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Between Humans and Bacteria

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posted on Apr, 15 2012 @ 06:24 AM
Millions of people around the world believe in Reincarnation of the Soul according to the laws of Karma. Generally this states that living organisms are judged according to the actions (and some believe, thoughts) they have performed throughout their lives, where positive actions will be weighted against negative actions and the result will decide the fate of the Soul occupying the organism. If you end up with an overall positive result your Soul will ascend to a higher life form, and if you end up with an overall negative result your Soul will descend to a lower life form. This process will continue until you have reached the highest possible life form - whatever that may be.

My question is this: if you believe in reincarnation according to the laws of Karma, what do you think is the distinguishing characteristic that defines growth into higher life forms? Does it come down to level of Intelligence? Size of Brain? Length of lifespan? Amount of Free Will? Level of Sentience? Level of Self-Awareness? Level of Spirituality?

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posted on Apr, 15 2012 @ 06:48 AM
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What you might want to consider Dark Ghost is that the concept of Karma (depending on what school of thought you follow) has nothing to do with positive or negative deeds, but on the evolution of the soul with the eventual goal being a reunification with the Source. Once you have evolved to being human it is unlikely that you would be reincarnated back ‘down’ the ladder unless this is somehow helpful to your spiritual progress

Here is a quote from a thread I wrote a while ago about animals and the soul which may explain a few things

As already said all things which enter our lives have various meanings at some level. This is not only because we are ultimately all one being, but also because we are the creators of our own reality. Everything has meaning, and we are bringing that meaning into our lives in order to experience everything that life has to offer at the highest level and to ultimately remember the true nature of ourselves as God or the Source. As animals do not ‘speak’ per se (though there are who can in fact speak to animals at varying levels), their messages can often be a little harder to discern especially to those operating at lower levels. But for this very reason their messages can be a lot more personal, and can often carry a lot more importance, especially if it a type of animal we do not readily see in our day to day lives.

Through the course of our soul’s evolution our consciousness has moved through many different species, and when our souls could gain no more it progressed forward to the next species in order to experience a different aspect of the world. These species can then manifest in our lives to represent one or of these past aspects which during our lives as humans we have lost or become disconnected from; or an aspect that we are ready to reintegrate back into our waking consciousness and in turn further our awareness on our path back to enlightenment. This is one of the reasons it is so important to preserve our natural heritage. Each species has a particular worldview, and like different cultures or religions or belief systems, each holds a different aspect of the ultimate Truth. And it takes the best of all these worldviews, integrated together for us to even begin to approach this Truth.

posted on Apr, 15 2012 @ 06:57 AM
thats stooping quite low, to dwell on prokaryotic vs eukaryotic karma.

how does a bacteria improve its karma? lol

people say reincarnation but spiritually, isnt it more of a transmigration from one consciousness level to another?

for we are all One no matter in what form.

enlightened, one looks between human, deva, & nirvana/liberated as the 3 main though there are about 6 the other are among the lesser 3 or couple as in the OP

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