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The 21st Century according to Sidereal Astrology - 2012 to 2110

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posted on Apr, 13 2012 @ 03:00 PM
As you guys know, I just recovered from a bad illness, and I had to stay in bed for days...This wasn't an obstacle big enough to make me stop writing, in fact I spent days preparing this special thread, that I hope many will appreciate. I study astrology since I was 15 and I shifted to the sidereal ( more realistical ) one later in the years.
This next is my analysis of the themes that will show up in the 21st century.

2010S DECADE ( 2012-2019 ) - " The Deception decade "

SATURN: Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius
With Saturn in Libra from November 15th 2011 to November 2nd 2014, it is not a good period for the marriages and the couples, cooperations become fragile, difficult friendship end. Laws are not progressive.
With Saturn in Scorpio from November 2nd 2014 to the autumn of 2017 there are economic limitations, problems of debts, the people need great privacy. Points out scandals for the people to the power.
The decade ends with Saturn in Sagittarius from 2017, around the vacations of Christmas, it is not a good sign, because there are difficulties with trips and religions. The people will want to be more free, to study in foreign countries and to freely express their beliefs. Emphasized the lack of touch and the cynicism.

URANUS: Pisces, Aries
Uranus is currently in Pisces, up to February 7 2019, points out strong intuition but scarce wish. Uranus is the planet of the reaction, and in Pisces the reaction is auto-destructive from here the martyrs that damage themselves for too much sufference. The people are empathetic. The religions are progressive.
From February 7 2019, each has his/her personal and inimitable style and a tendency to often change his/her own habits. People are confident and think about renewing their character. The people dare and they react with decision.

CHIRON: Aquarius, Pisces
Up to February 18 2019 Chiron is in Aquarius, therefore the people will resolve their problems through the friends and the technology, they will ask suggestions on internet and they will be supported by community.
From 2019, the people will prefer to resolve alone the problems, privately and secretly. They will secretly suffer also, without adequately expressing it. The martyrdom continues and is emphasized here.

NEPTUNE: Aquarius
From here the title of the decade, deception. Visionary concepts respect to justice and social equality. Neptune confuses, it deceives, it disappoints, it deludes: the associations, the societies, the communities, the political parties and the friendships in general, and also the net internet, will be deceptive, they will bring confusion and chaos, they will delude with great dreams and they will disappoint with false hopes false promises.

PLUTO: Sagittarius
Decade of information, power to the news, we are invaded by news of every kind that arrives more and more quickly. Is a decade of passion for tourism, possibly in religious places, the concept of distance is transformed. New religious, philosophical, scholastical values. Passion for long trips and adventures in extreme condition, and wild places. Passion for study in foreign countries.
To the negative brings religious radicalism, terrorism in religious places, school shootings. The scholastic systems must be radically modified. Lack of touch and tendency to gaffes of every kind.

Saturn conjuncted Pluto in Sagittarius, 2017-2020, and in Capricorn from 2021 to 2023; repressed emotions come out, and we can choose what to do with them. We feel out of control and shaken.
2012-2019, Chiron conjucted Neptune in Aquarius: loneliness and isolation through the attachment to the technology. Spirituality recovers, but there is fear of unknown. Extremely sensitive generation and easily sensitive.

The American civil war had this transit.

Soon will come other decades, I already prepared the whole thing up to 2110.
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posted on Apr, 13 2012 @ 03:18 PM
sorry for the one liner i could ramble on and on about nothing just to obey the rules of ats and appease the mods as much as OOPS

i cant wait to read the rest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

posted on Apr, 13 2012 @ 03:29 PM
reply to post by Zagari

...The American civil war had this transit.


And, may i ask.... does your analysis work together with/ in conjunction with the pragmatic 'Fourth Turning' which also states that we will be, in part, re-experiencing cycles that were present during the Civil War

It would be interesting to connect the cycles of recurring planetary alignments... i.e.: melding both astrology & The Fourth Turning predictions....[[stars & planets-v-generational changes]]

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posted on Apr, 13 2012 @ 03:47 PM
The 2020s: " The Decade of Ambition " ( 2020- 2029 )

SATURN: Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, Pisces, Aries
Up to 16 December of the 2020 Saturn it is still in Sagittarius, therefore problems with trips, scholastic system and religions. From December of the 2020 Saturn it is in Capricorn, and it has a stronger power because it is in the house. Dictatorial methods, authoritarian, incapability to share, melancholy, people want to do everything by themselves.
From March 7 th 2023, Saturn is in Aquarius, that is positive to get success and command through the manipulation ( manipulation ruled by Aquarius ).
From summer 2025, Saturn is in Pisces, it doesn't favor the material success, sensibility to the hardness of the life, tendency to be disappointed.
From April 12th 2028, Saturn is in Aries, that slows down the initiative, and it decreases the energetic duration. Stubbornness. The people want to appear responsible and they will rebel to the given orders.

CHIRON: Pisces, Aries
For half of the decade, Chiron is still in Pisces, the people privately resolve the problems, they secretly suffer, and the martyrdom is emphasized.
In the second half of the decade, the people suffer from problems of anger, and they will discharge the problems during animated discussions. This position points out the beginning of wars " to recover " a wound, to resolve a problem through direct attack.

URANUS: Aries, Taurus
Up to March 3rd 2025, Uranus is in Aries, the people dare and they react with sincerity and determination. People are confident and think about changing his/her own character. The style is inimitable.
From March 3rd 2025 the economy is undulated and tends to sudden changes, concrete objectives can be reached through patience. Mania to collect strange objects. Environmentalists become radical. Possible beginning of problems with food distribution.

NEPTUNE: Aquarius, Pisces
Until April 2023, Neptune is still in Aquarius and therefore continuation occurs, with political parties deceptions, insincere friendships, than in April 2023, Neptune enters home sign and it is stronger. Deep thoughts and high comprehension of life. Compassion and empathy augment. Materialism is not anymore valued positively, exploration will be made of the human soul deeply inside us.
Tendency to decept is more concealed, ideals are mis-perceived and used to delude. People dream without acting. Religious associations and hospital are responsible of such deceptions.

PLUTO: Sagittarius, Capricorn
Until January 2021, Pluto is still in Sagittarius, therefore it continues passion for long trips, tourism and extreme adventures in wild places. There is still religious radicalism.
From January 26 2021, Pluto enters the sign of discipline and ambition, responsibility and career.

The governments, the police be even more on the people, and the tendency will be emphasized to bring too many plans to increase the global safety. People will be very ambitious and will prefer to advance in the career rather than to put on family, his/her parents are too much absent because they work and get much more duties. The elderly ones are put aside, patriotism is forgotten and nations unite to achieve power positions.
The clashes will be emphasized between citizens and governments, must be watched out because police will tend to exceed in violence and abuse of power. Every kind of corruption is exposed and fought.
This position of pluto must succeed in creating a more balanced and correct government, more democratic but at the beginning dictatorships will return in auge.

February 2023 - April 2023 and May 2025 - April 2028, Saturn conjuncted Neptune. structure and concrete form to ideal and dreams. Separation of forgery from truth. Insecurity and dissefaction must be faced with, Too much fast to say yes to others.

April 2028- May 2030 Saturn conjuncted Chiron in Aries: Demanding and distant relatives, experience of failure, lack of discipline because decisions don't be taken. The mind it is closed to the alternatives.

April 2023- April 2026, Neptune conjuncted Chiron in Pisces: hurt in partnerships because of wrong direction of one's abilities, wrong use of talent. Difficulty with disegualities.

Other decades coming soon! I already prepared the whole thing up to 2110.

posted on Apr, 13 2012 @ 03:55 PM
reply to post by St Udio

I never heard of that, sorry. I live in Italy and we have not so much of the information relatively to astrology, in fact I use english language websites to get professional information.
Also, I wanted to say that if you try searching info on google about sidereal astrology, it becomes incredibly difficult, details are scarce and it took hours to me to even just search one of Neptune next entry in a sign.
But eventually I gained enough info to develop this kind of thread.

Wait until I post 2040s decade! It is so very detailed and interesting, plenty of unheard stuff, in my opinion. Also, special times come starting 2095. This too is coming soon.

posted on Apr, 14 2012 @ 05:33 AM
reply to post by Zagari

You spent 2 days to write this?


posted on Apr, 14 2012 @ 05:36 AM
Ok, I know nothing about the topic.

Just want to know why Gemini is not here??


posted on Apr, 14 2012 @ 02:56 PM
reply to post by Chadwickus

What's wrong with this? I have a passion for astrology, and I was forced to spend my whole day in the bed, what else could I do? I love researching stuff, even while recovering from illnesses.

Guys, wait a bit, because I'm kinda busy these days. Check sometimes and I'll post the rest.

posted on Jul, 26 2012 @ 11:45 PM
I have used the tropical zodiac for 40 yrs.
I am now using the Sidereal Zodiac with tropical interpretation.
I am in a very small group doing this but I am finding it works.

posted on Jul, 28 2012 @ 02:44 AM
Alright first I have to say that, I've been studying astrology intensely for the past few years.

I've argued with colleagues on the validity of sidereal vs. tropical astrology during my first few months of studying astrology, and have realized that the difference is moot.

Not to sound egocentric but I'm also an astrophysics grad student, and it wasn't until I took a variety of philosophy classes that I started my interest in astrology.

They are one and the same; the only difference being that sidereal is based on the constellations (the stars themselves) whereas tropical relies on the seasons and consequentially the Roman zodiac which is associated with it.

They're one in the same. So you can't mix them up. Sidereal relies on the extremely slow-moving stars and constellations, and the planets' relations to them.

Tropical relies on the earth's seasons, the moon's cycles, and the planets revolutions as they cycle the STATIC constellations.

So the tropical definition of "Gemini" is worlds different than the sidereal definition. It's like... using physics to describe a reaction vs. chemistry to describe it. They both get the same result but the method is WORLDS different.

I personally use sidereal astrology when reading people's horoscopes when I look at individual stars, and tropical when I look at the zodiac/houses/etc.

The sole gratificational manner of looking at your horoscope with sidereal methods, I think, would be using a well-established astrological method such as Vedic astrology, which encompasses COMPLETELY different method, of which I'm not familiar with.

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