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Aristotle on metaphysics, oh yeah

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posted on Apr, 7 2012 @ 09:37 PM
chapter 2 from V11(on man in the universe).....

Substance seems to belong most obviously to bodies.Thus we call animals and plants and their parts substances, and also the natural bodies such as fire, water, earth and the like, and all the things that are either portions of them or composed of them, either of the parts of them or of them altogether, as are the heaven and its parts, the stars,moon and sun. We must ask then whether these are the only substances, or there are others beside, or whether only some of these are substances, or some and not others, or none of them at all but only some other things. Some think that the boundaries of bodies-namely, surfaces, lines, points, and dots_are substances and more truly so than the body or anything solid. Others do not believe in anything is substance but the objects of sense: still others say there are eternal beings, more numerous and more real than sense objects...

long time studies ...think hard and object a little

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