because they are not based in our reality. They do not interceded into our lives directly because, well, it would spoil the excitement and diversity of our life experience. Who would want to play a game when you always knew the outcome? Such is life.
But on the other hand they have interceded on a few occasions and it was quickly covered up in the news.

To me, it is almost as if these lights are running on some type of remote control, but not in a sense of mechanical things, but of ancient directives they were given. To me, they are sentinels who ensure the game is played honestly and fairly on a level above our conciseness, generally speaking. But also there are those among us who know the truth about the force that apposes humanity. For those people i have a message.

In the long run it really does not matter because that opposing force knows its end will come, not because of some outdated prophecy but because they know their own nature, and that nature is to ultimately through selfishness, greed, break those ancient rules. They will destroy themselves. Its inevitable.

To "Lord God, Jehovah", your world is over.

posted on May, 2 2012 @ 03:44 PM
reply to post by All Seeing Eye

I have no objection to the statement that there may be some other realities or dimensions that exist. I also have no issue with the idea that there may be some interaction between them.

This is called objectivity.

I think it would be very difficult to say what 'their' agenda may be or what they may be thinking.

"Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one."

posted on May, 2 2012 @ 03:47 PM
OP, did you see the lights in the region close to the so called 'S4'?

posted on May, 2 2012 @ 04:05 PM
reply to post by Spirit Warrior 11:11

I think it would be very difficult to say what 'their' agenda may be or what they may be thinking.
On a intellectual level I must completely agree with this statement. But on the very important individual level, we all have our own very unique position and point of view. It is when all the pieces come together, as outrageous as they may seem, that the true picture comes into focus. I know you know this, don't ask me why

Its so easy to see into a persons mind because there are many attributes we all share. Given a certain stimuli most all people would respond in basically the same manner. Of course one would have to take variables such as education, intelligence, and life experiences into account, then one could predict the reaction.

It is the same with the white light orbs, if you take the time to study them you will find they too act in a manner that is almost predictable. The only difference is that we try to hold them to present day mentalities and intelligences. Did you ever stop to think that the only mentality they have is primordial and simple? It would tend to put the whole subject in a new "Light".

posted on May, 2 2012 @ 04:26 PM
reply to post by JackHill

No. They were at the very top of the tallest mountain peak. I very steep area.
S4 is not visible from the location I was standing.

posted on May, 2 2012 @ 04:44 PM
I don't know what a "Foo Fighter" is but I'm wondering why some people feel hovering aircraft is special.

On three separate instances, I've seen manmade aircraft hover. Three different types of craft. I don't understand why people think "hovering" is such a special ability for manmade aircraft.

posted on May, 2 2012 @ 10:54 PM
Great story. Sounds a bit strange as to why they just hovered around each other lol. Seems like someone is messing with your heads, probably the base guys trying to flip ya'll out

posted on May, 3 2012 @ 10:23 AM

Originally posted by Trexter Ziam
I don't know what a "Foo Fighter" is but I'm wondering why some people feel hovering aircraft is special.

On three separate instances, I've seen manmade aircraft hover. Three different types of craft. I don't understand why people think "hovering" is such a special ability for manmade aircraft.

There are only a couple airframes that have VTOL and/or hover ability. They all make a hell of a lot of noise especially while in hover.

Second, aircraft don't glow white with the intensity of a strip of burning magnesium. This was so bright it was like looking at a spotlight head on.

Third, the flight characteristics were totally odd. Two aircraft hovering while spinning around each other vertically while only feet away from each other. It cannot possibly be a helicopter doing this because of ground effect dangers as well as proximity.

Last, these things were dead silent. No even a tiny sound was able to be heard.

We have no aircraft like this. Either a secret organization with far superior technology has these or they were not from 'here'. Oddly enough I tend to think they are some secret development but I cannot imagine where we got the technology from. I'm beginning to think Colonel Corso was telling the truth. Hell, maybe even Bob Lazar was also.

Now that I think of it the story Bob and John Leer told about the area is almost the same. The difference is the color of the sphere of light. I think they said there was some color, but the ones we saw were pure white.

posted on May, 3 2012 @ 11:20 AM
reply to post by Spirit Warrior 11:11

What about How Long a Harrier Can Hover

or a Shadowhawk UAV with search lights?

Thanks, and noisy as heck here right now.

posted on May, 3 2012 @ 12:55 PM
reply to post by Trexter Ziam

Harriers make a TON of noise. They are super loud.

The Shadowhawk is a toy. It's not even in the ball park.

Here at 1:44 you can even hear the announcer tell the crowd how loud it is.

Really the think that seals the deal aside from the silence is the fact that they were circling each other.
No military aircraft would do that.
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posted on May, 26 2012 @ 03:20 PM
reply to post by Spirit Warrior 11:11

Good to be able to post again as "arbiture". (some of my posts due to "issues" with being blocked. but you can see a few posts on "arbiture 1200" Have a nice post on how I employ disinformation, and why, and will also post on/as "arbiture" I owe it to my ATS friends.) From now on will continue as "arbiture". Given no further odd s*** happens on this moniker "arbiture".

Several points you make are of great interest to me. One, is "bright lights" surrounding aircraft may be due to our experimentation with cool and hot plasmas as "screens" to create a more enhanced stealth field around our craft, both confuse and absorb sensor's at a very wide range of frequencies way, way beyond radar. I believe we have made major breakthroughs in this area.

Also use it to, perhaps provide a "defector shield like" envelope. One that provides an envelope that extends far beyond the craft and increase's density, harmonics, other stuff so if a missile or cannon fire is targeted, the effect is lower density outward of the vehicle, and field effect increasing the closer you get. Other aspects involve very complex manipulation of say other sensor, ECM, ECCM, even some cute "sooting.

That includes projecting an image and advanced beyond visual signature; both SIGNET and visible observable's of other aircraft. One I was just cleared talk about, a little, is its well known in primitive radar, whole ball of goodies that our and (others, the Russians are very good as well) quite a long ago our ECCM/counter radar technology can project simple images of other craft.

But we can do much, much more now for confidential reasons I WILL NOT discuss actual images of "other air, aerospace craft but this" that are in effect the ability to create real cool VISIBLE aircraft, with all needed sensor, signatures and other stuff. Looks like, quacks like a duck but is a Hawk/Eagle combination. Believe me.

My work, passion, interest in technology air and spacecraft can only be called a fetish, but... I'm interested in anything that is relevant and gives us an edge. My military efforts as a free lance contractor with my companies, sometime frankly drafted for my effects in military areas with an honorary not earned grade, has involved advanced sensor technologies. This the coolest for me, and some aspects I had no choice but under the auspices of being in the service, still hold military rank was always guilty because it was earned. But guilt had nothing to do with that.

Why the UFO issue is of such interest to me, when very young in my "tacky suit, and very much a novice so called short pant's, but I was wearing a suit ant my first drooling and religious experience wen't to the "Lockheed Skunk Works" met with the movers that honored me just seeing me. What I did at the time but involved bio-material coatings and life support using active biomaterial life support systems.

The idea was to spray at that time had a limited life span material all over an aircraft and create it very"stealthy", and I never heard of that word until late in the 1980's, when everyone else did. That material would take MW radar and convert&make it "smoke off, taking the energy of any radar with it. Though the good stuff is not open to jabbering about, I know it worked at the time, but was limited in a number of areas but IT DID work.

I do indeed believe we do have very advanced technology and its not discussed, and the more vital areas should not be. I have pushed hard for more available conversation with NRO (our military space program and very cool for certain systems, materials and very state-of-the-art stuff I have fantasies about. Yeah, yeah I don't have any social life...

So as what we DO keep secret, we need to in many, not all, but many very secret. In the going away party for Skunk Works grand pubar included the statement: "We have stuff out there that CAN get us to the stars now and won't be known for 50 to 100 years. Wow. I by the way did not go to his going away party. Had a god damn crying fit after I knew that that party and comments both took place, and they didn't invite me? At least they had good taste... Do I think that statement IS true? More its likely then not, but who the hell knows?

People ask those in some ares to give "the good stuff, holy of holies". And I have been reamed about my Area 51 post, because I gave what I could, though am looking into something more but the truth is that what my company does is very sexy and far more interesting given the armor platted doors of compartmentation that is Area 51. I'm not going to bull s*** you people but withhold what I don't want the people who would hurt us get there hands on. Period.

posted on May, 27 2012 @ 04:57 PM
Interesting story. Thanks for posting. Hope one day you get an answer as to what they could have been, but if you do, be sure and catch us up too!

posted on May, 27 2012 @ 06:34 PM
reply to post by Spirit Warrior 11:11

I find it interesting that what was seen where two visible "aircraft, ufo, whatever" flying around and very close to each other. In traditional ECM and ECCM we can "play" with the radar of an enemy aircraft and they "see" dozens, hundreds, a cast of thousands of blips on radar, but thats somewhat old school. I'm not talking about old fashioned chaff, that is easily to see and tag as "noise". In fact we came up with a way to make an aircraft mimic the "noise" of chaff. One problem though. Where theres "noise" there's usually something one wants to cover up.

Rumor has it this was tested against the USSR by flying very close to (not really but thats what it looked like) what was near their "defense perimeter". This "test" apparently happened about 1986 I'm not aware of that kind of technology being available before 1988, but I'm usually the last to know anyway. Why that date is so important is the fact the early 1980's, Russia shot down a Korean Airlines 747 that had without question violated the airspace not near but over the Kamchatka Peninsula. Our planes may fly very close, but a lumbering 707 or 747 flying OVER their territory, no way. And the test data I saw put our "ghost" aircraft hundreds of miles beyond there "accepted if not written in stone" airspace.

The Russians claimed they thought the KAL 747 was one of our 707 ELINT (electronic warfare and intelligence) aircraft. Obviously they were wrong, and frankly that was a lame excuse. The KAL flight crew had to at least accept SOME of the blame IF there course over clearly marked restricted airspace was to save fuel. After we checked airline records and saving fuel was a priority, to a dangerous extent and not just KAL If a mistake it was their last one. We'll never really know, but my hunch is they did it to save fuel. Unbelievable.

It would seem that kind of thing at least according to the Intel. did happen, and this time they had enough. I know the NSA caught the whole horror show surrounding the radio chatter, as is not hard to do. No doubt I can see our people saying "if thats us, is the pilot crazy"? The Russian pilot said after he blew it up quote: "The target is destroyed" Apparently after the (radar homing?) missiles designed to hit targets beyond visual range hit it. Thats when a single target turns into multiple targets on radar. When it breaks apart. If IR (heat) seeking missiles their range is limited and the pilot should have seen the plane before the shot. What was claimed was that "warning shots by cannon were fired"

Unless they were tracers(not usually on front line interceptors because you DON'T WANT the enemy know your shooting at them and from where) and even then they would be hard to see in bad weather. But if close enough to use cannons the pilot MUST have seen the plane. That was the clincher. The pilot SAW the plane and it wouldn't have killed him to fly by and see the big "KAL" on the side. The argument we used military aircraft designed as commercial planes is ridiculous. Would we want to risk our commercial planes being shot down? Thats the risk.

One thing is for sure this "Ghost" target would if anything look like a small plane like a fighter. Only after the fall of the USSR did we realize how primitive their radar was (since then its gotten a lot better, they also came up with some very ingenious stuff.) Our current (military) radar is so good because of how it "wash's" over the target and the frequencies used, including terra hertz. Today our radar can tell a 757 narrow body airliner, from a 767 wide body. Both have two underwing engines. THAT used to be confusing.

The other aspect of say a B-52 is it has 8 engines grouped in pairs in each of 4 nacelle's. Each turbine creates its own turbulence wake and even signature. So its unlikely they would have thought it was that, both a B-52 and 747 are arguably "big aircraft" Would you believe we can determine (now) if the exhaust signature is from a Rolls Royce or GE turbine, both are distinctive enough to know which is which? Not hard when you understand the internal structure is very slightly different, enough for an ID.

Why I include the pre-amble is that it's easy to fool electronic sensors, but the visible spectrum has always been a beast. Not now. Even before meta-materials we played with cold&hot plasmas. If you see "hundreds" of targets on radar and send up interceptors, they are going to SEE theres nothing there. But the ability to project an image in the visible spectrum IS new, but not so perfect (at least they don't tell me and if they did I'd never admit it) to look like a fully formed aircraft. But a ball of light? Sure.

Still for what its worth my instincts don't point to what you saw being "our fault" I don't want us to play UFO games, it defeats the purpose and credibility of witnesses. And credible witnesses we do need...

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