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The danger of fear that leads to extremism.

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posted on Apr, 4 2012 @ 06:15 PM
This election more then any in my lifetime has become more bizarre and dictated by the most extreme elements at least in the Republican party. I'm not saying the Democrats are saints but they have become far more "the sensible center"compared to the reactionary, religious fanatic, misogynist Republicans. OK, heres what I don't get perhaps some Republican out there should enlighten me.

I should add I used to be a very active Republican. When it was the party of limited government (though no one REALLY believed they were all that interested in a balanced budget), they were strong on defense. I still am but being strong on defense does not mean being a war monger. They used to believe that the government should for the most part stay out peoples lives. Well it should. But thats not what the GOP is peddling now... Trying to tell women what to do with there bodies, and giving employers access to employee medical records or picking and choosing what will be covered, be it a medical procedure or prescription? Just who the hell do they think they are?

Aside from the fact we need a national medical policy that takes the responsibility off the employers. And if you don't like Obama care fine. Then lets have the Republicans come up with there own plan. And please don't say medical saving accounts that are employer controlled. In case people have not noticed many people who worked for a company for decades and thought they had a pension now find out "oh sorry, the fund is bankrupt" Or the company just goes out of business and that happens all the time, even to those "old, long established"companies.

After 9/11 the draconian so called patriot act has crippled the right to privacy like nothing before. Even in WW-2 but then the technology to do what we can now just didn't exist then. I am all for protection of our people from terrorists and others who would hurt us. But the FISA courts allowed for classified sources of information, very often FBI surveillance sources and methods to be reviewed by a judge and then have that seen in a secret court. But it was a court of law. For decades the FISA provision was brought to the courts and I don't know how many were requested but in all those years I heard only one was denied. Is that the fault of the Republicans? Pushed through by Bush/Cheney (mostly Cheney) it has been ingrained in the system like a bad skin infection. Impossible to get out with out amputating the area involved.

So Republicans, help me understand. Why did you turn into so many religious fanatics? Why give a damn if a bunch of gay people want to get married and why waste the peoples time as the Minnesota legislature did for months on such non-sense? Don't approve of gay marriage? Fine, don't marry someone of the same sex.

Why are you so opposed to people who can pay more in taxes doing so? In the 1950's the tax rate maximum was 90% under Eisenhower. Now thats way to high but were not anywhere near asking people who make more money if millionaires pay less by percentage their secretaries have to pay. And lets not forget the thousands of miles of roads and bridges that are labeled as dangerous to use. Remember that next time you cross a bridge.

What scars me is the extreme hatred people express towered Obama. You don't have to like him but some of the comments are hateful and mindless. And the casual acceptance of the government and private employers monitoring you and telling you just how to live your lives. It used to be the Republicans would freak out at that. Now they endorse it, they campaign on it.

What has gone so wrong and are we so frightened that we think only a despotic government and those who live in your pants I(with out your knowledge or consent) is all thats left? Not for me. I value my liberty to much to give in to uneducated anti-scientific nut jobs.

posted on Apr, 4 2012 @ 08:24 PM
reply to post by arbiture

Again, I must add ad naseum, but forgive my ATS brothers and sisters about additional things that go beyond the political, but do matter about everything is engage in just that. First let us talk about our fighting men and women and what they have to deal with. Hey god d*****, they earned our respect and the dignity of the the jobs so I will keep this (oK, reasonably short) that also prick and scratch my ass. So. We are getting the kooky people in politics because its gotten so much worse. So please consider this:

I have visited our dreadfully wounded in our armed forces because did honer our obligations, and we owe this, and why not? To god damn bad. So many in the US military have now have terrible care in particular lack of mental health treatment. As some who had a nasty and wussy issue compared to what I through? It was bad enough in my PTSS, post traumatic stress. Mine was very bad, indeed awful but I had an advantage our military people don't or if they do are a very rare issue.

I had access to the best medical care including the Mayo Clinic and in studies that gave a way, small but a way to offer our people both military and others what could be drilled out of brain, not so bad, and no drill bits involved, but yes I gave all rights my access to the research I had ownership of no charge. Also gave rights to DAEPA, and when Republicans want to the non-bomb stuff $$ to tie DOD? They don't come out and say why? If the Ryan budget is passed? God help us all.

I assure you all, I will do all I can do to help what I can for our our military people. That includes helping our people pre, current and post service people in any way I can.

I have been busy lately trying to juggle a gazillion things but thats my problem. I will do my best. And God help my country if we get GOP President who will de-bowel all but the military toys that many in our military who much more then the GOP clowns, hey our own military DOES NOT WANT want so many weapons, and frankly dumb ass things so why is the GOP so intent on getting them forced down the Generals throats? Can you say special interests or possible people in the benighted districts? un friken real.

posted on Apr, 4 2012 @ 08:27 PM
I do promise to cover much more, but need a break. Very tired and I hurt, physically. Again thats my problem.

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