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POLITICS: Blair Apologizes for `Wrong' Iraq Information, Urges Labour Party to Unite

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posted on Sep, 28 2004 @ 10:46 AM
During an annual conference in Brighton, England Tony Blair stated that the ruling Labour Party should run for a third term. In this speech he states that the intelligence that jusitifed the war was wrong but does NOT apologize for backing George W. Bush. Blair's support of this war has caused people in his cabinet to resign their position to protest the government's stand on this war.
Sept. 28 (Bloomberg) -- U.K. Prime Minister Tony Blair said the ruling Labour Party should unite to win a third term in office after dividing over his decision to go to war in Iraq.

He pledged to focus on tax relief for working families and improving schools and hospitals. He acknowledged intelligence used to justify the war was wrong and stopped short of apologizing for backing his decision to help U.S. President George W. Bush topple Iraqi President Saddam Hussein.

``I can apologize for the information that turned out to be wrong,'' Blair said in a speech at Labour's annual conference in Brighton, England. ``But I can't, sincerely at least, apologize for removing Saddam.''

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

During his speech at the conference Blair spoke about making the country better. Better school and hospitals were just a few topics covered. However, the hostages and UK soldiers killed completely overshadowed the Blair's attempt to focus on other topics.

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posted on Sep, 28 2004 @ 05:14 PM
Third term?

Bye, Bye C-YA LOL

Or maybe, considering the ratio of sheeple to freeple he might well get his 3rd term... just like how bush may win this election...

But really does it matter? I have always thought democracy has only one party more than communisim...


posted on Sep, 28 2004 @ 05:26 PM
Um. Read my signature quote below. It's so very true.

Wonder what Bush will do when Britain pulls it's troops out under the next PM? Perhaps then he'll apologize himself...

"It's easier to ask for forgiveness than it is to ask for permission."

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posted on Sep, 28 2004 @ 05:26 PM
Well, the topic title is misleading......Tony never apologised, he hinted that Iraq had no weapons, barely, but did I hear the word "Sorry"? or "I was wrong"?

Nope, he's a backtracking bull# machine

posted on Sep, 28 2004 @ 05:31 PM
Woah I am keeping this one in my favorites.

At least Blair is showing how a true leader does his business, he is man enough to tell the truth and admit that the war in Iraq started with the wrong iformation.

good link.


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