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Spain plans to clamp down on protests with new laws

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posted on Apr, 12 2012 @ 12:14 PM
Spain right now is well on its way on becoming the next greese with unemployment
being the largest in europe at 24% of the population and has a debit problem which
is getting worst and is just under 80% of GDP
After a general strike on March 29th the spanish goverment now plans to make new laws
to deal with any form of protest even those that offer passive resistance.

Spanish interior minister Jorge Fernandez Diaz yesterday announced in Congress planned reforms that would introduce harsh new punishments for those involved in organising street protests that "seriously disturb the public peace". A minimum jail term of two years could be imposed on those found guilty of instigating and carrying out violent acts of protest, and organising such demonstrations through social networks would carry the same penalty as involvement in a criminal organisation. Even more alarmingly, acts of "passive resistance" will also carry harsher punishments under the proposed legislation, and it will be an offence, said Mr Diaz, to "breach authority using mass active or passive resistance against security forces and to include as a crime of assault any threatening or intimidating behaviour". Attempts to disrupt public services, such as the recent blockades of bus and train stations by Spanish protestors during a general strike on March 29th, would also be treated as a crime.

Further Crackdown On Dissent As The Elite Prepare For Mass Uprising

Spain accused of draconian plans to clamp down on protests

Now if your spainish greek or italian and are a little upset about your country being milked dry
of money to pay off debits just go stand over there in the corner and protest in a quiet and out
of sight way and you wont be arrested.
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