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Take my advice or not!

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posted on Apr, 29 2012 @ 11:44 AM
That's the primise I wish to start off on... not just mine, but to all of the members that consist of nearly 300 thousand current members from all over the world that reside here..
Over a million that has visit this site maybe looking for it as well.

Each of us walk on the planet with so many deverse outcomes on our life, If we could ask just that one question
and get the experence of others, could just change mine/yours. When a choice could be made with someones past experence's. with the good and bad outcomes.
I've read alot of what our very young members are asking of their concerns. Not really having a clue what is best for them and others.. Also hearing not what they really want to say, fear in saying it.

What has a grip on someones thoughts . If they wish to ask " What worked for you?"

I wish to suggest not to enculde your Faith, Poltical, postions Just your opinions on the world as a hold.. Just your insight!
What has really work for you... Based on your experence or by others that had great advice, or your precision guess work!
That last suggestion has a couple of times worked for me. Only because, I had no one to ask. that really knew or cared.

With that thought in mind...

I will start!

How do you tell a Couple, Parent(s) they are unfit to be Parents, and live in knowing that if you fail to do so, regardless if you think they shoud know already. It will be true... You will see it repeat itself again. if you don't
Had I not change my way of knowing/thinking of not wanting to repeat the same attempts/excample of Parent(s) that I had to go with as a child.. My answer came to me early in life, I promise this will not happen to my child. ever! I severed that way of thinking... As a result of this simple solution, and it was not hard at all, I have given the world back the most amazing Men that will Pass it forward.. There are to many reasons not to.

Okay, there I answered my own question to some extent..

But if you like to add... please do!

I've been on this Rock for 57 years... Seen alot, know a little, still want to learn...

Regrets can last forever... I like the the other outcome if I had a choice.

Mods, if this should go to Grey area thread, or BTS... so be it...your call.

My 2nd question.. how much does gravity weigh?
Just feeling alot of pressure right now.
Go ahead pose a question! Or answer..



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