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A Band

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posted on Mar, 20 2012 @ 09:40 PM
Well here goes...

I live in scotland, i work too much,

however i love music, i love performing music, i love being in a band, from when i was about 15 untill about 20 i was very active in bands playing many many gigs and writing music etc.
now im old
(only27) i dont have time for band practice and stuff, however whilst im at work im on here quite alot, so i was thinking could i make music with people from ATS?

So... im a singer, thats what i enjoy to do, i can play keyboard/piano (but not amazing at it) harmonica (same) but singing is my real love.

Music: i love Clutch - Lots of stoner rock, Jayhawks - i like Americana music, Pearl Jam/Soundgarden/Alice in chains - huge grunge fan, also lots of Metal, Classic rock - im a huge Creedance fan, i like Dance music (minamilistic techno) i like EBM music, Elctro, and Really Really good Indie like the decemberists also im a huge Rap fan.

So any questions on me and music, and interest in this idea, let me know please

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