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Hi Profile Ex-US Officials caught supporting anti-Iran terror organization MEK which has Israel ties

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posted on Apr, 11 2012 @ 02:15 AM
"Ex-US officials investigated over speeches to Iranian dissident group on terror list"

Ex-FBI Director Louis Freeh and former chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Hugh Shelton have received federal subpoenas as part of an expanding investigation into the source of payments to former top government officials who have publicly advocated removing an Iranian dissident group from the State Department list of terrorist groups, three sources familiar with the investigation told NBC News. The investigation, being conducted by the Treasury Department, is focused on whether the former officials may have received funding, directly or indirectly, from the People's Mujahedin of Iran, or MEK, thereby violating longstanding federal law barring financial dealings with terrorist groups. The sources, all of whom spoke on condition of anonymity, said that speaking fees given to the former officials total hundreds of thousands of dollars.

"Israel-MEK Relationship: Intimate and Close"

Israel teamed with terror group to kill Iran's nuclear scientists, U.S. officials say U.S. officials say that the MEK has a long history of terrorist acts, including bombings and assassinations, against Iranian leaders during the 1980s and that at least six Americans died in such attacks. The group — which was once allied with Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein — is also viewed warily because of the slavish devotion of its followers to its Paris based leader, Maryan Rajavi.

blame Israel.... only??

Bush administration secretly trained an Iranian opposition group on the State Department's list of foreign terrorists. Hersh reports the U.S. Joint Special Operations Command trained operatives from Mujahideen-e-Khalq, or MEK, at a secret site in Nevada beginning in 2005. Hersh also discusses the role of Israeli intelligence and notes the Obama administration knew about the training in terms of the MEK and in terms of operations inside Iran.

"Our Men in Iran?"

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posted on Apr, 11 2012 @ 03:47 AM
Louis Freeh... wow. I was wondering when he would get a hand caught in the cookie jar and all these guys were knee deep in 9-11. Do a search here for Louis Freeh and read some of the older threads from 2005-ish, there's some great stuff here in the vault.

posted on Apr, 11 2012 @ 12:38 PM
Ya I just read this in RT and was about to post it, bet me to it

Can't really say I'm surprised, just glad we're finally getting this information.

posted on Apr, 11 2012 @ 04:41 PM
remember last month when all things RT was banned on YT?

that was about the same time this news was coming out (the Washington-led terror training camp in Nevada, and the (now Ex-) US officials involvement thereof and with MEK/Israel)

so it seems there was some effort for western media to convince to convince Americans that RT is just Russian propaganda don't listen to them, the way most people are already convinced the smaller Press TV is Iranian sponsored propaganda.

luckily most of us realize RT is not propaganda, if u look at the vast diverse journalist base. they aren't even rather centralized. they're like the opposite of Fox news, and its bill oreilly. RT says question more, while Fox/Oreilly says no spin. couldn't be more obvious which/who to trust.

anyways washington has alot of explaining to do regarding the Nevada terrorist training camps and Israel and the Ex-US officials ditto for supporting MEK.

meanwhile, Israel (who has 200 undeclared, illegal nukes) has the nerve asking for more and more money from US for "defense" missiles

we don't have to fight other people's wars. the israelis will never get along with iran, but US could, and the mideast would be such a better place. Israel in the wrong, US choses side with wrong but 2 wrongs never make a right. esp when hypocritically in war on terror but funding them yourselfs (US & Iran) just to blame, now Iran.
that will not end well! it never does..

it's clearly a nuclear Israel -not nuclear Iran- that must be stopped...

Israel can start a nuclear holocaust if it wanted to, at the throw of a switch.

Iran? can't do ish!

posted on Apr, 11 2012 @ 04:50 PM
At some point the globalists are going to pull out and leave Britian and the US holding the bag just like they did with nazi Germany
and the rest of the world, sic of being Terrorized,
is going to do like they did with nazi Germany

it is the World wide war on Terror after all
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posted on Oct, 1 2018 @ 03:49 AM
It seems that as soon as the MEK militants leave the comfort of London or the EU , where they get funds from, they quickly get bombed in Syria and this will become a bad trend for EU taxpayers. Yep, after the EU poured so much EUros on the Mojahedin-EU Khalq and maybe a fistful of bitcoins ... it's not nice to see how quickly Iranian missiles take them out.

Ah ... long gone are the good old times when Brzezinski and Kissinger could run Islamo-fascist revolts all over the world and call them democratic, without getting the insurrectionists stomped by direct military force ...

posted on Oct, 1 2018 @ 07:57 AM
I thought the US State Department had the MEK taken off the list of bad boys so they could use them against Iran? Also means those accused of dealing with them get retrospective immunity too or charges dropped.

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