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Beyond Treason: FUKU false flag for America's Uranium depopulation, Micchio Kaku: DU dust kills!

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posted on May, 1 2012 @ 09:15 PM
Depleted Uranium Dust Kills!

yet... US military says that Depleted Uranium dust is safe and needs no special handling. They say it can safely be eaten.

likewise while international treaties and even US's own military training videos confirm DU is an illegal weapon of mass destruction, since 2001 USA has changed its mind and insists DU Is not illega, nor a WMD.

That is how blatantly poised to fully cover up in total denial of any responsibility whatsoever for the worldwide havoc and broad-spectrum destruction of life DU is causing as it continually disperses from the mideast to throughout Earth's atmosphere.

- 2/3 of world troops have been exposed to Uranium

- so far 56% of returning US troops/veterans exhibiting chronic medical problems

- military docs studying DU effects on soldiers/vets, threatened to stop research, or die

nevertheless, medical research on over 282,000 returning soldiers has found U -236 DU in high amounts in soldiers and confirmed all four uranium isotopes are routinely present in body fluids and organs among returning soldiers.

- Kaku confirms Uranium dust distributes and kills widespread

- birth defects in Iraq, Afghanistan children, and cancer in civilians and US troops, have increased by as much as 12-fold

- Doug Rokke's (US Army director, former head of Pentagon's DU Cleanup Project).crew of 100 contractors all died and their radioactive tanks "buried" because they didnt "know what else to do" with all that radiation and deaths.

MUTATED plants popping up everywhere!

- fasciation, a clumping of mutated cells caused by high radiation on a backyard dandelion in Ottawa, CA being attributed to the Fukushima radiation - but know knows.. as we have Fuku radiation coming from one direction, and the DU dust blowing from the other direction. one as a result of natural disaster, the other, American-made disaster

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