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Obama Campaign Grapples With New Voter ID Laws

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posted on May, 1 2012 @ 03:37 AM
Obama Campaign Grapples With New Voter ID Laws
Published: April 29, 2012 -- NYTimes

It seems the Obama campaign is having a hell of a time with some of those new voter id laws in some States !

One like in Wisconsin where a person who "registers" voters must now be deputized in their respective municipality !!

Well think of the voter registration fraud that might actually be eliminated !!

WASHINGTON — Field workers for President Obama’s campaign fanned out across the country over the weekend in an effort to confront a barrage of new voter identification laws that strategists say threaten the campaign’s hopes for registering new voters ahead of the November election.

In Wisconsin, where a new state law requires those registering voters to be deputized in whichever of the state’s 1,800 municipalities they are assigned to, the campaign sent a team of trainers armed with instructions for complying with the new regulations.

and some more outrageous things:

In Florida, the campaign’s voter registration aides traveled across the state to train volunteers on a new requirement that voter registration signatures be handed in to state officials within 48 hours after they are collected.

And in Ohio, Mr. Obama’s staff members have begun reaching out to let voters know about new laws that discourage precinct workers from telling voters where to go if they show up at the wrong precinct.

Democrats are fighting this tooth and nail.

But I think they're getting that icy cold numb feeling from the waist down.
That feeling of total helplessness and frenzied spasms.
Almost like sleep paralysis – you’re awake, but you can’t move a muscle !

With all these obstacles, why don't they simply sponsor a "Help get a valid ID" drive ??

I'm sure many Democrats would love to help financially .... Right ?

posted on May, 1 2012 @ 04:13 AM
Oh how they may now come to regret making voting a video game. I think it was much easier when stuffing ballot boxes was possible. They outsmarted themselves.


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