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Why go to war when you can destroy your own country?

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posted on Apr, 14 2012 @ 11:01 PM
The propaganda running amok about WWIII here in the US, from North Korea's rocket launches to Iran's nuclear program to other Mideast madness to Africa's struggles to all sorts of global war issues, seems sort of in but out of perfect place, a distraction, and though the argument can be made that some of these dictators and warlords are acting despicably, that is not the point of this thread.

Nor is the argument that agencies like CIA or MI6 or Mossad or KGB or al Queda are secretly working interconnected to present the current theme of events to promote the agenda, though this may certainly be intertwined within the whole problem..

If I were in control, and evil, and power lusty, and without recourse.. I would use every asset in my arsenal to get what I wanted.

I (not the evil power hungry SOB) see a world in flux, with priorities that are humanitarian, even though many people here feel on top of the world. I am not down with NWO. I feel that siphons power to people that don't really know what life is like, though maybe I do not know what it's like to have secret subconsciousness meetings with ETs or whatever is maybe really going on . . .

But, having said this... and I was grappling to put this in the disaster conspiracies forum. I feel that HAARP is connected to the crazy weather going on. Every other day it seems another tornado attack is happening, more in major metropolis (Dallas recently and Wichita right now) than just demolishing whole small towns. Which is equally devastating, from a sociological and mental perspective. HAARP affects the ionosphere in a way that can cause all sorts of natural disturbances (here comes the trolls since im not providing linkage, but just freaking look into it) and here is where my thesis happens:

Why go to war when you can destroy your own country? If you have no "real" threats from Russia or MidEast or Asia, and since you are already systematically destroying the economy.. what better way to cause a "stimulus" of reconstruction jobs then blow up a bunch of buildings.. with weather manipulation, rather than bombs.. but still fund it through secret government funding.

We don't now what the heck goes on up in Alaska, or what Russia's doing with their program, or what the secret program near the equator is doing (I am still researching this, look into it to if you are skeptical) but..

We don't necessarily have to bomb other countries out anymore to hire our private contractors and Blackwater agencies to patrol the streets while we rebuild. We can save so much money on travel and lodging expenses if we do it right at home.

I think it is a play on people's collective amnesia.. our collective subconscious may be telling us something is wrong, but since it happens so slowly yet methodically.. we are being force-fed terrible occurrences in a pattern that makes us apathetic and unwilling to do anything about it. Tell me what you think, maybe I'm stating what a lot of people believe, but if you don't I want to know your argument. My focus (as a believer) is creating a solution.
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posted on Apr, 14 2012 @ 11:12 PM
My point being, I suppose, that "they" have a better investment opportunity rebuilding an aged infrastructure and scape if they "have" to rather than voluntarily. Plus, having worked for civil engineers.. it sure gets the projects done more quickly.

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