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US and the UK are still actively supporting terrorism to this day

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posted on Apr, 15 2012 @ 08:21 AM
Hi ATSers,

I'm relatively new to ATS and don't have the background or depth that most of you on here have. This is my first (relatively) lengthier post. Whilst I will endeavor to remain rational, this topic is close to home and I can't completely discount emotion. I could opt for a shock and awe approach and post some gruesome pictures, but I'll save these for last and put you through my little rant first.

You see history started repeating itself in 1999. By this time Yugoslavia had disintegrated and based on what CNN and BBC reported, the evil Serbs were carrying out the last of ethnic cleansing. Rightly so the American and British public was concerned, NATO stepped in, Serbia was bombed and the platform for independent Kosovo was more or less established. Now, before you discount this as another hotheaded Balkan thread, please read on, I'm neither Serbian nor of Serbian descent.

What the CNN and BBC reports failed to report to the American and British public was that the violence in Kosovo was two sided. The Albanians were an equal if not greater perpetrators of attrocities. Here is a YouTube video detailing aspects of Carla Del Ponte's report . For those that are not informed, Carla Del Ponte was the Prosecutor that prosecuted Milosevic and a number of other Serbian nationalists at the international court of justice at the Hague. 

The new state, Kosovo, engineered by Holbrooke and supported by Albright and the Clintons is a state led by the terrorists that carried out the attrocities mentioned in the video above (as well as in Del Ponte's book).Having established a global crime syndicate with the help of Halbrooke and Albright and armed by NATO, the terrorists proliferated and still proliferate organ trafficking and the enslavement of underage girls for prostitution. They are also the main distributors of heroin and other drugs across the world (appart from around Europe, the Albanian mafia is well known at least in the US - with the leaders having close and direct ties to the current Kosovar 'government'). For those that may be interested in reading more on this topic, here are a few links :

Clearly, neighter Holbrook, nor Albright nor the Clintons understand the dynamics of the region. There have been nationalistic elements in the Balkan region going back hundreds of years: Cetniks on the Serbian side, the Balisti on the Albanian side, the Ustasi on the Croatian side and the Uskoci (from memory) on the Slovenian side. History teaches us that all human beings are capable or carrying out attrocities in some shape or form. During periods of conflict on the Balkans, the above mentioned nationalistic elements rise to the top and 'protect' their land and people - it becomes an 'eye for an eye' battle - proliferated by Muslim interpretation of the Koran (with the nationalistic Albanian elements being Muslim). As the balance of power shifts in the region, different nationalistic groups are portrayed as being 'evil'. Atrocities have roots in the Turkish occupation, where basically the Albanians continually carried out gruesome attacks on the Christian population. This resulted in the rise of the above mentioned nationalistic groups amongst the Serbians - the Cetniks (the croatians and the Slovenians were under Austrian rule at the time). It also gave rise toa group of protectors in macedonia called Komiti. After world war one and world war two, power shifted and whilst the Albanian nationalists sided with Hitler and continually carried ferocious attrocities in both Macedonia and Serbia, eventually they were defeated (along with Hitler). Some Croatian and Slovenian nationalists also sided with hitler - these were known as Ustasi and Uskoci respectively and also clashed with the Cetnici. With the defeat of the germans and the establishment of Yugoslavia, a balance of power was established and the Albanian nationalistic elements were subdued. Arguably, one could say that the Kosovo Albanians had lesser rights (due to the distrust the nationalistic elements created in the region over the last 600 years). With Yugoslavia disintegrating, that balance of power was lost. Kosovo headed to independence in 1999, the Albanian nationalistic elements reared their ugly head, reformed, modern and armed by NATO. The outcome may have been different had Holbrooke, Albright and the Clintons not assumed that everyone on the Balkans is a neanderthal or even read a fourth grade history school book for the region. 

What is absolutely morbid is that Hillary STILL insists on supporting and arming these well established terrorists:

Having said that, this post is not about the wrong doings of the past, US bashing or UK bashing for if I was to do that, I would be generalising and casting blame on the general American and British public. Although i strongly belive Holbrooke, Albright and the Clintons should be personably responsible for instigating and proliferating attrocities in the region as a result of their obnoxiousness and lack of education, I'll let history and their own people judge them. 

This post is about the present and the future and about informing the American and British public. To be precise, this post is about terrorism casting a black Easter over a nation:

The above random execution of 2 teenagers, 2 men in their early twenties and a 45 year ethnic Macedonian man was carried out by the same nationalistic Albanian elements discussed above. The same terrorists that NATO armed and installed as the head of the Kosovo state. Thus, Hillary, is ACTIVELY SUPPORTING MUSLIM TERRORISM IN EUROPE and the American people need to know about it.

There are other issues affecting Macedonia currently, including the ghost 'name issue' the Greek government invented - I personally believe that everyone should have the right to self determination. The name issue is really a non issue as the Greeks have more or less lost the battle. Besides, the massacre has a religious undertone - as such, it is not likely to be a direct product of the Greek Government. Although it is remotely possible that the massacre may have been indirectly supported by nationalistic Greek elements aiming to destabilize the young country, Macedonia. To Greek Nationalists: pls start another thread if you would like to discuss this.

Before the skeptics jump at my throat for casting assertions, consider the following:
- the execution was carried out by a group of trained armed men
- the execution is a mirror image of the nationalistic Muslim Albanian executions in the past
- the Kosovar Albanian Nationalistic Army (aka Kosovo Liberation Army before it was black listed by the US) gave a press statement on the day of the executions that they would step up their terrorist activities in south Serbia, parts of Greece and Macedonia
- the execution was carried out 1 day before Orthodox Good Friday (Macedonia's 2.1 million population is 3/4 Orthodox and 1/4 Albanian Muslim - thanks to the 500,000 Kosovo refugees the country welcomed in 1999).
- the funeral was timed to occur on Orthodox Easter - an intimidation theme repeated through over 600 years of history in the region

If the Macedonians take the bait (which I believe they won't ) there will be another blood bath on Clinton's hands.

[SNIP] We live in the 21st century and the proliferation of bloodshed has to stop!
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Removed caps title and profanity.
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posted on Apr, 15 2012 @ 08:25 AM
reply to post by phalanx001

I`ll bookmark this for a later read.
I haven`t done any research on this yet.
Sounds interesting.

posted on Apr, 15 2012 @ 08:29 AM
PNAC . What a scary world we live in because of the American government

posted on Apr, 15 2012 @ 08:36 AM
Terrorism begets fear which begets control.

While your version began in 1999 the tactics have been used throughout history.

posted on Apr, 15 2012 @ 08:40 AM
well duh,,
how else will we advance our weapons systems,, war is money, money creates jobs and more weapons..
quite a simple reasoning right?

we wouldnt want people out of work now would we,.. got to support the all mighty tax man

posted on Apr, 15 2012 @ 08:41 AM
reply to post by oghamxx

I modified the post to reflect your version. I stated your point further in the post. Agree with you - the 'attrocities' were initially instigated by the Albanians that took on the Muslim faith during the Turkish occupation. What you see today is a tit for tat repeat.
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posted on Apr, 15 2012 @ 08:43 AM

Originally posted by Lil Drummerboy
well duh,,
how else will we advance our weapons systems,, war is money, money creates jobs and more weapons..
quite a simple reasoning right?

we wouldnt want people out of work now would we,.. got to support the all mighty tax man

... and everything else is collateral ...

posted on Apr, 15 2012 @ 08:45 AM
I was reading about the free man thing. Lawfull rebellion ect. I came across this site and there it is in black and white. If we pay taxes to the UK govt. Than we are committing war crimes.
Its about half way down this page.
So yes we are suporting terrorists and have done for a long time. Jugoslavia? we made a mess of it over there, same with Lybia IMO. Guess Syria and Iran are next.

posted on Apr, 15 2012 @ 08:49 AM

Why then is the United States waging an unrestrainedly murderous assault upon Yugoslavia?

The Third Worldization of Yugoslavia

The dismemberment and mutilation of the Yugoslav federation is part of a concerted policy initiated by the United States and the other Western powers in 1989. Yugoslavia was the one country in Eastern Europe that would not voluntarily overthrow what remained of its socialist system and install a free-market economic order. The U.S. goal has been to transform Yugoslavia into a cluster of weak right-wing principalities with the following characteristics:

incapable of charting an independent course of self- development;
natural resources completely accessible to multinational corporate exploitation;
an impoverished population forced to work at subsistence wages;
dismantled petroleum, engineering, mining, and automobile industries that offer no competition with existing Western producers;
a shattered economy wide open to transnational companies that could invest and rebuild on their own terms.

U.S. policymakers also want a Yugoslavia whose public sector services and social programs are abolished. Why so? For the same reason they want to abolish our public sector services and social programs. The goal is the privatization and Third Worldization of both Yugoslavia and the United States. Yugoslavia was built on an idea, as Ramsey Clark once noted, namely that the Southern Slavs would not remain weak and divided, falling out among themselves or easy prey to outside imperial interests. United they could form a substantial territory capable of its own economic development. Indeed, after World War II, multi-ethnic, socialist Yugoslavia became a viable nation and something of an economic success. Between 1960 and 1980 it had one of the most vigorous growth rates: a decent standard of living, free medical care and education, a guaranteed right to a job, one month free vacation with pay, a literacy rate of over 90 percent, and a life expectancy of 72 years. Yugoslavia also offered its multi-ethnic citizenry affordable public transportation, housing, and utilities, with a not-for-profit economy that was mostly publicly owned.

One look at the MEK, or the alCIAduh installed in Libya, or any of the inumerable examples world wide tells the tale.

posted on May, 1 2012 @ 08:52 AM
The Macedonian police caught those responsible for randomly gunning down 4 teenagers and one 45 year old man. For those that can read Macedonian:

In summary: a cell of 20 extremist Islamists was discovered in the capital city, Skopje. The authorities are claiming that a number of them participated in the afghani war and faught against NATO. Circumstantial evidence directly ties a number of the arrested terrorists to the atrocity where the above mentioned 5 men were randomly killed a day before Easter Friday this year. Their motive was the spread of fear amongst the citizens and proliferation of radical and extremist Islam.
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posted on May, 4 2012 @ 11:20 AM
Update: as a result of the above mentioned arrests, a protest was held by a few thousand Albanians in the capital city. Various slogans were changed including 'Islam will dominate the world', 'Islam victorious', etc. The protest occurred after a daily prayer at a local mosque that is known to have housed radical elements it he past.

Clintons, Albright, & co. here are some photos for you to ponder over (direct result of your abominal creation) :

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