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The Daily Show on Arizona banning Mexican American studies program

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posted on Apr, 3 2012 @ 08:15 AM
So I just finished watching the latest Daily Show and there was
a piece on Arizona banning the Mexican American studies program.
The reason why Arizona has done that is, according to them, that
radical ideas are being thought in these programs like for example
that the southwest actually belongs to Mexico.
Of course The Daily Show made fun of it as could be expected
and of course the whole Aztlan-concept isn't mentioned by name
because then people might go check that out and actually become
horrified with it.
But I'm not sure about this still and I need to double check.
As a swede it's hard to find material used in these classes so
I thought I ask around here.
Can anyone provide me with a list of books used in these classes?

Anyone here from Arizona or any other part of the southwest that
can speak to this situation?

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