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Move over ASIANS! EUROPEANS claim to be EARLIEST Ancestors of (now 95% EXTINCT) Native Americans

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posted on Apr, 5 2012 @ 05:00 PM
well at least some 5% of Native Americans survived the Holocaust (hugest genocide in modern history), at the hands of our nations founding fathers/colonizers.

unlike the Tasmanian natives people, who are now officially an EXTINCT ethnic group thanks to the British.

here's a pic of the LAST 4 Tasmanian natives that ever lived:

anyways, luckily some native american blood lives on on "reserves" and even in some ATSers blood/ancestry, yippy. if you are part native american, does that make you part asiatic or of Asian origin? apparently Asians migrated thru and populated a virtually uninhabited North America some 30,000 yrs ago!

Anthropologist Helen Routree points out the first Thanksgiving would most objectively be 30K years ago in Alaska:

BUT WAIT A MINUTE... - Touche! - .now it is being claimed that EUROPEANS came even earlier(!?) than that, FIRST! to settle and colonize America:

So it is now being claimed with anthrop 'evidence', that EUROPEANS were the FIRST NATIVE AMERICANS!

hmmm we learned in history class it was Columbus "discovered" america, then DNA studies showed it was ASIANS, now Europeans (again) are trying to prove it was Euros who came *even* earlier than the earliest Asians

*cough* *ahem*

oh dear, what would the Native Americans say? (if enough survived to settle this)

posted on Apr, 5 2012 @ 05:09 PM
columbus discovered nothing! he was sent west because tptb knew it was here already!
they have founc caucasion remains in america at a time there shouldn't have been.
thet found mummified red and blonde haired bodies with full beards and plaid tartens in china that shouldnt be there.
why cant these geniouses just realize that all the different people have been all around the world long before we did?
cocain in mummies(ya i know this has been debunked by the experts-but i dont buy it!) chinese anchors off the coast of california. T.B in ancient remains in south america!

posted on Apr, 5 2012 @ 05:21 PM
reply to post by BiggerPicture

Thanks for posting this,will watch this.Looks interesting already watched 10 minutes of it

Flagged and Stared
..Hopefully more people will see it

posted on Apr, 5 2012 @ 05:29 PM
The Americas were discovered by vikings around the year 1000, about 500 years before Columbus. They, too, slaughtered the natives where they settled in Newfoundland, Canada.

Columbus didn't discover much of anything.

posted on Apr, 5 2012 @ 05:34 PM
but Asians were already settling the mainland 30,000 years ago,

not a few thousands years ago like these Europeans groups

so why is it still being said Viking 'discovered' America - not Asians?

Is it cause this is the 'Queen's English' or something?

i do wonder how far back the "new" ancient European discovery will be claimed, ultimately, to re-write Eurocentric history yet again...

posted on Apr, 5 2012 @ 05:45 PM
reply to post by BiggerPicture

you asked for a Natives Perspective. here it is:

I dont really care about who the first Native Americans were decendant from. when we were "stranded" we were cut off from "Civilization" and other cultures we became our own people. and personally i like to think that humans migrated TO Europe following the sun(because they wanted more land LMAO) and humans began from here.

yes, vikings were here and fighting ensued. The Vikings couldn't establish a foothold and were pushed back into the sea. a few small hills that were there homes are all thats left.

PS: I was just wondering how your info makes non-Native people feel or if they're as indifferent as me but for other reasons.
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posted on Apr, 5 2012 @ 07:49 PM
reply to post by BiggerPicture

I am also Native Canadian, and I think that humans just might have started on this land first, then migrated away from the Americas!

My mother was at the Smithsonian in Washington DC, she made a certain type of ancient traditional Native outfit and donated it to the Smithsonian. She was given a tour of the premises, and went into some secret backroom vault, and she was shown ancient artifacts from 120,000 - 150,000 years old of bone carvings, fire place remains, and hunted animal bones with spear (thrown with an Atlatl) and arrow markings found at Old Crow, Yukon, Canada. They were still studying them at the time and I don't know why they don't make the findings known publicly? This totally dismisses all previous guesses by "experts" that I have ever heard from.

So, i guess we aren't being told the whole truth yet.....maybe one day, maybe never!

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posted on Apr, 5 2012 @ 07:55 PM
Don't fret.

In two months.

We'll have another theory.

posted on Apr, 5 2012 @ 08:01 PM
The problem is none of these anthropologists are sailors, like me, and they assume that the oceans were these impenetrable barriers up until recently. This is just more Eurocentrism, actually. The Mediterranean is very turbulent, with contrary winds and currents going every which way in every part of it, making navigation difficult and treacherous. What we consider all of history (6000 years) was based around this capricious sea, because that is what we have written records of. History is actually far older than that. Since it is tricky to sail the short distance from Greece to Turkey, for example, it was always assumed that the larger oceans were just that much more difficult.

The Oceans are a completely different story. There is a worldwide circuit of wind and currents, called the Trade Winds. Most of the Earth can be easily sailed to using this circuit. It is EASY AS PIE TO SAIL ACROSS THE OCEAN. I know, I have done it several times. As long as you have enough food and water, anything can make it.

I once threw a message in a bottle in the water off Miami. I got it back from PORTUGAL. If a bottle can make it, don't you think a boat with a sail and a man steering it could make it?

We have found skeletons of modern humans, just like you and me, over 100,000 years old. Are we supposed to believe that for the first 94,000 years they just sat around with their thumbs up their butts, and then finally figured out the wheel, fire, etc. all of a sudden?

I may be a one in a million type, but even so, there would have to be some in that 94,000 years that would sit on the beach, looking at the horizon, and say, " I want to see what's out there"

When the Europeans finally overcame their fear of falling off the edge of the Earth, and discovered the Trade Winds, they found that even the farthest flung islands of the South Pacific were populated with people. People who were master mariners, and had boats that literally sailed circles around the clunky European ships, at twice the speed. The type of guys who would sail a hundred miles to windward to the next island over the horizon, just to get a beer, and think nothing of it.

THey obviously figured out a better way, LONG before the Europeans did. Were they super geniuses? Would it be too much to think someone else could have figured it out, too, over the tens of thousands of years?

There is evidence all over the place. It is always called "out of context" and then swept under the rug. The Olmec heads found here in Mexico are a perfect example. Obviously African, yet that is simply denied. Look for yourself:

The flat-faced, thick-lipped characteristics of the heads have caused some debate due to their resemblance to some African facial characteristics. Based on this comparison, some writers have said that the Olmecs were Africans who had emigrated to the New World.[36] But, the vast majority of archeologists and other Mesoamerican scholars reject claims of pre-Columbian contacts with Africa

They simply "reject" the very idea, that those dumb n****rs could sail across the ocean. Preposterous!

I'm telling you, it's a piece of cake. I would do it in a canoe with a bedsheet for a sail, with no trouble. You think ancient man couldn't build something a little better than a canoe over all those years?

Sorry, this does kind of destroy the Europeans got here first theory. But not necessarily. Tales of Atlantis spring to mind. There is evidence of MAJOR mining operations in the Great Lakes from thousands of years ago. That is also swept under the rug. Who did all the mining? Where did all the ore go? How did it get there? For that matter, where did all the tin in Europe come from to make the bronze to enable the Bronze Age?

Last year they discovered here in the Yucatan, deep inside a cenote, or flooded cave, the skeleton of a teenage boy. They were 150 feet below sea level, and miles into the cave. The stalactites in the cave, which can not form underwater, and the fact that the skeleton had no scuba tanks, indicating he must have walked all the way in there, point to the FACT that this is from the Ice Age when the sea level was much lower. Carbon dating of the skeleton agreed, saying it was 13 to 14 THOUSAND years old.


He was definitely Asian. They can tell by the shape of the skull. Not necessarily Chinese, but definitely from somewhere Over There.

A teenager probably didn't travel thousands of miles from home by himself. Most likely his parents were with him, and even more likely a large group. And certainly NONE OF THEM SWAM OVER HERE, DID THEY?

Betcha didn't hear about that on DIscovery Channel, eh? Swept under the rug, again. Can't upset the status quo. This is SCIENCE, for God's sake!

posted on Apr, 10 2012 @ 01:39 PM
reply to post by FlawlessLegend

I'm a European by heritage, although I was born in Canada. Personally, I'm indifferent to any idea of "who came first". I think that people have existed a lot longer than we are taught, or even that we know. I believe the earth has existed in cycles for a lot longer than we could imagine, and I'm sure people have existed in many different forms from what we know. Anyone trying to prove who came first is just egoistic, if you ask me. There's no way we can possibly know...

However, as CaptainChaos says, there is evidence all over the world that people have been "discovering" places for tens of thousands of years earlier than we thought. Why don't we hear about it? Because the gov wants control over its people, and if they change the "facts" every other year who would believe them?

Anyway, interesting topic!

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