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Last Rendez-Vous (Ron's Piece)Tribute to the challenger disaster (Jean Michel Jarre) Amazing coinci

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posted on Apr, 4 2012 @ 04:18 PM
This is the wierdest coincidence ever happened in my life, while writing this i still shake a lot in amazement.

I had nothing better to do today, so just decided to go through some of the many bookmarks i have gathered while browsing the web, many of them from ATS thread's, i just save these bookmarks for later reading when i don't feel i am ready for them.

When i do this i am playing music from my playlist on the labtop wearing headphones, which counts thousends of music tracks just playing random, mostly all genres of Electronic music from Chill out to Trance, Trip hop, you name it, as long as it has a lot of sounds, i love sounds

One of my favorit is Jean Michel Jarre as he is one of the reasons i like Electronic music, he is an awesome composer and has been like a guru to me through my childhood, so a lot of his tracks are on my playlist, playing once in a hvile.

Another thing is i like Jazz, a dry saxofon is my absolut favorit sound, nothing beats it IMO.

So here i am going through a lot of bookmarks covering varius topic's, just chilling and listening to music, i am reading some bookmarks from the Challenger disaster, which i saved when i saw the newly realeased homevideo of challengers explosion and just came by in the following check

I was at this page when the music change from a hardcore Trance track, to this


Really...The world just stopped rotating, and a fly passing by paused in mid air(didn't happen, but it sure felt like it) and every hair on my body just raised together with the goosebump

Of all tracks it choose to play that one.....
One of the most emotional tracks ever created(one of my absolut favorits to), while i am reading about the "cause" of this track.

I had to post this, and to those who don't know the story about this track i found some info to make you aware, because i am not qualified to explain it.

McNair was an accomplished saxophonist. Before his fateful last space shuttle mission he had worked with composer Jean Michel Jarre on a piece of music for Jarre's then-upcoming album Rendez-Vous. It was intended that he would record his saxophone solo on board the Challenger, which would have made McNair's solo the first original piece of music to have been recorded in space[3] (although the song "Jingle Bells" had been played on a harmonica during an earlier Gemini 6 spaceflight.) However, the recording was never made as the flight ended in disaster leading to the deaths of its entire crew. The last of the Rendez-Vous pieces, (Last Rendez-Vous) had the additional name "Ron's Piece". Ron McNair was supposed to take part in the concert through a live feed.

Well, i am not superspecious(Don't know if i got that word right), and do see this as a rare coincidence, but the kick i got from this i would like to get everyday, because that made me feel alive.

Enjoy the music, and send the crew from Challenger a thought....R.I.P

And a thank to Jean.M.J

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