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US proclaims self judge jury executioner of all terrorists, forces International extradiction, trial

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posted on Apr, 11 2012 @ 04:09 AM
an interesting case that may set the stone for future 'terrorist' roundups with USA as the hub for trial regardless of country suspected terror activity was suspected or charged or when those indefinitely imprisoned for years (as Babar's story below) are released, for a second round of charges and serving "justice"...

- Babar is a British citizen
- Is accused of a crime said to have been committed in the UK
- All the evidence against him was gathered in UK

Nevertheless, British justice appears to have been subcontracted out to whole other country - US

US appears to be wildly claiming that suspect terrorists accused of sympathizing with 9/11 (eleven years ago) should be tried where 9/11 happened - on US soil and made an example of.

Babar Ahmad is a 38 year old British Muslim and the longest detained-without-charge British detainee held as part of the global ‘war on terror’. In December 2003 Babar was arrested at his London home under anti-terror legislation. By the time he reached the police station Babar had sustained at least 73 forensically recorded injuries, including bleeding in his ears and urine. Six days later he was released without charge.
In August 2004 Babar was re-arrested in London and taken to prison pursuant to an extradition request from the US under the controversial, no-evidence-required, Extradition Act 2003. The US has alleged that in the 1990s Babar was a supporter of “terrorism”. Babar denies any involvement in terrorism. He has now been in prison for more than seven years even though he has not been charged with anything in the UK.

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posted on Apr, 11 2012 @ 04:21 AM
He was indicted by a grand jury in the US, the arrest warrant can be read here. PDF

posted on Apr, 11 2012 @ 04:47 AM
The Elephant on HBO?

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