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Anthem of the Angry Male Citizen

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posted on Mar, 22 2012 @ 12:52 PM
When I heard this hilarious song, I could help imagining the growing, palpable sense of frustration that often results in a big surprise to a bully who keeps pushing and pushing.

I've found that bullies have a sick need to increase the humiliation and torture of their victims. With each passing insult, they becoming more convinced that their victims are powerless to strike back. They drop their guard and taunt their victims for added effect.

Every so often, the bully gets a surprise. They've pushed too hard. Then, like Ralphie in "A Christmas Story," revenge is as much a complete surprise as it is swift and sweet.

To me, the United States Government including the stooges on Capitol Hill, are the bullies. It's almost as if they are taking pleasure in rubbing our noses in our plight. It's obvious they believe we are powerless to get up off the mat. Their example has been dutifully copied by state houses and local governments all over the country.

Like all bullies, their primary motivator has nothing to do with our well-being but everything to do with their fear of losing their percieved power. I think they are soon in for a rude awakening.

Although I am not advocating violence, please enjoy this song the same way you enjoyed the scene from the movie. Here is Paul Thorn and "It's a Great Day..."

posted on Mar, 22 2012 @ 06:05 PM
When I was staying in Nimbin, I saw two very different groups of people. One of them were complete pacifists; they saw violence as the last and ultimate form of societal breakdown, and felt that it had to prevented or stopped at virtually any cost.

The second group were the complete opposite. They were people for whom violence was literally the central focus of their existence. They were constantly training, or posturing, or issuing profane threats to others. I suspected that the reason why they were like that, was because they must have been exposed to extreme and constant physical abuse themselves, to the point where the only way they felt they could maintain their own wellbeing, was to intimidate other people, and/or be as effective at beating other people up as they could.

At this point, I personally don't know of anything that I consider too much more pathetic, than someone who needs to convince other people of how badass they are. In the case of the American men that I've seen, about the only thing it usually demonstrates is the degree of emotional repression that they're walking around with; they think that anger and aggression are literally the only two forms of emotion that are socially acceptable for their gender to express, at all.

Another issue is that the government and media, have tried to create a scenario where people become convinced that violence is literally the cornerstone of human nature, and that being military is really about the only way that a person can justify the fact that they were born. We're awash in a constant sea of glorification of war and the armed services. Xbox and PC games, mention made of them at sporting events and in the news, the troops on this forum crying oceans of tears if they aren't immediately worshipped by practically any civilian posters they come across, etc, etc.

A third cause, I think, is Islamophobia. A very large number of American men, are apparently terrified out of their minds, of the idea of the Muslim hordes storming the beaches in order to engage in mindless, crazed slaughter of the infidel. The fear that the Muslims are coming, is again constantly kept stoked by the government and military. The government considers it vital to keep people scared; because if people aren't scared, at this stage in the game, they might try and overthrow it.


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