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2nd intro, continuing the search, yes YOU can help!

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posted on Apr, 10 2012 @ 06:33 PM
hi again all, this is my first real thread im starting so pardon any non conformities....

When i signed up here i started an intro thread but didnt get into too much detail because i was a bit intimidated to come forth with my problem, i still am but with the world, and my life, changing the way it is i have decided to disregaurd my intuition.

My original introduction thread can be viewed here....
hmmm ... what a strange journey this is turning into...
As you can see it was a fairly vague post in reguards to my intent and how i came across ATS.

Please understand that the experiences i am about to relay to you really happened to me (and at least one other person) and that by posting some of this information i truly feel that i may be placing myself in danger.
I have choosen to relay this info because i have recently learned of that other persons death and i no longer feel i am protecting anyone else by keeping it secret...

It is my hope that at least one member here will have some insight on what i have experienced if not more, so i hope all members will take the time and bear through this post because the help i seek could be the slightest random experience from any one of you, even if you dont agree with me or beieve my experiences are true.
To provide some insight into myself, from a young age i had always had an interest in things that were not your normal topic for someone my age, by the age of 10 i had already read many books on spirituality and the idea that this life is like a practice round for a higher level of being and i knew in my heart and experience that they were true. It was not long after that i began to practice meditating and having vivid dreams in which i could control the entire environment around me including myself. Flying or teleporting (for lack of a better term) was as easy as breathing and i can remeber some instances where i could manipulate and control objects and other "people" in these experiences.

From then on i became very aware of my surroundings and began to see signs all around me leading me on some path, back then i knew less about that path than i do now, and even now i am searching for more information.
I began to have vivid dreams and experienced deja'vu on a regular basis and for many years. I could recognize when it happened and even be able to follow incidents for several minutes or in one case a few hours where i am familiar with more than what surrounds me and able to (predict is the wrong word) what was going to happen within that experience, something that i have not been able to experience for some time now, not really sure how long...

It was in 1996 in a southern suburb of Phoenix Arizona. WE had an experience that i can only describe as a joint OBE, only from an outside perspective even our bodies were somehow unaccounted for which i can not explain because it was information that was relayed to me from a third person who insists they were looking in the house we were in and could not find us.

It is hard for me to understand what happened exactly in this experience and even harder for me to understand how this other person, who was definitely NOT a believer and to the best of my knowledge had no understanding of any of these topics, was able to join me. I sometimes wonder if my endevours that night may have accidentally pulled him along with me...

As i lay there and entered my meditation i began to feel awkward, almost like a dizzy feeling followed by what i thought was wind, at first i thought my freind had turned a fan on and i opened my eyes and turned to him to ask him to turn it off (i never liked fans) but to my shock, and it was a serious shock, we were not in that room.

I remeber standing there in awe at what i saw, to the point that i could not move. I was above a large city but it was unlike an i have seen or heard of. The entire city was build on and within a massive pyramid like structure that i was slowly approaching.
I could make out the inhabitants of this city perfectly and could see them all clearly (even the ones within the city itself). They all had the same features which were not much to tell of, a dark hooded robe covered each of them from head to toe so that when they moves it seemed as they were floating. The robes had a golden or orange hue to them but were still very dark and the hoods didnt even reveal the slightest feature of thier faces but the same glowing hues shown even brighter from where thier faces would have been. The robes themselves were one peice and had no sash or rope to hold them on as you would think of a bathrobe we would use and they were all adorned with a brighter, almost metal material around the openings of the face and the hands and thier feet.

I couldnt beleive what i was seeing and i was seriously shocked to the point i could not move. It was once i recognized that i couldnt move that one of these people walked from behind me and stood beside me, just behind my freind who i assumed was also in as much shock as me. This person then urged me to proceed and pointed down towards the city. its presence was most comforting and i found i could move freely again, almost like in my vivid dreams, but with far less control than i was familiar with. I could not influence these people or even my freind who at that point began to panic. I grabbed his arm and tried to pull him along with me as i approached the city, but he didnt want to come and the "monk" as i now call them insisted that i should go without him.

As i drew closer to the city i noticed that all these "monks" seemed to be performing some ritual and were all beginning to congregate near the apex of this city/pyramid. They all seemed to be moving in sync with one particular group of these monks who were moving throughout the city and the others would begin to follow them, so i found a place ahead of them and waited for them to pass. As they approached i saw that there were several of the monks moving in unison around one in particular. and then i noticed something else began to change.

As they aproached where i was i felt a great feeling of power and of life and of love, and it was then that i noticed that the one monk in the middle of this group was carrying a small light. As they drew closer i could also feel a sense of animosity comeing from the monks and it seemed tha it was directed at me but they made no motions toward me or against me and allowed me to watch them pass by. The light that the one monk was carrying grew brighter as it came closer and as it passed in front of me i looked and saw what it was, i immediately associated it with what some spiritual/metaphysical writings refer to as the "source"

continued below...sry im running out of room...............

posted on Apr, 10 2012 @ 06:57 PM
i also immediately recognized that thier intent was not what i would associate with "good" and i knew then that i had to act. I looked around quickly and saw the monk who had approached me earlier next to my freind, it was the first time i had looked at my surroundings from within and i noticed that the entire city was held within some type of sphere, and on what seemed like the perimeter of that sphere were an unknown number of what i can only say were windows.
In a moment i could that each of these windows seemed to look out into "our" world and i knew what had to be done,

I returned my attention to the monk who had carried this light and it was now placing the light upon some alter in the center/top of this city and i knew that it was about to be sacrificed and the thought scared me.
so i ran to it and i grabbed it and i began to move out and away from the city and towards my freind, but i then found that i had become lost within this city, it had somehow turned into a labyrinth of passages and tunnels and doorways.
I tried so hard to "teleport"myself to a familiar setting but had no luck, the monks who now beginning to close in on me were at that point very malevolent and i felt like my life was in danger. Just at the last possible second i remeber my freinds hand reaching out to me and he pulled up and out of the city somehow and onto some platform, like an invisble escalator step, that was moving up and away from the city and towards one of the windows i had seen before.

I remeber vividly the image in the window was not familiar to me, It was a dog, a shepard of some type i think. Its head was cocked to one side and its tail was wagging behind it. the dog had a collar on and i could make out the writing enough to know it was spanish, i quickly decided it was not our way out and i looked at some of the other windows trying to find at least one i recognized, then i noticed the one monk who had helped us, beconing me to a particular window which was blank. As we approached the window the city below began to fade from sight and the next thing i remeber i was surrounded by emptiness.

It wasnt darkness but nothing at all, just me and the light. I can recall running in the emptiness scared i was lost forever, and hearing in the background these loiud and booms that i associated with doors being slammed. This went on for some time until i decided i had no way out, i was trapped and i remeber huddling over this light and surrendering myself to it.

the last part is the part that makes me scared, as i began to feel the light taking me over i began to struggle for some reason, almost to the point it seemed like i was trying to dig my out of a grave, then i began to feel a shift and the next thing that hapend was i pulled myself out of the wall of a different bedrrom in the same house where i had been getting ready to meditate earlier. When i came out of the room, i saw the freind i was with who was coming out of the same room we had started in...he was pale like he had just seen a ghost.

We began to talk in the hallway and then argue when the owner of the house came into the hallway also in shock to see us. He said that he had looked everywhere for us when he woke up and thought we had left.

We talked this only one time after and soon after i moved from arizona. It was then i think, that i began to lose my ability to vivid dream and even meditate properly, the deja vu also left me then, or i think it was then because i can not remeber a significant example of it since, until recently.

Thats it in a nutshell, i tried to leave it short and sweet. i could have added so much more details about the "monks" and the city and the "source" but i feel that will only hamper my intent of finding people who may have had a similar experience or ever seen similar "monks" or even heard of a city desrcibed as what i saw.

Please i ask of you who are still reading this, if you have any recall of any events or beings or places like this please come forward, i am desparately trying to find the source i lost in that experience, because of certain events that have been happing to me i feel it is time to return the source to its place.

If you know what i speak of and are afraid as i was to speak about it feel free to message, i will know also know if you are lying becaus eof certain details you may have that i intentionally left out.

Thanks all and be well!

posted on Apr, 11 2012 @ 08:21 AM
Very interesting story. Starred & flagged

posted on Apr, 11 2012 @ 08:36 AM
Interesting experience my friend. I have one question though, this other person death you talk about, was the same person that was with you through all that experience? If so, what do you think happened to him? And are you afraid of the same fate happening to you?

I'm sorry I don't have the same experiences as you but hope someone else may give you a hand on that.

posted on Apr, 11 2012 @ 09:12 AM
reply to post by TheEnlightenedOne

well, yes the freind that died was the same one who was with me in this experience, im not sure if it had anything to do with the experience itself but i do know that afterwards, whenever i tried to speak of this event he always retreated from the conversation.
I when i learned he had died i was sad and found that he had developed a drug problem sometime after this experience and then had overdosed some years later. I cant say that it was caused by this experience but i knew this person fairly well, and thought that he was not the type of person to use drugs.

As for me, i dont have any drug related problems. I do however fear for my safety, i am not sure how or why but after this experience, when i began to lose my connection with my surroundings i found that i was not completely out of touch. I still can see the shadow people when they come around. Sometimes it is coupled with sleep paralysis, and sometimes i can just see them creeping about when i am wide awake, always i can feel there presence before i see them.
Im not sure if my fear is unfounded or not but i do know that i had never experienced seeing shadow people or sleep paralysis prior to this event...i feel in my gut they are watching me and waiting for me to reveal where the light is...but i honestly dont know what happened to it during that experience, i have some idea that it is safe but i cant be positive.

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