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The Question of Indoctrination at the University of California

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posted on Apr, 9 2012 @ 07:31 AM
A study of the political demographics at the University of California has been in the TV news lately. Accusations of far left management and indoctrination at the University of California. Accusations of the far left showing 'lack of diversity' and 'lack of tolerance' for anything not far left. A question of government funding (tax money) being spent on the university because of their 'lack of diversity'. Let's see if it's true or not.

I can hear ATSers now ... 'DUH, California University leans left ... no surprise'.
University of California ... social sciences dept hires one republican for every 21 democrats. Humanities .. hires one republican for every 17 democrats. etc etc. So is this 'indoctrination' as some people are saying or is it all innocent and 'of course' they'll hire tons more democrats because, afterall, California is 'democrat' right?

Wrong. Surprise ... California voter demographics Sure there are a bit more democrats, but not nearly as big of a percentage difference as what the school is hiring.

Maybe there are more democrats in the humanities and sciences fields etc etc?? I couldn't find general - across the country - political demographics for these fields but I'm really doubting that the 21/1 ratio that the University of California is showing is a fair reflection.

The University of California budget is over 20 billion $$ a year. Should state and federal money be continuing to fund the University when it is severely lacking in diversity and tolerance? Or, because the lack of diversity and tolerance is political and therefore 'invisible' (not like discrimination against skin color or gender) that it's somehow okay and can be ignored? Should tax money still be spent on the school because, afterall, it DOES educate (or indoctrinate) students and having them educated (or indoctrinated) at a higher level is better than not having them educated (or indoctrinated) at all? I have no opinion on this. It's California and I live 3,000 miles away. It's obvious bias on the part of the University of California and I'd like to see that bias acknowledged (so people can make educated choices when it comes to higher education) but as far as the government money (tax money) going to the school ... I don't have an opinion one way or the other.

Budget University of California
PDF pie charts - budget

The Radicalization of the University of California

For example, in 2004 Daniel Klein, an economics professor at George Mason University, and researcher Andrew Western published a study of the voter registrations of faculty at UC-Berkeley. They found that the ratio of Democrats to Republicans was 4 to one in Berkeley's professional schools, 10 to one in the hard sciences, 17 to one in the humanities, and 21 to one in the social sciences. As the report notes, "left faculty now outnumber right faculty by huge margins in every department, but the margins become virtually exclusionary as politics become more relevant to the work of the department." Progressive and radical professors tend to favor the like-minded in hiring new faculty and to try to block the hiring of young academics with different political views, the report notes.

Leftism at UC leaves many with unbalanced education, study says
Crisis of Competence - The Corrupting Effect of Political Activism in the University of California
Univerisity of California Leftist Echo Chamber Drowns Out Diverse Voices
The Political Attack on our Universities
Wall Street Journal - How California Colleges Indoctrinate Students

posted on Apr, 9 2012 @ 09:27 AM
Well, here's the thing: I want to see similar studies of the engineering and business department. Bet you'd find similar behavior amongst them if they're Republican.

I also want to see a sample of the how many social sciences and humanities people are actually Republican.

I say this because I know that most people I know that majored in those fields were extremely hippie and fluffy. Can't imagine too many of them actually being Republicans.

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