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Looking Back At The Human Concept of The Meaning of Life and Happiness

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posted on Apr, 15 2012 @ 02:06 PM
(This is originally posted at my Facebook Spiritual group)

I have been thinking about the meaning of life and happiness based on spiritual knowledge such as pre-life planning. And I would like to write about this topic one last time hopefully to bring their mysteries to a close.

What is the meaning of life? The meaning/purpose of being alive is to fulfill the soul's curiosity of experiencing certain human experiences, which may not necessarily be all happy experiences.

It is one's curiosity that motivates one to finding fulfillment in life. I think such innate curiosity is based on the soul's desires for certain human experiences before it got to experience its human life. Therefore, people can be born straight or homosexual based on what gender qualities their souls desired them to feel. Some people are straight because their souls were curious to experience the qualities of the opposite gender, others are homosexual because their souls were curious to experience the qualities of their own gender.

Since souls already chose and determined what their human counterparts would desire to seek out to experience in their human lives, people can experience a rich and fulfilling life by seeking to know what their souls were curious about, and then work to fulfill such curiosities.

What is Happiness?

Happy experiences arise when there are 4 factors present. And they are very much linked to the process of fulfilling one's curiosity.

1. The person has to be in realization of his/her already-abundant liberation/freedom,
2. must already be surrounded by qualities of compatibility/harmony/beauty/peace,
3. has to experience his/her curiosity of something being fulfilled in the present now moment,
4. the curious experience must enhance one's current level of compatibility/harmony/beauty/peace.

It takes as much as 4 factors for a person to be technically 'happy', which is why it is not an easy and frequent emotion to achieve.

Let me give an example based on the 4 factors.

(factor 1)A person has enough freedom and money to feel the liberation to do what he wants. (factor 2) He has to be living in an environment that he is comfortable with, most likely a large, beautiful and tranquil house. (factor 3)He is currently playing an interesting game or eating a very tasty exotic dessert that he is curious about and (factor 4) it generates very pleasurable/harmonious feelings. He is feeling very contented and has no desire for other things. Such a scenario is what most people would generally recognize as a happy moment. Another similar happy experience could be that of a person on an exotic holiday or a birthday boy or girl opening many nice presents.

The above stated is the highest level of Happiness possible. The second highest level of Happiness is when a person has factors 1 and 2, but is in the process of working towards achieving factors 3 and 4. An example is a person in a liberating and compatible environment working or waiting to watch an exciting movie, TV drama, game or waiting to eat delicious food in a nice restaurant with good company. The third level of Happiness only contains factors 1 and 2. An example would be a wealthy person feeling liberated from poverty and living in a beautiful home. However, such a situation without fulfilling curiosity would easily lead to boredom and has potential to easily dip into the depressing emptiness that many wealthy people often feel.

I have often heard of how some people can be very wealthy but very unhappy. I think the reason is because although such rich people have the means to feel liberated from poverty and have the feelings of compatibility/beauty/harmony by living in a beautiful home, they are not experiencing what their souls wanted them to experience, therefore they do not feel much meaning/purpose in their lives. They only have 2 out of the 4 factors to feel happy. If they could only discover their innate curiosity, perhaps they would know what they need to fulfill in order to have all of the 4 factors to feel happy. But if their soul desired for them to experience the feelings of misery, then perhaps they are meant to feel unhappy for quite some time in their lives.

I think that the human reality was not meant for people to easily achieve Happiness, since Dolores Cannon did mention that souls are here to learn about emotions and restrictions. Because if masses of people can get what they want too easily, they may get too spoilt and developed ego that is an exaggerated sense of self-importance. Then many people would become like Adolf Hitler and wreck havoc.

I have only just thought about curiosity being in relation to achieving a fulfilling life today and then I did a search on google and discovered that some people have already spotted such a link some years ago. One is an associate professor and clinical psychologist named Todd Kashdan who has written a book that links curiosity to a fulfilling life.

posted on Apr, 15 2012 @ 09:54 PM
The theory of natural selection, and sexual selection, helped me make peace with myself over this very topic. I would suggest looking into both. But great piece you wrote there.

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