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'Sniper Alley' McDonald's shows change in Bosnia,Bosnia Been Americanized

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posted on Apr, 12 2012 @ 06:35 PM

What was the biggest change I saw? How about a drive-thru McDonalds on a former snipers' alley! Some people might have a problem with an American fast food restaurant in the heart of Sarajevo

It's a lot easier to rebuild structures than heal ethnic divides magnified by atrocities of war but I am hopeful Sarajevo and Bosnia are heading in the right direction.

Unfortunately David Rust Bosnia will never head into the right direction, and as for the comments David made about moving into the right direction, its like saying America is heading into the right direction or that Libya is into the right direction.

It's a lot easier to rebuild structures

I went back in Sarajevo in 2005, a lot of the civilian buildings weren't fixed the only buildings that were fixed were government offices,malls,stores,mosques but thats it.

The residential buildings weren't fixed at all the way i have seen it while i was there and i did took some pictures of the landmarks there.

Bosnia Has the biggest unemployment rate in Europe, even if Bosnia does join the European union, it wont create any jobs just look at Greece, The European Union is just doing a great at creating for Greece aren't they?
The current unemployment rate for Bosnia is around 43% could be even higher.

Some people might have a problem with an American fast food restaurant in the heart of Sarajevo

I do have a problem with that it means Europe and the Balkans are been Americanized and honestly having McDonalds isn't having a real job.

Heres a Ethnic map showing you who are the majority you should be surprised to know that for 2012 Bosnians didn't want take part in the ethnics group map update.

Here's some more.

Before the war map.

Greater Serbia is a Myth.
Here is the other map of ethnic map of Bosnia before the war in 1992

And yes the Albanians are spreading into Macedonia and a half parts of Serbia as seen here in the map

Bosnian Muslims: Pink
Bosnian Serbs & Serbs:Blue

Now why is it that the greater Serbia is a myth? for a Greater Serbia to exist and happen Serbian population had to spike through the roof and beating the other minorities.

For in this case it hasn't occurred.
Why Were There Serbs In Croatia? Here Is Your Answer

Look at the map.

Look at where it says Croatia joined Yugoslavia 1819
Yugoslavia Was Known As "Kingdom of Serbs,Croats, and Slovenees" Not Greater Serbia
"Kingdom of Serbs,Croats, and Slovenees" Not Greater Serbia. And thats why i am saying its a Myth.

The only people who have used the term Greater Serbia is the mainstream news outlets, sounds to me these same news outlets have failed there history classes.

I am sad that Bosnia is been Americanized, when i was a child in Bosnia i dont remember McDonald, nor burger king and i didn't mind it.

The kids were doing just fine without McDonald, and i doubt things will get any better.

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posted on Apr, 12 2012 @ 07:32 PM
It's always sad to see any country "Americanized". The ethnic divides in the entire region are pretty wide spread.. for instance Montenegro is roughly 40% Serbian. IMO though Ethnicity only goes so far.. ultimately it's cultural. And since the region is being "Americanized" we can look to America as an example. Myself, I am ethnically Irish. Both sides of my family came from Ireland in the early 1900's. But culturally I'm an American. In Bosnia, before the war, there are many, many, many stories of people, Serba, Croats, Muslim, etc getting along perfectly fine. Then when the SHTF literally, everything changed.. people sending e-mails to their Muslim friends to get out of the country, family's instantly divided.. and within weeks widespread ethnic cleansing is occurring.

Culturally they were not that different.. but once a charismatic ruler convinces a population and all hell breaks lose, once close neighbors were killing, raping, torturing each other over perceived ethnic divides. I say perceived because the actual DNA divisions are nearly non existent. Historically the entire region is interbred amongst each other.. Serbs claiming to be Serbs may very well genetically be Albanians, it all comes down to what you identify as. I do agree there is no "Greater Serbia" .. Serbia has never been the predominate kingdom nor the dominate ethnicity in the region.

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