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Physics,Waves,Cymatics,Gravity,Solar Systems,Levitation,Dinosaurs,21/12/12 + the great minds of ATS

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posted on Apr, 11 2012 @ 09:27 AM
Basically, i am autistic and in the last year have really started to become fascinated by physics and everything about it. Unfortunately i never studied it at all when i was young, so the equations and formulas are beyond me otherwise i know i would have studied them all my life. So i am left to just think on things on a different level as i can't study or prove anything.

So this leads me to this post. I want to make it clear that is a light hearted discussion and debate which i hope will help me to learn more about what is and what is not possible. I am not trying to say that this is my theory or that this is right, i just want to open a debate or discussion and bring some smart minds together. i just want to explore possibilities, delve into different theories and explore different areas of thinking. I want this to be a friendly discussion and something that can be used to bring great minds here at ATS together and to teach both myself and other people who are interested in physics.I hope i will learn a lot from people who have studied physics and can teach me a thing or two.

This thread and thoughts were all made last night by my mind wanting to learn more about Dr Sylvester James (Jim) Gates, Jr and more specifically this great ATS thread started by Ajax84
Evidence of Simulation Hypothesis and more specifically, the video within it which is posted below:

this led me to look for more videos on him and i came across two videos, one a reply to the other, the first video is below and an interesting watch
Physics of the hidden world

and the video based on that video

So on with the ramblings of an autistic

what if the universe was essentially at one point not controlled by a wave (pre "big bang")

what if the big bang was the turning on or activating of the wave, suddenly forcing all the particles into a forced place? forcing particles that existed happily together to suddenly be smashed together by the force of the wave frequency and vibration, the "big bang" if you will, natures LHC only much more powerful.

GRAVITY= vibration from the wave,gravity itself does not really exist, it is just the power created by the wave vibration forcing us into position, the same as cymatics. If you tried to alter the pattern in a cymatic image you would not be able to, the particles would always re form due to the force (gravity) of the cymatic vibrations

i used to imagine the earth as a rock, maybe a broken piece from a bigger rock. but what if it was never like that? what if it was the opposite? imagine a solar system not under control of the wave, everything is separated and particles are just floating around doing their own thing. By activating "turning on" the wave we get cymatics and the frequency and vibration of the wave caused particles to be forced to certain points within the solar system (centre of earth). These particles combined or grouped together to create the iron core, the centre of the earth

EARTHS CORE = significant point on the repeating wave (highest point?) if you travel far enough along the wave you reach a different state (zero gravity for example) the same as cymatics create the images by forcing the salt (particles) together (high point) and leaving areas with nothing or different states (low point) of the wave?
so travelling far enough away from the earths core (high point of wave) = zero gravity (because we have broken from the frequency of the high point of the wave and now reside further down the side of of the wave arc and so in a different state with different "laws" and environment.

What if everything else other than the iron core of earth is just rubbish that has collected around the core, building up over millions of years as the particles try to reach the centre point but can't because of the iron core, so they gather equally around the core, and build up and up (why things are perfectly spherical, they are all trying to reach the centre point because they are being forced to by gravity (wave freq+vibration) and magnetism and it's why the earth and other planets aren't oddly and all diferently shaped and why they are so perfectly spherical?

What if the layers of earth are just layers of rubbish that built up over thousands (millions?) of years. What if the grass and trees and,essentially, us humans are nothing more than mould or fungi that has grown on the object over the years? so rather than the earth being a piece of rock that has broken from a bigger piece, we are actually the result of the particles building up in one place for millions of years? Essentialy we built up from nothing and gradually built up in size over millions of years as more particles found their way along the wave into the highest point, then finding themselves being forced by the cymatics into the centre of the earth.

What if the SOLAR SYSTEM = the high point of the wave and other solar systems = similar repeating high points of the continuous wave?
what if the center of our solar system (in the milky way i think??) is where the frequency comes from? it is what controls and holds our entire solar system together

Vibrational Levitation - what if all our planets are where they are and suspended in space due to 3D Cymatics? The wave vibration coming from the source cause the planets to be where they are and our solar system is effectively one huge 3D cymatic image created by the vibration of the wave?

Dinosaurs + Dec 21st 2012

As far as i understand it the earths magnetic field is increasing in frequency, it used to be 7hz and is now around 12hz

What happens when the cymatic frequency is changed? the entire state of the image is changed
What if the reason why the universe seems to have gone through different stages is because of the changing frequency and as the solar system breaks away from one frequency (cymatic image) it reaches the point where the previous image breaks and is basically reformed? as the frequency increases it reforms to create a new image.

What if the dinosaurs where not made extint by a big meteor but actually because the solar system passed through the cymatic breaking point? moving from one picture state to start to reform into another? The world back then and what it is now is incredibly different, in terms of the animals and beings that inhabited it. Perhaps the environment in which they survived was altered by entering into a new frequency range that changed the image, making it harder and almost impossible for the species to live in the new "image" and so they eventually died out?

What if, as the earth increases in frequency, we will also reach a "breaking point" where the laws of our world will start to change as we move from one cymatic image into another? maybe this is along the terms of the dec 21st 2012 prophecy? Maybe the mayans were able to calculate the exact time where the frequency of the earth would reach its breaking point, as it pulls away from the image it controlled for thousands or millions of years and starts to form a new picture as dictacted by the frequency of the wave.

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posted on Apr, 11 2012 @ 09:29 AM
Could it be that the new stage of evolution of our solar system and everything within it will be caused by the increasing frequency changing and passing from one image state into a new image state?

The theory of everything = the source code of the wave that controls our solar system

The wave function theory seems to explain our world and universe in a much more real way than anything i've heard before.
But the big questions would remian
who made the wave or how was it activated to create the big bang?
who controls it, why is the frequency of the earth increasing?
where is the wave located? in what dimension? where is it?

the never ending loop - the chicken and the egg
what remains a big worry in my mind is that i can't find an answer as to how we exist. You can't go from a state of nothing to a state of something. You need ingredients, so how did we ever begin to exist? the more i think on it the more it worries me. We shouldn't exist. The universe can't have ever been in a state of nothing because we would have remained that way, but also we can't have started from a state of something because then how were those somethings created? and how were the things that created them created? how were the ingredients made?

there just seems to be no answer, we can't have started from a state of nothing or a state of something, so how the hell do we exist?

So, after all that, i want to learn from the minds here on ATS about what they think is possible and not, does the wave theory have validity? is this where physics is heading? i certainly get the impression that we are heading towards a far greater understanding, and that actually the path that it is taking us is one that intrigues me greatly and it seems to be heading in very interesting directions, holograms, the matrix,simulation etc. A formula to describe how everything in our universe is the way it is, one specific theory of everything.

Truly fascinating and i hope to learn a lot more

posted on Apr, 11 2012 @ 09:47 AM
reply to post by Equ1nox

As far as i understand it the earths magnetic field is increasing in frequency, it used to be 7hz and is now around 12hz

The Earth's magnetic field doesn't have a stable frequency.

If it did it would be a range in the order of one cycle per 200,000 to 700,000 years.

Hertz measures cycles per second.

Just out of interest....How do you define the word wave?

posted on Apr, 11 2012 @ 09:53 AM
well it's based on the 2nd video i posted, the physics of the hidden world. I watched that and that was what led me to start thinking about things like that. If you watch the video it might be clearer my thinking than me trying to explain it myself lol.

edit : this might help:
based on Bohms "implicate order"
2.10 in
"since particles would not be viewed as primary, it would no longer make sense to say that they have their own separate wave function. Rather particles would derive from a single wave fucntion for the entire universe"

it seems to be indicating that instead of focussing on the particles themselves, the wave is more important and the key. So rather than thinking of them having their own wave, there is only one wave and that wave controls everything within it, and so in theory, everything in the universe is quantum entangled

"The physical world would in essence be the product of a giant naturally occurring quantum computer program"

hope that makes some sense lol
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posted on Apr, 11 2012 @ 10:07 AM
reply to post by Equ1nox

it seems to be indicating that instead of focussing on the particles themselves, the wave is more important and the key. So rather than thinking of them having their own wave, there is only one wave and that wave controls everything within it, and so in theory, everything in the universe in quantum entangled

Wouldn't that mean that when a physicist/scientist flips/changes/charge/charms an entangled would flip/charge/change/charm all the particles in the universe?

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posted on Apr, 11 2012 @ 10:18 AM
i really don't know, like i said, i have never studied physics but it's the only thing in the world that really intrigues me and blows my mind.

I think in essence the answer to your question is yes. I can't say for certain but i would recommend the video to explain everything.

It talks about making a model for Bohms implicate order and that it's a schrodinger hologram wave and to do with fourier sine waves. Basically one giant wave and the world that we live in is a result of the wave, like we are holograms or something caused by the wave.

watch the vid
, i can't really answer anything because i myself am trying to learn more about it from people who know what they are talking about. I'm hoping that other people will get involved who are experienced in physics, i find it fascinating and would love to have more minds involved in discussing the videos, i just can't offer much myself

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posted on Apr, 11 2012 @ 11:34 AM
reply to post by Equ1nox

You're welcome to delve into my signature file as well as a direct link:

System of Truth

posted on Apr, 11 2012 @ 12:56 PM
reply to post by Americanist

thanks Americanist, my biggest problem is getting easily confused by all the terms, i am very good at understanding things and learn very quickly, but can only do it in simple forms. So it will take me a good few reads of your article to really fully understand it. That's my biggest problem having never read or studied physics, i'm really quite annoyed with myself because if i had have studied it in school i'm sure it would be my career.

posted on Apr, 12 2012 @ 09:02 AM
reply to post by Equ1nox

My advice to you, would be to go to your local library, and get some primer books out on basic particle physics, applied physics, and biology.

If you read them from the position of a layman, and just drag out the salient points, that will give you a framework to base your next theoretical suggestion on, and will allow you to refine this one. I do not doubt that if you just break your reading down into chunks, and slow feed yourself that data, you will be able to use it more effectively than you will the data provided in the videos you have linked, and the internet based stuff you have mentioned.

Theres no need to grasp the mathematics involved with any accuity. I have a physicist friend who has always maintained that if there were more creative thinkers and less mathematicians in physics, then more progress would be made. I think if you put your head down to it, you will be able to make some very interesting suggestions, at least that is the impression I get from your thread so far.

posted on Apr, 12 2012 @ 12:18 PM
yeah my problem is not being able to take what other people say and try to prove it or further it. The video i posted was easier to understand because it had the visuals, i understood what they were saying, if not all the terms used. The more i watch it the more i understand the finer details.

It was really a case of watching it and then when i went to bed my brain was just buzzing away as it does. It just took what it understood from the videos and basically applied the one wave,universe is result of the freq and vibrations etc to the various things i mentioned above. Obviously there's a lot that i don't know and understand that greater minds will be able to say yes or no to different possibilities.
the universe seems so complex, but im sure if they ever figure out a theory of everything then actually it will all make sense and seem quite straight forward. When i thought about the wave theory it seemed to be possible that various different things could be caused by the freq and vibrations. Im 32 now and really wished i'd been at this stage 15 years ago lol

posted on Nov, 7 2014 @ 12:09 PM
this thread just blew my mind. i was trying to put the pieces together and looked up some key phrases and here it is. cymatics might be the key to unlocking the grand existential codex. does anyone else get the feeling that maybe numbers have synesthetic properties...?
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posted on Nov, 8 2014 @ 12:06 AM
a reply to: TzarChasm

does anyone else get the feeling that maybe numbers have synesthetic properties.

Numbers are not things. They are a tool invented by humans. They are an idea.
They are a tool which can be used for things as simple as keeping track of my stuff (I have two eggs left, better go to the store) or for things as complex as describing how things occur at a subatomic level.

But they are not that stuff that they can keep track of and they are not subatomic particles. Mathematics is a tool which can be used to describe reality, it is not reality. The only properties that numbers have are those which are assigned to them by humans.

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posted on Nov, 8 2014 @ 12:41 AM
I am a great something of ATS.....

I'll be quiet

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