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Mass Distraction: Early 10th-20th Century Europe and Today's World.

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posted on Apr, 29 2012 @ 09:03 PM
Some people I've talked to about population control are sometimes weary, especially when discussing the topic of mass distraction. Even though I relate how TV shows, media, cell phones, economic and materialistic substances give us a false sense of progress and fulfillment. Most people contradict my argument 'with these things rose from necessity, and are paramount for the convenience of the "fast life"'.

I guess for my own convictions I've looked to resolve my own skepticism. Doing some reading today for schoolwork, I was reminded of the constant struggles that occurred in the British monarchy/empire/colonies between the Catholics and Protestants. It is eerily similar to the conflicts between the two ruling parties of our American government (Dem/Rep; Cons/Lib). The Catholics and Protestants were also the two influential parties throughout Europe for many centuries, and the main cause of oppression through the pre-industrial and modern ages. Wars were unleashed because of their conflicts. Which is probably the only difference between now and then.

So my speculation seemed to uncover a pattern. The two ruling classes, consuming the brightest, and sometimes the 'sheeples' (I hate that word now that I think about it) with political distractions. These distractions focus on opposing sides of small nuances that supposedly dictate how well we are able to live life. The ability to live life to it's fullest is not self-serving to the ruling class. I guess I could site specific examples, but I think that would take away from the point. The point is that this pattern has been going on for at least 1000 years. People have been consumed and utterly distracted by (the majority of the time) useless issues that can't easily be solved by ethical or moral ideas.

I'm unsure as to how far back this kind of control went back, and I wish I was more versed in the early Roman Empire's history, to see if maybe this is where it started. I think the emergence of a pattern gives plausible means ("proof") to controversial theories. If this pattern is true, it helps to legitimize theories about the ruling class of our world.

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