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dream about abduction

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posted on Apr, 30 2012 @ 05:08 PM
weird-looking humanoids that resemble monkeys.

I was fooling around with some people outside a bar or club. Probably drunk. I think they were friends, though i'm not sure, perhaps classmates. Anyway, i was taking some pictures, they were posing for me, and when i aimed the camera at them, i noticed something in the background. Emerging from tunnels in the ground, there came a horde of hairless monkeys with grossly red skin. The others noticed them and we rushed inside the building. We locked the door, and outside we could hear them giggling. I'm not quite sure if they were highly intelligent and playing with us, or if they were not intelligent at all and they were wondering where we were. Either way, they were clearly insane. So i turned to this guy, who seemed to be my friend, and we decided we should hide. Now inside this dream, i had a vision, i saw that if we tried to hide, they would kill everyone and then find us, rip out our intestines and devour us. "No, we fight them," i say. So i grab a rusty pipe and at that very moment, the walls shake and they start pouring in. The first one rushes towards me and i nail him right in the face. Blood gushes everywhere and it painfully twitches as it gargles out a cry. I take down as many of them as i can, i can barely see, i must've been in some type of trance. After some intense action and monkey-butt kicking, i stop and look around. There's corpses everywhere, human and red monkey. I'm the only survivor. Then grey/blueish monkeys descend from the heavens and while they do not speak, i can hear them talking to me. They ask for a truce, they want to forget this ever happened and live in peace. Of course theyre not asking me, they're forcing the idea into me. I can tell they dont care about peace, they dont have to, they can just force their way into anything they want. It was a test. I was but a mere lab rat. So i run away, knowing i cant escape them but willing to give it a try. They dont seem to follow me but i can feel them looking at me. They guide me towards an abandoned town, and as i start to make my way towards it, i hear a bark. A chilling, yet oddly refreshing signal that awakens me. I realize i had been drugged or something. I look to my left and i see a great white dog running towards me. As soon as it reaches me and i touch its furr, i feel safe, and im teleported to another place. Cool air engulfs my body and warm light kisses my skin. My feet tingle as they're brushed by the fresh grass. I'm in someone's garden. I'm back on earth.

so then i meet this older woman, very old, yet strangely youthful. She tells me everything's alright, she heals me somehow, i dont know how, she didnt touch me or anything, she just healed me. She has this peaceful, easy going thing aura around her, though i can tell shes very powerful. I think it was mother earth. She then smiles at me and signals for me to go through a door. I get in, the door closes, complete darkness and im in my closet.


and then i wake up.

just thought i'd share because
1) im afraid of dogs, but now i know i was being forced to be afraid of them.
2) im scared of sleeping with the lights off and i now know why
3) well, the old lady was doing something, i dont know what, but i could tell she was preparing something, though she acknowledged my existence, she was busy doing something..i dont know what, but i think it was very important.

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